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 Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules

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PostSubject: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Sat Feb 23, 2008 8:20 am

Hello fellow Felarya fans! Here is an RP where we can have fun, explore Felarya, etc.

Here are the rules:
1. Create a cross-over character, or a local Felarya character. This includes Predators and Prey.

2. No God Moding. This includes killing other RPers w/o permission, being WAY too powerfull (this does not include Jinchuuriki from Naruto, i.e. my character has a Ten-Tailed demon wolf. He can only go up to the first tail form in the RP, which is equally as powerfull as any Predator), and fight fairly if in battle. (no getting hit and saying 'Oh I dodged that' Every single time.

3. Be respectfull to other RPers

4. No stealing characters from other RPers

5. Have fun!

Roster entry: Masuaro Ketsuiki

Name: Masurao Ketsuiki (when turened around i.e. Uzumaki naruto, my name means Blood Warrior)
Clan: Ketsuiki (Last surviving member)
Age: 16
Height: 5'8"
Rank: Jounin
Appearence: short blonde spikey hair, black shirt, blue short sleeved jacket, dark blue pants, black ninja sandals, black Konoha forehead protector, black kunai pouch on right leg. Blue eyes, Caucassion.
Original home: Konoha (Village Hidden in The Leaves)
Special Abilities (blood line or demon):
>>Sharingan (mastered, lasts up to an hour)
>>Mangekyo Sharingan (novice, lasts up to ten minuites, can only be used once every three weeks)
My blood line ability allows me to obtain another's blood line ability, while the other keeps their blood line trait. I can have only one bloodline ability trait. I have the Sharingan, and Mangekyo Sharingan eyes, since I obtained my Sharingan ability from Itachi when I encountered him. To obtain a blood line trait, I must cut my right hand palm, and perform the dragon, rat, and tiger hand signs. This ability takes up a large amount of chakra, and leaves me fatiqued for two days.

My demon is the Six-Tailed silver wolf Urufu. I have an incredible regenerative ability. When severely enraged, silver chakra forms around my body, and sometimes forming chakra wolf ears and a tail. My eyes become silver, my teeth become canine teeth, and my nails grow to points. So far, I am only able to get to the 4th tail form.

Known abilities:
>>Rasengan (will only be used on powerfull enemies)
>>Oodama Rasengan (Will only use on very powerfull enemies)
>>Katon, Goukakyuu no jutsu=Fire style, Grand Fireball Jutsu(can only be used 3 times a day)
>>Suitan, Suiryuudan no Jutsu=Water style Water Dragon jutsu (can only be used once a day)
>>Katon, Rykuuya no jutsu=Fire Style, Dragon Fire jutsu (can only be used once a day)
>>Henge no Jutsu=Transformation Technique (can only use ten times a day)
>>Kage Bunshin no jutsu=Shadow Clone jutsu (can only use six times a day, and only up to twenty clones can be summoned)
>>Tajuu Kage Bunshin no jutsu=Many Shadow Clone jutsu (can only be used three times a day, only up to 500 clones can be made)
>>Katon, Housenka no Jutsu=Mythical Fire Phoenix Technique (can only use four times a day)
>>Katon, Dai Endan=Great Fireball
>>Kirigakure no Jutsu=Hidden Mist Technique (can only use twice a day)
>>Konbi Henge no Jutsu=Combination Transformation Technique (can only use once every three days)
>>Nawanuke no Jutsu=Escaping Skill

Known Genjutsu:
>>Tsukiyomi (Up to 72 hours, can only be used once every three months)

Weapons and equipment:
>>Kunai knives
>>Exploding tags
>>Daimond Katana
>>Hidden short blade in a long leather gauntlet on my right wrist.

Chakra concetration 67%
Ninjutsu 96%
Taijutsu 67%
Genjutsu 33%
Doujutsu 94%
Stealth 97%
Speed 87%
Weapon use 80%

Backround: When I was only two years old, Orochimaru spread a disease in my Clan's village. Before my parents died, they sealed Urufu in my body to protect me from the disease. A few minuites after everyone died, Kakashe found me, and brought me to Konoha. I swore an oath to kill Orochimaru for what he has done to my clan.

Arriving In Felarya: Masuaro Ketsuiki was fighting an enemy ninja. The enemy ninja blasted a fire jutsu at Masuaro, and before it hit him, Masuaro was blinded by a flash of light. He arrived in Felarya, not knowing what it was.

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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Sat Feb 23, 2008 8:52 am

Name: Toshiro Kurotsuchi
Age: 21
Race: Human/Shinigami
Size: 5'10

-Verous chemicals to help his or hinder his opponents fighting
-Zanpakutō release up to Bankai in two stages
---First Releace- Makes a double edged sword that can control one random element(he can not chose the element)
---Stage one- Forms Two long, black Katana. has masterful control of elemtents and can choose and change between them (only one at a time)
---Final Stage- Forms an armor with a six cycle ring on his back. Can control all elements in this stage. ---(For final)Can only hold for 10 min because of the wight of the armor and large blades are exosting.
-Prosthetic arm that holds who knows how much things.
-Skilled spell caster,
-Blood is filled with toxins that when consumed will be fatal to the consumer.

Appearance: Toshiro looks very pale and has a very crazymad scientist personality. He wheres a standered Shinigami captains uniform with a 3 simble on the back. Underneath his robe, there is a clear scar showing were his arm was operated on to make his prosthetic one. His Zanpakutō is in two sheaths and has six empty holes in the guard. He has Silver hair and red eyes.

History: Toshiro is Mayuri Kurotsuchi's "son", made by his DNA, and the Majority of the other Captans or notable people in the Soul Society. He graduated from the Shinigami School when he was 14. He quickly learned his Zanpakutō's name and Bankai, Hidekazu, and became the captain of the 3rd devision when he was 17.

