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 What does Felarya mean to you?

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Marauder of the deep jungle
Marauder of the deep jungle

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PostSubject: Re: What does Felarya mean to you?   Tue Mar 01, 2011 1:49 am

For me its a world of danger, wealth, vitality, but more importantly possibility and wonder! This is a world where strange, wonderful, and often horrible things happens, a world where the the unknown lies, here be dragons (but not litterly because honestly that would be less interesting).

Also it has naked hot women, and frankly the lack of those in my life sucks, plus I like vore, but the world is more than that and that's good.
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PostSubject: Re: What does Felarya mean to you?   Wed Mar 09, 2011 1:01 am

dlausactor6373 wrote:
Hey! Zoekin! Are you ever going to come back to DA? Your Katrika storyline was one of my favorite storylines of Felarya!

He is back. His new account is Zoekin-3.

Archmage_Bael wrote:

What does Felarya mean to you? How is it important? What do you want to do? How has Felarya inspired you to do things? Do you remember how you came to Felarya?

While I can't remember exactly how I came to Felarya, it was probably via Eka's. Put simply, I came at first for the vore, and stayed for so much more. Beyond the sight of sexy giant women gulping down wriggly humans, I discovered a rich, complex, fascinating world.

In terms of vore, it helped that Karbo's preferences were fairly similar to my own. I'm not one for cruelty or nastiness in vore, so the idea of often pleasant, kind-hearted giant women eating up humans in the most innocent and carefree manner, simply because they consider it natural, appealed to me - and inspired me.

I discovered the wiki, and other contributors' stories and pictures, and a vast new world unfolded before me. There was so much richness here, so much creativity - so many possibilities! So much imagination.

While vore was initially very important to me, my stories soon evolved into much more, as I found myself inspired by the particular atmosphere of Felarya (such as I perceived it). Soon I found myself writing to try and explore, and convey, a sense of contrasting perspectives. What kind of character might a giant predator be? How does she perceive things, and herself? Is it possible to get the reader into her mind? What about humans? How would a human feel when thrust into this world, and into a relationship of sorts with a predator? In a world where everything is gigantic, and he relies by necessity on this predator, even while hating what she does? Milly and Isham were born. While I've branched out in many directions, their evolving relationship has remained the core of my little saga. From Isham's mixed feelings, his loathing of Milly's predatory nature and his troubled recognition that there is far more to her than that. I wanted him to remain fundamentally human, never to acquiece to what she does, and yet to like her all the same. The result has been character interactions fraught with a blend of tension and fondness, anger and kindness, which has been a stimulating challenge to write about. So, from initially coming here for vore, I shifted to a fundamental focus on fleshing out and developing characters, primarily through their interactions with one another. (A very interesting means for character development, I've found. It makes them feel more real.)

This was made possible by the very nature of Felarya. Its inherent, credible paradoxes and breathtaking level of detail. The concrete and emotional building blocks for any number of stories, set in a wonderfully inspirational world.

Meet Milly the giantess, Jissy the naga, Tina the tomthumb, and the others... My Felarya stories are here, and here.
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PostSubject: Re: What does Felarya mean to you?   Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:07 am

I just love how you can make a character to be ideal to what you want - then you start to realize, and make them better. After that comes and you develop their history, personality, etc you start to fall in love with them (not like *really* love) as a character, and they become important. This is what adds to the charm of felarya for me, in addition to be a place I find fascinating, I can also make a character and stories, and have important members of the community read them.

It's far more alluring than writing fan fiction for a universe like mass effect, starwars, lord of the rings, etc.
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Eternal Optimist

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PostSubject: Re: What does Felarya mean to you?   Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:28 pm

I know now! Felarya is the first place I've been able to freely express myself and my creativity to a large number of people. ^.^ I can come up with ideas, see what people think, and use that to develop them more and more, as I've been learning to. I'm also meeting a ton of kind and fun people, and making lots of friends. I now spend a large amount of my time on the forum while I'm allowed online, nothing else really interests me more. <3 I don't know what I'd do without this place, probably be playing videogames and being an all-around shut-in from the rest of the world as I've been known to do...*sighs*
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PostSubject: Re: What does Felarya mean to you?   

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What does Felarya mean to you?
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