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 Hi again ^^

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PostSubject: Hi again ^^   Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:57 am

Hey, I recently introduced myself here a day or two ago and just wanted to post something up here as well because I do enjoy a good rp Very Happy

So basically I am pretty open when it comes to these things, I enjoy just about any scenario. My personal preference is F/m where I play the prey, but I also enjoy F/f M/f...and in pretty rare and kinda specific circumstances I can do M/m.

I like soft vore, oral vore, UB, Macro/micro, long stories, and pretty much anything else heh...There are a few things I would like to avoid (scat, hardvore).

I don't have any true Felarya characters yet, but I do have a few that will be making their way there soon.

Alicia: 200 foot tall giantess, generally kind natured and a little nervous around people due to her past. She was born a normal human but grew much much larger, which led to her being chased away by her own people.

Liza: Naga, her torso equivalent to that of a 200 foot tall woman, her body around 500 feet in length in total. Blonde hair, green eyes and scales. She too hard a dark past with humans, which led her to feel rather at ease using them as snacks. She will often toy with her food first, using her looks to seduce them into a feeling of safety.

Mike: Human from earth, was transported to Alicia and Liza's land in a portal while on a fishing trip with his father.

These characters are from my story "In a Giant Land". I do not need to use them, and I am more than happy to make new characters for a rp ^^.

I prefer to rp over YIM, but other methods are acceptable as well.

Anyways, I am always happy, and actually enjoy, playing out very specific scenarios...perhaps one that no one has done with you yet? I love to explore, and good story is always a plus.
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Hi again ^^
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