There is one thing noticeable about him though. He is Nuts! Just like his "dad" he loves to exparement on things to no end, not caring about the consiquences of his actions. Mayuri doesnt try to stop him in the least. When asked, he said, "He does the most underhanded, unethical things i have ever seen a person do. I couldnt be more proud!"

He lost his arm during an exparement that nearly killed him. Mayuri told him it was to late to fix his arm, but happly told him he made him a new one. Toshiro is consently upgradeing it to make it a valuable asset in combat.

ariveing in Felarya: In a exparement using portals for quick transport, he opened one to Felarya by accident. He is exploring the new world for more info.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Sat Feb 23, 2008 2:25 pm

Name: Don Kanti
Race: Demon
Age: 1567
Class: Warlord
Title: Scallion Lord

Scallionsword- An unbelievebly tough leek sprout, grows only once every millenia.
Beam Scallion- The upgraded version of Scallionsword, NOT edible.

Weapon Abilities:
-Blade Rush
-Hurricane Slash
-Moon Slash
-Winged Slayer
-Dark X Slash
-Dimension Slash-

Unique Abilites
-Onion Charge: Changes the Scallionswords shape and power*
* Lvl 1: Scallionsword--> Lvl 2: Ajuin Balmung--> Lvl 3: Leek Longinus
-Scallion Slam: Destroy your foe with this Onion themed attack
-Garlic Force: Be sure to have a mint handy after using this...
-Tamanegi Devastator: The power of Onions destroy? Absolutely!

Appearance: A slightly muscular build, short blue hair and red eyes, dons green pants, black boots and large fighting gloves. doesn't wear a shirt and has a dark green head band

Backstory: Don Kanti is an ill-fated but strong willed fighter, and is willing to fight to the death if it comes to the situation. He does however have a bit of a inferiority complex and often loses confidence quickly if insulted or talked down upon. Despite his weapon being edible he NEVER once tried to eat it or cook it, saying the Scallionsword is his only memento of his only love; Penelope. was a demon who once served under King Krichevskoy, showing his master unwavering loyalty and dedication for many years on end, however near the time of Krichevskoy's death Don got into a dispute with his fiance, a Galaxy Mage, named Penelope. They argued about whether a Pizza Roll could or could not be cooked properly using Fire attributed magic, and this very argument went on for days. Finally after 3 weeks of dispute Don ate the Pizza Roll so he could end Penelope's argument, however in a blind fury of her own, she sealed him in a Legendary ranked 'Leek' via the Item World. Don Kanti would never see his home again...

While in the Item World Don, fought off onslaughts of it's residents and eventualy made it to the Item God of the Leek, determined to return to the netherworld Don challenged the Item God and defeated him, unwittingly making the very Leek he was sealed in unbelievably powerful. When he managed to return to the netherworld he was immediately thrown into war, by having to help a resistance force, fight a tyranical overlord, thinking his master Krichevskoy could be in daanger he offered his services to the resistance and managed to defeat the overlord, however the overlord he defeated didn't even know of Krichevskoy meaning Don was no longer in his home netherworld rather he was in a completely different one. Being he killed an Overlord, this meant Don was now the netherworlds new ruler.

Arrival in Felarya: After Don Kanti became an Overlord he set his sights on defeating Baal, for he proved to be a threat to his kingdom, however when he actually did try to find Tryant Baal he was sent to Felarya by accident. Courtesy of his air-headed Dimension Guide...

EDIT: Forgot 'Dark X Slash'...how could I forget that awesome attack...*facepalm*

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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Sat Feb 23, 2008 3:48 pm

The character I'll be using at the moment is listed here:


Scroll down and you'll see the name "Clawdy S. Maelstrom".
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Sat Feb 23, 2008 4:08 pm

Name: Kuroda Taiki
Age: 22
Race: Human
Size: 5'8''

Nodachi (A long bladed Japanese sword.)
Ninjato (A ninja sword.)
Throwing Knives
- All were forged from a magically enhanced alloy. They are extremely durable.

- He is extremely fast and stealthy.
- He is a master swordsman and an expert in more than one martial arts discipline.
- He has the ability to withdraw all light from the area rendering it pitch black. This power is quite exausting and only lasts about half a minute.
- He is blind thus his other senses are hightened.

He wears a tattered reddish-brown outfit that bears some resemblance to a Shinobi Shozoku.

Kuroda's past is somewhat murky to him. He remembers some things. He remembers being blinded at age 9. He remembers being trained in martial arts and the ways of the sword by a blind sensei. He recalls nothing of his unbringing or his family. He is a ninja by trade but his fighting style is more like that of a samurais in that he doesn't often use stealth to kill. But, he most certainly will if necessary. If he is forced to fight he prefers to engage in either a formal duel or an honorable fight to the death.

Arrival in Felarya:
After awakening from intense meditation, as he often does, he came to realize that he was somewhere..... different.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Sat Feb 23, 2008 6:39 pm

Will try and join sometime soon, maybe. I will say Raetsu currently has my favorite character of the bunch.

If I go through with this (Likely posting the character sometime tommorrow evening if lucky, monday otherwise) I'll probably be either:

EDIT: Out.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Sat Feb 23, 2008 6:47 pm

Contain spoilers about my story, you have been warned.

Name: Sean Okotami
Gender: Male
Race: Demi-Immortal, Half-Human/Half-Immortal cross-breed.
Age: 15
Height: 6' (1.80 meters)
Weight: 135 lbs
Class: Elemental Knight

Hunting Enforcer: A double-edged, triangular sword looking similar to the Four Sword reforged with Tedrek Steel, making damage to most big predators possible, though with respectable effectiveness. Whole weapon is 5' (1.50 meters) long with the blade being 1 meter long and weights 10kg. Holds it with one hand, only Sean can uses it at its fullest. Hilt and handle is violet.

Hunter Shield: A shield shaped like the Hylian Shield, with the crests being a representation of Sean's nine Elements in circle each colored corresponding to its Element. The surrounding of the crests is colored violet, the edges aren't painted. Is 1 meter in diameter and weights 4kg. Also made out of Tedrek Steel, rather good against physical blows, not all that good against magic.

