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 Character idea guide

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PostSubject: Character idea guide   Sat May 23, 2009 10:56 am

Some general guidelines about new characters

If you have an idea of a character that you want to submit, you must know I am a bit picky on what I want to see in this world in the end...

- For instance please avoid suggesting uber powerful characters ( UPC ) as there is 9,5 chances on 10 they won't make it... My vision of Felarya is that of a perilous world where one must strive to survive and not really a battle arena. A guy able to kill a giant naga in one swing may be cool and all but he definitely won't fit in my vision of Felarya ^_^;
You can have powerful characters of course, but one who always take the easy route and resolve all problem by their huge natural powers alone may become rapidly tiedious and a bit cheap in my opinion. On the opposite, a normal character who would triumph against seemingly impossible odds because of their courage / tenacity / force of will / strenght / agility / cleverness or so would make the spectator tremble and care for them much more.

- Also avoid characters with an unbalanced presence. A character to which everyone look up to, who is loved, admired, worshipped by every others at the very first glance is artificial and can become tiedious as well in my opinion..

- In opposite, don't create too generic characters... In my opinion an ideal character must have a particular feel and particularity to it, merge well in the rest of the world, and above all : be attaching or/and interesting.


- Don't change the world too much ! I appreciate original contributions as this makes the world richer but the fundamentals of this world must remain unchanged.

- Vore is not necessarily needed in an idea of course ( though this is always a plus ^^ ). But even so, I prefer ideas where I don't feel the author somehow meticulously avoided it. Vore is one of the main basis of this universe so, even if you are not into it, which I can perfectly understand, please don't do as if it don't exist... Your idea must fit in Felarya as a whole.

- If you submit a new idea, it can be nice to keep it relatively concise for a start : it's easier for me to see where you are getting at and details can always be added later on it ^_^
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Character idea guide
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