Hell Bracer: A silvery, metallic bracer with nine sockets. Currently serving no purpose, wears on left arm.

Ocarina: An ordinary ocarina made of wood, painted dark yellow. Used to play music, no purpose at all aside being a pass-time.

Being a Demi-Immortal, Sean can't die as easily as normal humans, but still can the same way they can. You simply need to stab him much more before he dies, let's say 12 stabs instead of one. Same way, he needs to fall from very high for him to die from a free fall. Dangers in Felarya renders this ability more or less useful. He is very skilled in sword fighting and hand-to-hand combat, not much in ranged combat.

Digest-proof: Can't be digested by normal gastric acid, including that of predators. Succubi or anything beyond mortal's gastric acid can induce bleeding, and eventually death. Stomach acid is still incredibly painful, just can't die from it normally, making the pain never-ending instead of fleeting.

Stamina, Agility, Perception (five senses), Strength (physical), Mobility, Resistance, Control (magical), Intelligence (analysing and calculating) and Power (magical) are just beyond what is considered the possible limit for a 15 years old. Other humans can still surpass him in one area.

Elemental Powers: Choose from one of 10 Elements, the default is neutral (violet), changes the color of T-shirt, pants, marks and sword to the corresponding Element. Increase one aspect tenfold, allows use of Elemental magic, sword or melee attack. Possess one primary signature skill and some obvious passive skills that won't be mentioned. Elemental magic attack can normally bypass magic protection, but Sean doesn't possess the artifacts needed to unlock that ability, so Elemental magic attacks are fully affected by magic protection, only difference is they uses their own energy instead of mana. The strength of magic attacks is that of an average mage.

  • Fire (Red): Uses flames, heat and lava with lava being unaviable for a few years. Can charge up attacks to increase attacking power. Increased Stamina allows fighting longer and taking more hits before showing signs of wearness.

    Water (Blue): Uses water pressure and fog/mist. Can turn water solid, liquid or between the two for various effects. Increased Agility allows attacking in quick succession from all angles and having great balance for accrobatics.

    Wind (Green): Uses air current and sonic booms. Can levitate to accomplish genuine flight, movement speed while levitating is the same as regular movement speed on land. Increased Perception heightens sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste for locating and tracking with greater precision with taste being only useful to make food tastier when hungry. Useful for ranged combat.

    Earth (Orange): Uses Ground for effects depending on location, Rocks, Steel, Sand and Gem with Gem being unaviable for a few years. Can change between these sub-categories at will. Increased Strength allows to pick something as if he was ten times bigger and with the same impact strength as if ten times bigger.

    Lightning (Yellow): Uses thunder bolts and electro-magnetism. Can reprogram or shut down any electrical devices. Increased Mobility allows to run ten times as fast, good for hit-and-runs.

    Ice (Cyan): Uses ice and sub-zero blasts. Can makes body parts numb to temporarely lift pain. Increased Resistance hardens muscles to reduce damage and reduce fliching.

    Wood (Brown): Uses plants and nature. Can communicate with plants and heal them as long as they are still alive. Increased Control allows to uses magic more efficiently, reducing the amount of energy spent on using it.

    Light (White): Uses light beams and shape the light for various projectiles of various effect. Can induce a flash giving a temporary effect to foes or partners such as stunning, sleeping, confusion, dizziness, increased offensive power, ect. Increased Intelligence allows to analyse foes movements and calculates them to create effective counters, the way it is analysed and calculated is relative to each Knight. In Sean's case, he picks up body movements to recognize which attack is coming, thus anticipate it more easily.

    Shadow (Black): Uses shadows and ambient darkness, also includes necromancy, but it can't be used in Felarya, rendering it useless. Can turn into a ghost, allowing to float and pass through solid objects, this is Sean's escape shaft whenever he is swallowed whole and alive. In this state, physical attacks are useless, but magical attacks never miss and hits for maximum damage and effect. Increased Power renders offensive spells 10x more powerful. More of a gimmick to use Shadow as you need strong magical powers to uses it. So the offensive power is the same as any other Element.

It also includes Aura based abilities which allows for telepathy and a 6th sense similar to Felaryan Predators. Can also be harnessed for devastating Non-Elemental energy blasts. Unaviable for a few years.

He can also makes music out of thin air with his mind, but it's simply music, you either like or hate it. No purpose.

Sean has short blond hair, longer next to his blue eyes. He wears a violet T-shirt, violet pants, a black headband on his forehead, white sneakers and white socks. He wears a long crimson scarf in the same fashion as a two-tailed cape. He has violet marks under his eyes which are lines as wide as his eyes that runs down at 45° toward the cheeks and gets progressively wider the farther from the eyes. He also has line like marks of various length on his arms, also violet. Said marks are symetrical from right to left and vice versa.

Sean is someone who smiles a lot and very loyal to his friends, holding values such as friendship and teamwork in high regards and someone with tremendous willpower. He is cocky and arrogant, over-estimating his abilities and taunting to oftens. He is very impulsive, his short temper and impatience often makes him rush blindly, though he has melee skills to make up for that. His reckless nature and stubborness coupled with his compassionate heart and his love for his friends will make him go to incredible lengths for his friends, even if it means death. He is empathic, meaning he can feel the emotion of someone else as if he was that person. He is hemophobic, an event that occured when he was three made him scared of dripping blood. When confronted to it, he is frozen in fear, though only if it's dripping on the ground, if it doesn't or the blood is coagulated, he won't flinch. He is also a womanizer, often flirting with human shaped girls his age and size. His type of girl is the attractive, gutsy type. He also suffers from Soul Split, his repressed hatred for sociopaths which he refers as Heartless split from his soul and became a separate personality that surfaces when confronted to sociopaths. When that happens, his voice becomes sinister, his pupils disappears in his eyes, he becomes sadistic and ruthless towards sociopaths. His powers doesn't increase or doesn't gain new abilities and he is fully aware of what he does and says, to the point he remembers that event after returning to normal, it's simply a change in behavior: he normally wouldn't dare killing Heartless, now he does. After it corrects itself, it often becomes natural to continue killing.

Sean was born on Earth, he is the elder of fraternal twins. What set them apart from normal humans was their violet marks, it's a skin pigmentation, meaning it can never disappear. At the age of three, his mother and father died from an illness that often made them cough up blood, he was then separated from his brother as they were both raised by different adopting families, they never saw or heard of each other ever since. His adopting family discriminated Sean for his marks and he associated dripping blood as when he would never be happy again. In society, he was rejected and bullied for hs appearance as well, despite his impressive physical and musical abilities and knowledge on human body structure. Even though he took Kendo and Karate lesson to which he excelled at both, he still never recieved the respect he seeked. He grew distrustful of human kind, especially those in a position of power and saw his life as a nightmare.

While walking though the woods, he was wisked away to Felarya when a portal opened and close right on top of him. No one attempt searching for him after his disappearance. Sean stumbled in a forest where he met Crisis and Léa. Though he attempted to flee at first, he remembered all the hardships he went through and came to the conclusion that he had no reason to live. He openly requested that Crisis kills him, which puzzled the ever-happy blond Naga. She was moved at how he was suffering and tried to convince him that he doesn't deserve to die. Sean instead said that if she feels the same as him, then killing him was for the best. She reluctantly swallowed him, hoping he would have a quick painless death. Not long after reaching the stomach, Sean felt strange as if some powerful energy was gushing through him, he was engulfed in a violet flame and resurfaced during the night in the shape of a black skinned demon with big bat like wings.

His strength was unimaginable for his size, able to weaken Crisis' stomach walls to the point of indigestion by constantly punching them, which prompted her to throw him up toward freedom. The blond beauty recognized him despite his appearance, he created a huge sword using nine Elements, beforereverting to his human formed... unharmed, but now his current height and his sword having taken his current form. After he awakened, he was oblivious to what happened. Along with his new and first Naga friend, he visited Vivian who told him about being a Demi-Immortal from this point on and being an Elemental Knight.

His training over, Vivian told Sean that he was ready for the Knight's proving trial, which consists of reforging their weapon with a legendary metal as their's was ordinary steel. She gave a map to Sean, saying they lost the count on how many died making them around 300 and told him that Tedrek Steel could be found in the Mysterious Temple. He reached the place after some events and after being nearly drove insane by the talkative Mermaid Anko. He made it Xarmaroch with whom he chatted for a while on how is predicament sucked. He pointed him to where he could reach the lower level, and Sean surprisingly found Tedrek Ore not very long after going down one level. He reforged his sword and made a shield with the extar ore left and renamed his blade "Hunting Enforcer". He left the Temple and tried avoiding Anko by following the river, he practically went to Anko instead. He did managed to reach the shore still sane though. Right now he is heading toward Negav to learn Dimensional Magic, as he has unfinished business on Earth and he wants to return to this perilous, yet thrilling world of Felarya.

Sorry if it's long, but I can't help going in details.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Sun Feb 24, 2008 9:59 am

EDIT: Brael went the way of the Three Stooges, Married with Children, Carrot Top's career, etc. He is no more in the RP. He has ceased to be. *Waves his hand through the air* Forget what you saw here...

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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Sun Feb 24, 2008 8:00 pm

Name: Nefret
Age: About 60
Height: 76'
Race: Canopy Pantaur (wingless sphinx)
Sex: Female
Apperence: Tall, well developed Sphinx. Hair is Short and black. Panther part is also black. Eyes are green and catlike.

Weapons: Two Seminar that she has on her sides of her cat body.

Abilitys: Pretty damn fast if she needs to be.

Background: Nefret was born in the Great Savvana in felarya. She was razed to be a great fighter by her mother. When she was 25, her mother left to explore Felarya, she hasnt returned since.

Her best friend is a Titan Named Lysander. They met when she was in a bit of trouble fighting harpies. Lysander came to her rescue, and they have been friends ever since.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Mon Feb 25, 2008 4:17 pm

Name: Chell Hundred
Age: Appears about 20, actually 10
Height: 5'6"
Race: Human clone
Appearance: Thin, pale skinned from lack of sunlight, and with long black hair pulled back into a ponytail. Chell is wearing an orange full bodysuit, with no discernable way of taking it off or on. The sleeves and pant legs are rolled up as well. She is barefoot but for a strange contraption that goes from her heels to the back of her legs, causing her to walk on the balls of her feet. She is always seen carrying a strange black and white gun with three spindly arms sticking out from the front. She never seems to let go of the gun, even while sleeping.

Abilities worth mentioning:
>> Remarkably good aim
>> Solving problems

Weapons and equipment:
>> Aperture Science Handheld portal device- Creates a man-sized ad-hoc quantum tunnel through physical space with possible applications as a shower curtain. Or in layman's terms, it creates two portals, and only two at a time, one orange, one blue. Things that go through one portal come out the other maintaining velocity. 'Speedy thing goes in, Speedy thing comes out.' It’s that simple. The portals are roughly human size, much to small for most predators in Felarya to fit through. The drawback is that the portals only open on more or less flat, inorganic surfaces. The portals do not work underwater, or on water for that matter. That means, they only open on the ground, on rocks, on any stone, metal, or plastic surfaces that would happen to be in the jungle. (Presumably from some human’s failed attempt at making a shelter in Felaryan wilderness)
>> Heel springs on her legs- Prevent injury from falls, no matter the height (within reason)

Background: Chell #100 is a clone, in fact she’s the hundredth of her kind, made to test a technology for a company that no longer exists. Unfortunately, the testing system is automated, cloning the original cell in stasis, and growing a new test subject. The clone grows at twice the rate of an average human, and spends the first ten years of its life having information downloaded directly into the brain. When the time comes, the clone wakes up and is sent to complete a series of tests, to varying degrees of success. Chell #100 was a bit of a special case, in that a freak accident opened a portal to Felarya halfway through her test.
As a result of never meeting another living being, she is actually quite shy, and not very personable. She tends to run from anyone or anything she sees first, and observe safely from a distance before either approaching again, or fleeing farther. This habit actually saved her on multiple occasions from the local wildlife. Or will. Hopefully.

Arrival In Felarya: A portal malfunction opened a large green portal while in the middle of her testing. Seeing a chance at freedom, she ran through the portal only to find herself in Felarya with only the clothes on her back, her heel springs, and a neat gun.

This Week's Climax!
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Mon Mar 03, 2008 1:40 pm

Name:Yelkavic and Stalin

Race:Tailmouth Naga/Wolf/Human


Tail:black and yellow scales with blue bands around it


Eye color:blue but when he gets realy mad they turn bright red

Anger issue:he has a angry issue.make him made enought and his tail scales will turn bright red,his wolf fangs will become more proment,and his eye color will become bright red

Weapons:Ak-47,Colt.45,Cobra king Revolver,Rpg-7,his tailmouth Stalin

Weight:265 pounds

Birthday:Febuary 25,1994


Aperrence:has wolf ears and Wolf fangs,wears a t-shirt with flame son it,and wears a Silver cross necklace his mother gave to him


Lives with:his sister Angel and Star(age 9)

Location right know:unknown

History:Yelkavic was born somewhere in the hills of Scotland.he group up with his 6 siblings along with his mom and dad before moving to the us.he has a hard grip on our language so he still has a heavy Scottish accent. Since he group up on earth he is a domestic naga.Know Yelkaic is unlike most Domestic Nagas.He is a Vore Naga Meaning he not only its human food he eats the human carry the food.Yelkavic likes to eat humans,followed by furry s, and if he is really hungry he will eat animals.However he also likes to eat Hamburgers,Pizzas,And Ice Cream.Yelkavic's Current residents is Juno,Alaska.Y he lives there is a mystery to most of his friends.He is A Special Naga for two reasons.One he can drive!!He drives a specially made 1983 Ford bronco.The Second Reason is that his Tailmouth Stalin can talk in 3 different languages including English.Knows here somethin u may not now about him,he has a soft sopt for children.if u were to vist his house u would find about 4 kids living there all were preivosly abused by the parents.Hes proud to be a father and the children love him for taking them from their abusive parents.Yelkavic has many Friends Including Vega{Eurodex's character}.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Wed May 07, 2008 8:34 pm


Ayame Crimson




Pyro Soldier




15 (In Human Years)

Physical Appearance:

When using normal human standards, Ayame would be seen as a young, five foot five, fair skinned, flat chested, athletic teenage girl who is still far away from entering the prime of her life. While to Ignisians, Ayame is a weak child that has yet to reach what they would call true adolescence. Despite being an alien, Ayame’s superficial appearance is almost that of a human, albeit with a major differences. The first difference and most noticeable one is her hair. Unlike normal human hair, it has luminosity and it has a temperature. The luminously of Ayame’s hair is crimson and if one would look closely and touch a strand, they would notice that heat vapor emanates from the strand and they would instantly notice that the hair strand is very hot, hot enough to burn the skin. Her hair is neck length and many of her hair strands appear to stick together and create spiky protrusions that seem to go all over, but strangely enough they appear to form some sort of exotic style as well.

The second difference is her skin and the same heat effect it has like her hair. Ayame’s skin emits heat equal to 200 degrees °F, making anyone who does not have a good tolerance to heat feel very uncomfortable when standing next to her, or possibly becoming burnt if they touch her. The third and probably slightly fear inducing difference is her eyes. Instead of white corneas, Ayame has black corneas; she also doesn’t have any irises, and her pupils are simply glowing red dots in the middle of a black sea. When she is angered, her pupils flare up and emit a very bright light which can be slightly blinding if stared at for too long. The third difference is her fanged teeth that are made out of strengthened coal, while the forth difference is her rockish nails which can be very good for clawing. Lastly, because of how Ayame’s body works on the inside, she is much heavier than a normal human, and since she doesn’t care about her weight I’m allowed to tell you she’s about 250lbs. Lastly, Ayame is one month pregnant but hasn’t gained a belly yet.


Female Ignisian’s who are training to become a Pryo Soldier all wear the same armor set. The armor set is made out of Durium alloy, which is a flexible metal alloy that is as strong as titanium, but has a much higher melting and boiling point. It’s a basic metal that can be found rather easily on Solairia. The first piece of the armor set consists of ebon Thorian chest armor. Female Thorian armor acts much like a bra would for female humans, except that it completely protects their chest and upper back. The armor has a design that depicts large wings of flames flapping while the crest of the Ignisian military is in the middle of the two wings. The next pieces of armor are fingerless ebon gauntlets that protect the hands, six inch spikes protrude from the knuckles of the gauntlets for increased hand to hand damage. The next piece of armor is actually an ebon belt that is used to keep the crimson red colored loin cloth the females wear in place, the loin cloth is made out of special fire resistance fabric and it covers up the female Ignisian’s genitals, it’s also a lot more durable than normal fabric. The loin cloth is about knee length. The last pieces of armor are Thorian ebon greaves that protects the female Ignisian’s legs. The same design and crest found on the Thorian chest armor can be found on the Thorian greaves. Ignisian have only just begun developing armor for their bodies, hence why they are so behind despite being an advance race. Their bodies are naturally durable enough to protect them from attacks normal human wouldn’t be able to take, but they noticed that they now need protection from the advance weaponry they’ve began to face when fighting other races. With their skill in metallurgy it shouldn’t take long for them to catch back up.

Back Story:

Ayame is a young Ignisian who was born on a planet called Solairia. She was the youngest born into a family of very powerful Pyro Warriors, and because of their tradition, she was destined to become a Pyro Warrior before she was even born. At the time, the Ignisians were in a brutal war with a race called humans. These humans proved to be a very strong force due to their very advance technology and the Ignisian needed all the troops they could get to help in the war effort. When Ayame was old enough to realize what her destiny was and that her race needed help against the humans, she obliviously agreed to do what she basically had no choice to do. When she was old enough to start, Ayame went through brutal and very competitive Pyro Warrior training, which she loved very much. The training had made her strong, determined, and very ambitious. On one faithful day however, Ayame was suddenly transported to a world called Felarya during a training session. The person who had transported Ayame was a Demon called Iriana. According to Iriana, she was Chaos Demon and a Chaos Demon had the ability to control the laws of reality. The only reason why the Guardians didn’t attack her right off the bat was because she usually didn’t cause any major damage and if she did cause damage then she’d fix it before she left. Also, Chaos Demons are all but extinct. She had transported Ayame to Felarya was because she needed a powerful race to give birth to her daughter and Ayame just happened to be part of a powerful race

Of course, Ayame refused to go along with Iriana’s plan, but because of Iriana’s godlike powers, she didn’t have a choice in the matter, and was basically raped by the Chaos Demon. Apparently, the only way Iriana could do this was by having sex with someone. Why? Ayame never found out, but she was told that Iriana had done this to many other people. These people made up a little of her child and Ayame was the last piece of the puzzle that she needed. When the job was done and Iriana’s child was safely inside Ayame’s womb, Iriana abruptly left, leaving the now pregnant Ignisian stranded on Felarya. Ayame never knew why she had to be chosen. It practically ruined everything that she had planned for her life and she wasn’t even sure if she could ever get it back. The child Iriana had left her ended up being an extremely powerful psychic, able to influence Ayame’s thoughts and feelings even while being a fetus. This was partially why Ayame didn’t get rid of the child at first and why she decided to raise it. Ayame decided to call the child Ayana.

Because Ayana needed a huge amount of nourishment to develop Ayame was forced to attack giant Predators. Luckily, Ayame never really needed to hunt Predators because they usually just came to her. Using her Ignisian abilities she would just fry them and proceed to eat them. Since she was transported south of the Ascarlin Mines, Ayame had that her hunting grounds and continues to hunt in that area as her child develops. Once her child is born and if Iriana never comes back to take the child, she plans to head to a city called Negav and will attempt to find someway to get back home.


Ayame is a very temperamental and abrasive person. Having her dreams and goals taken away from her as made her bitter and cold. If you get on her bad side you better hope that you’re flame resistance because Ayame will have no problem lighting you on fire if you piss her off enough. Living in the wilderness with giant predators has also caused her to become very apathetic when it comes to life. At first she felt a little guilty killing the predators to nourish her child, but after she started to learn more about the nature of the place she lived in, her guilt disappeared, and now she could careless. Felarya was just like her home planet, the weak dies and the strong survives, and that’s all she needed to know. The only thing she cares about now is her child’s development.

Natural Abilities:

- Pyrokinesis: Pyrokinesis is ability to create and manipulate fire with the mind

- Fire Immunity: Ignisians are mostly immune to the damage caused by flames.

- Heat absorption: The skin of an Ignisian can automatically absorb any source of heat and use it as energy. Should they absorb too much heat then they can safety dispel it out of their hair strands.

- Heat Aura: The body of an Ignisian naturally emits a heat equal to 200 *F. Anyone lacking in the heat resistance department will feel very uncomfortable standing near one.

- Volcanic blood: The blood of an Ignisian is as hot as the lava in a volcano, once shed it can easily melt through flesh and most metals, and any venom or toxins that is injected into their body will automatically evaporate.

- Iron Body: In order to withstand their own blood and heat, Ignisian’s are very durable and their internal skeletal structure is made out of a stone/metal hybrid material. Unfortunately, this gives them great weight, so they can’t move very fast.

- Enhanced Strength: Due to their skeletal structure, impacts from an Ignisian’s physical attacks are a lot stronger and their magma like taffy muscles are stronger than normal, human muscles.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Wed May 07, 2008 8:58 pm


My character is on that page, along with another char I'll introduce shortly in.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Thu May 08, 2008 3:17 pm

My char for RP #2:

Name: Marshal Crowley

Age: 47

Height: 6'10''

Race: Human

Occupation: Vigilante Gunslinger

Sex: Male

Weapons: EDIT: 2 .45 Colts, a Winchester rifle, and a machete.

Descripton: Marshal, being 47, looks rather aged. His hair is grey and he has a short beard on his chin. He may be bald or balding, however, this is unknown as he's never been seen with his hat off. He is physically fit and spry despite his age. He has a very serious almost stoic disposition for the most part, but is by no means devoid of feelings. His attire consists of a long leather coat, boots, a hat, jeans, and a vest.

Background: Before he arrived in Felarya, he led the life of a vigilante on Earth in the old west. He learned to use guns when he was just a boy and by the time he reached adulthood, he was a master marksman. For years he rode the countryside, righting wrongs, protecting people, and collecting rewards of course. One day, after waking from a good nights sleep, he found himself in a new world, a world he knows now to be Felarya. That was seven years ago. In Felarya, he continues his profession as a vigilante, aiding what little civilization there is and of course, just trying to survive. Over the years he's aquired many augments, both magical and technilogical for his weapons to further their effectiveness.

Mount: While it's no surprise that a gunslinger from the old west has a mount, Marshal's is worth mentioning. His mount is a dark brown, eight-legged horse that he aptly named, Blondie, for its long golden mane. This enigmatic steed is rumored to be a desendant of, or at least somehow connected to the mythic being Sleipnir, Odin's horse, because of its appearence and outstanding speed. However, this has never been confirmed. Whenever Marshal is asked where Blondie came from, he cryptically answers, "He came to me one day. We befriended each other, and he's been at my side ever since."

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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Thu May 08, 2008 7:39 pm

(Lich and Remi will reappear later as of now, I'll introduce this Mother 2 inspired fellow)

Name: Nico
Race: Human
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Hometown: Floe Town (Not in Felarya)

-Toy Hammer: A toy hammer, durable and easy to carry.
-Magic Stick (lol): A stick from the rare and powerful Yggdra Tree, High chance of landing a 'SMAAAAAAASH!' on the opponent
-Combat Slingshot: A finely crafted Slingshot, aiming takes practice.

Unique Abilites
PK Hypnosis: Puts the opponent to sleep by using Hypnotic brain waves
PK LifeUp: Heals the body using psychic powers.
PK Deflector: Puts up a psionic power shield that deflects incoming attacks back at the opponent.
PK Magnet: Materializes a psionic force field that absorbs energy attacks, regenerates health upon absorbing energy attacks.
PK Fire: Attacks the opponent with pyrokinetic energy, may Burn the victim if hit hard enough.
PK Freeze: Attacks the opponent with cryokinetic energy, may Freeze the victim if hit hard enough.
PK Thunder: Attacks the opponent with electrokinetic energy, may paralyze the foe and dispells certain types of shields.
-May learn more as the RP progresses-

Appearance: Rather short and has a bit of a lanky build to him. blue eyes and has short brown hair with several cowlicks on the top of his head. Wears a green hoodie, blue denim shorts, and yellow sneakers. Wears wristbands on each arm and sports a blue backpack as well

Personality: Nico is a rather clumsy fellow and is accident prone or making mistakes. He also has a bit of a hard time staying focused and is easily distracted by other things, and as such he has a hard time using his PSI powers without messing up, in some cases he'll actually hurt himself if the PSI attack he's using requires too much concentration. He is highly vulnerable to losing control of his powers causing massive amounts of destruction, if he is put under alot stress, if he becomes frustrated or if he becomes excessivly angry. Due to this he often feels that he is either useless because he usually can't pull off certain attacks without messing up, or foolish, for losing control of his powers. Though if given enough encouragement, and reassurance, Nico can pull off feats that even he didn't know he was capable of. Towards others, Nico is timid at 1st but over time, if he gets used to those around him, he'll open up more and gradually become a good friend. All in all Nico can be a good hearted kid and an even greater friend if given the chance to be befriended.

Backstory: A young boy born and raised in a faraway residense, known as Floe Town. Nico's family was pretty much average his father worked at convience store while his mother was a 'stay at home mom'. However Nico himself was far from a normal human child for he was born with the powerful ability known as PSI. Nico's clumsy nature has earned him the title of being called a jinx and basically a laughing stock amoung those his age, because of this he had never made any friends, despite being a good person at heart. As time would go on, Nico grew tired of his low social status and took it upon himself to use his PSI abilities to show his peers he shouldn't be a laughing stock amoung them. On an ordinary morning during school he called attention to himself and went about using a new ability he learned called PK Fire to dazzle the crowd of children before him. However because he had just learned the attack, it didn't work very well and back fired on him causing his pants catch on fire.

After this embarrasing display Nico thought that he would never have any friends, however he was proven wrong by a girl named Sana who came to console him after the PK Fire fiasco earlier. A bit surprised that someone like her showed interest in his plights Nico asked why she was worried about him, she smiled and promptly replied "Because...I think your a good person". Needless to say this event was enough for the 2 of them to form a bit of a friendship with each other. Nico no longer felt lonely or an outcast and as time would go on he would soon find out that he wanted something more that Sana's friendship...

Unfortunetly, around this time Giygas and his alien army was now at large and alot of the world was in turmoil from the invasion. It wouldn't take long before Giygas' influence reached Floe Town. The Aliens took the town by storm their powerful Psionic attacks overwhelming the authorities just as easily as they had come in. As the once peaceful town fell into hysteria and chaos, Nico desperately searched for Sana but found himself cornered by two Starmen. Just as he thought it was over for him a powerful PK Fire incinerated the 2 aliens, as Nico looked up it is then he realized that he wasn't the only one with PSI abilities...more over Sana had them too.

Both Nico and Sana joined forces to combat the alien menace that had ravaged their hometown, all the while Sana giving Nico the encouragment he needed to bring out his true power. As they reached the HQ of the aliens, Nico and Sana challenged the head leader of the Floe Town invasion; Starman Deluxe. After much hardship, the 2 of them managed to fatally wound the elitist alien and as the remaining creatures began to retreat. Nico looked to Sana and confessed his feelings to her. However, as the 2 were in this dreamy moment of bliss, the dieing Starman Deluxe used the last of his energy to teleport Nico to the unknown realm known as Felarya. IF he couldn't destroy the town he'd destroy the love between 2 heroes...

Currently Nico is wandering Felarya searching for a way to return back to Floe Town...as well as back to Sana the one that gave him the courage and strength to become a hero...
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Sat May 10, 2008 5:19 pm

Alright my Character

Race: Grey Knight Space Marine
Age: 600
Faction: Imperium of Man
Hight: 8'
Weight: about a ton
Appearence: Always wears full Aegis armor including Helm. Aegis armor is like a siver knight armor that amplifies speed, strength, and other natural abilities.
Special Abilities: Geneticly enhanced natural skills(not armor)
Holocaust: Surrounds user with fire that hurts any nearby
Shrouding: Protects the Grey Knights from being seen or targeted by enemies(is used along with the Grey Knights armour)
Rites of Exorcism: Makes it harder for daemons to stay in the material plane or attack the Grey Knights (is used along with the Grey Knights armour that helps to stop demons)
Combat abilities: Strong enough to lift a medium sized tank, Well trained in all forms of combat.
Weapons: Nemisis Sword that is dangerous to deamons and can only be used effectivly by him and a storm bolter. Bolters are like a machine gun the shoot explosive rounds.

Quick back story: He was on a ship that was traveling in the warp. The ship went into a warpstorm and crashe in to Felarya. Only he survived.

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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Sun May 11, 2008 8:23 pm

spartan62893 wrote:
Holocaust: Surrounds user with fire that hurts any nearby
If ye want, I can pull up quotes from "Grey Knights" some time tomorrow that may give a description of such power.

EDIT: The quote:
Grey Knights, pg. 144 & 145 wrote:
Finally... a titanic burst of light ripped through the surging throng in front of Tancred, sending a shockwave tearing through the Allking's ranks. In the flash Alaric saw men blasted clean of their flesh, tharr [Horse-like beast] disintegrating, a wide space scoured of the enemy who were sent flying through the air and thrown backwards onto the men behind them.
The Holocaust had blasted a space clear in front of Tancred, the earth scoured white.

Shrouding: Protects the Grey Knights from being seen or targeted by enemies(is used along with the Grey Knights armour)
To help those unfamiliar, it blurs the outline of the Grey Knight.

Combat abilities: Strong enough to lift a medium sized tank, Well trained in all forms of combat.
Don't recall a Tank incident, but ripping off hatches, lifting trucks effortlessly into the air, etc. are common 'strength' examples (Oh, and the 'Casual Backhand sending a man across the room with a broken jaw' example).

Bolters are like a machine gun the shoot explosive rounds.
Something like 20 or 200mm plasteel penetration, bolts can range (Depending on the writer) from 'fist sized hole' to 'Look, no more torso!' per shot on targets, etc. .75 cal, too.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Sat Jul 05, 2008 6:32 pm

Here's mine. He's a mix of different universes:

Name: Alris Skyslayer
Race: Alorian

Race description: Alorians are Dragon people. They normally take on the form of humans or humans with dragon wings, but when extremely angry will take on their dragon forms.
Age: 2200 ((1 human year is 100 Alorian Years))
Faction: Bounty Hunters
Hight: 6 feet even in human form, over 50 stories in Dragon form
Weight: 200 lbs - Human, 1000 lbs - Dragon, 400 lbs - Biomech Armor
Appearence: BioMech Armor, Normal, Dragon form
Special Abilities:
Force-Attuned, so he's able to use a great many abilities with the Force
BioMech armor: Capable of limited self-regeneration and flight.
Combat Abilities: Enhanced Strength and speed due to life on a high-gravity world and BioMech Armor, can transform into a dragon
Human and BioMech Armor Weapons:
Disruptor Rifle

Stouker concussion rifle

Lightsaber: Blade color: Black, Combat Style Form V: Shien/Djem So

Baradium-Core Thermal Detonators

Dark Trooper Assault Cannon

Packered Mortar Gun

Trihexalon vials (Can be fired from the Packered Mortar Gun)

DC-17 Repeating Blaster Pistol (Uses as a sidearm)

The Force

Dragon Form Weapons:

Divine Cannon - mounted over left shoulder in Dragon Form, charges and fires a massive beam

Divine Machinegun - Mounted in chest, multiple flaps open up and release a huge flurry of energy shots

Claws, Tail, Wings, and Teeth


Breath weapon - element varies depending on time of day.

Quick back story: One of the last remaining Alorians, Alris wishes to bring his race back to its former glory.

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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Thu Jul 31, 2008 6:32 pm

Here is my character, he is from the world of Disgaea:

Name: Branden Kingu
Race: Demon
Homeworld: Space Click/NetherWorld
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4Qkni_dOa0
Weapons: The Golden Gauntlets

Fighting Abilitys:
1. Firey Drill
2. Super Beam
3. Omega Orb
4. Rising Dragon
5. Big Bang
6. Lock Switch

Super Demon Form

He is really friendly and doesn't pass down a challange. After his experience with fighting, he is always enjoying fighting a new opponent. He can get tired quickly though and is sometimes really hungry.

On his way to find the Dark Overlord, NeoDark, he stumbles upon a gigantic gate. The gate slowly opened and sucked him. He wakes up in the world of Felarya not to long later. He sees many big creatures around and knew one might attack him. But with his experience fighting against giant creatures, he knows that he will survive long enough. He hopes to find his way home and back to his friend Aura.

He lived in a town known as Space click untill his world was turned into a Netherworld by the Dark Overlord known as NeoDark. He meets his consious, Aura and they set out to find the Overlord and hope to return his world to normal. On the way, he fights his way through many powerful enemys and had been eaten 2 times, but to escape safely. He almost experiences death as he is sliced by the Death Overlord, Bonze. He had survived against these many enemys and is the most powerful opponent the Overlord had faced. One day, Branden will find the Overlord and end his terror, once and for all.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Fri Aug 01, 2008 9:00 am

Am I allowed to use a Saiyan or Q character on this site? Most sites don't ususlly allow them and I have always loved Saiyans and the Q.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   Sat Oct 11, 2008 12:48 pm

Name: shinrion Kurotu
Age: 17
Race: dragon/Shinigami
Size: 9'10"

Abilitys: -Zanpakutō release up to Bankai in two stages
---First Releace- make a dual headed sword with winged blades (controls wind and fire element) ---Stage one- Forms Two long shield blades and light armor over the arms (controls wind,fire,earth elements) ---Final Stage- forms two huge long shield blades with the whole body in bladed armour ( controls all main elements and sub elements)
-Fire Breathing
History: shinrion kuroto is dragon of medievil times his soul came to the soul society , and the simple life in the Soul Society he liked having he chose to become a shinigami. He graduated from the Shinigami School when he was 13. He quickly learned his Zanpakutō's name and Bankai, Doregansheru, and became the captain of the 11th devision when he was 17.

Appearance: Ember scales ,blood red hair, golden eyes. He wheres a standered Shinigami captains uniform with a 11 simble on the back. Underneath his robe, there is a clear scar form training while being in shinigami school.

meanwhile:..... study Arrow help Arrow scratch Arrow Idea
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules   

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Felarya/cross-over RP Roster and Rules
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