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 Felarya Fun Facts

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Marauder of the deep jungle

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PostSubject: Felarya Fun Facts   Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:48 pm

Well I decided to share this with the Felarya Community...On DA I started doing somthing called "Felarya Fun Facs" where pretty much youdo "Fun Facts" about your characters or ideas...such as how you came up with them...silly things that inspired you to make the said character and other stuf.f...you know...typical fun facts...so I kinda want to see if anyone her has their own little fun facts...I'll post mine her and see if anyone else wants to join in...

remember...Character facts and Fun Facts are completely diffrent...a Fun fac is more on somthing that helped contrinute or somthing that is only known by you or somthing...for example...

lets pretend its Karbo

Fun Fact = I imagine Crisis having a fench accent

Not a fun fact = Crisis likes to eat Nekkos because she likes how they feel when swallowing or somthing of that sort....

I hope those were good examples...anyways Here are myfun facts...

Seliky Aubray Serela

The Hoody she wears ais an actual real hoody that keep in my closet

Seliky is the youngest Official character in the Felarya Wiki

Originally during my planning Process...I planed on Seliky being a boy...but decided soon after to make her a tomboyish girl

Seliky dos in fact wea glasses, for now only to read

Seliky wears a Golden Hair peice which Ti-Yen gave her, saying that it beong to Seliky's mother

In original drawings of Seliky, she used to wears just a normal sweater, later on adventually it became a hoody...

Seliky originally was going to have the ability to walk on water...but I scrapped that idea...


Aurora's appearance is based off my own

Aurora is named off of a character from a previous story I have wrote called "Dark Shadow"

Originally Aurora was going to remain a human sized Naga...hen I decided to make her giant sized...

I act out all of AUrora's Dialog when writing my stories...I do it for all my characters but I ocus more on Aurora...mainly because she is based off of myself...

Aurora's orignal designed was that the scales on her arms wee blue...but son after I changed to brown...

Aurora's tendancy to faint at the site of blood is from me fainting at the sight of blood XD

The Reason I made Aurora an Eath Naga is because There were no other Naga's who had an earth element...and I like to be unique...now she isnt th only one which makes me sad ...CURSE YOU GARNET!!!!!!!!!!

Aurora has a unique interest in shiny thngs...she often collects then and stores them in her burrow...among this pile of shiny things is a small pile of Ascarlin...

Aurora's pesky giant blob monster that chases her around is based off a nightmare I had about a boss tha appears in Pikmin XD

One idea I had for Aurora to be able to do is to pull out a giant sword made out of stone from the ground but soon scrapped it because Aurora is already super strong...why does she need a giant sword...

Aurora does in fact have a last name...


Thanh was my mothers name

she used to be a Member of the Isolon Fists


Hitomi was named after a girl I met during one of my trips to Japan...she was really nice when I was on a tour in a manga company...she likes my drawings so I promised I would make a character named after her...

Hitomi is the first ever Mantoid...

Hitomi knows both northern and southern Mantis Kung Fu...like most mantoids...but she also knows a litle of Snake style surprisingly...


I designed Jewlia's bio while listening to the "Stickerbrush Symphony"

I made Jewlia a bramble Dryad because I have an odd facination with all that has bambles on it...

Jewlia was in love at one point of her life...

Jewlia is so post to represent fertility and motherhood...which is why she is much bigger than most of my characters and why sh has such massive....yu know XD...

In "Aurora's Story" ...every time Jewlia is mentioned or makes an appearance...there is always a description of her eyes in some way...because that is her key feature...


Mimi was based off of the character from Super Paper Mario named Mimi...wh turns nto a Spider like Monster...

Mimi's voice was based offf of Tabetha's voice from ToS

Mimi dosent actually wear any cloths under her cloak...

A reason I create Mimi was because Dridders was getting so much "Dridder" hae...usually being depicted as utter jerks and as villains...so I wanted to kinda break that trend...


Sarti was created entirely based off of one song...which her name came from as well...

She is the only character I have inked so far...

she is he only felaryan character that actually uses a Waterphone as a weapon...which is totally bad ass since Waterphones are like the sexiest instrument in the entire universe...

Sarti's language is know as Kajuiran...whish is an entirelyy made up language often use in Japanese songs as Chanting...

Sarti cant speak english...the only reason her language isnt being translated by the universal tranlator thing in Neggav is because somthing in her voice causes it not to effect...

Eihcra and Keke

Aihcra name backwards is Archie...which is a character from Tales of Phantasia...who Eihcra is based off of...

If you didnt already know...Keke is from Kirby Dreamland 3 and Kirby 64

Keke is secretly hidden in pictures of mine that have a ( K ) in them...

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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:26 pm

Angus and Malkus
-They are named after two members of AC/DC. I first conceived them when listening to "Dirty Deeds".

Errr... that's really all I have.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:28 pm

I guess I'll contribute o3o

-Ruby started out as one of several naga doodles I tended to draw when I was younger. I drew her several more times and eventually just made a bio for her.

-Ruby originally did have boobs. Older deviations of mine, you might be able to see them still, but the first drawing of her had fairly large ones. They've slowly shrunken as I've drawn her.

-In her original bio, Ruby was noted to avoid elves. That has obviously been scrapped.

-Before she was decided to have ice magic, Ruby's ability was to be able to absorb magic through the diamondshapes on her tail. That, of course, was scrapped.

-Aisu was originally a blatant self-insert Gary Stu I created at a much younger age for a non-Felaryan setting. I have since cleaned him up and redeemed him as more worthy of respect.

-I transplanted Aisu into Felarya due to laziness at the time. If I could go back, I would certainly create a more original character for that spot.

-Aisu's homeworld was a setting I was putting effort into developing (hence a lot of info I was able to offer for it) before I decided to spend more time on a more recent setting that better fits my preferences.

-Before I had a good grasp on Ruby's character, he was to have romantic feelings for the naga. That concept is now gone forever.

-Tarina was originally designed as a love-interest for Aisu before Slavlo was created.

-Tarina was created as a neko character after some frustration with nekos typically being seen more as food for Crisis than anything else at the time. As such, her debut depicts her eating a tiny and saving Aisu from death.

-Stark was the product of being in the chatroom with someone mentioning the "sexiness" of nekos.

-I really underestimated his popularity. Originally created to oppose the "sexy catgirl" neko, he really seemed to get some fans.

-I toyed with the idea of Stark herocially sacrificing himself during RaADS, but Stark cannot die!

-I drew what felt like dozens of drafts before I felt like I did justice for the chilotaur.

-I originally planned to have a gemstone theme to my giant preds. Olive was named with the gemstone Olivine in mind.

-She was going to be with other chilotaurs in the Bulvon Wood before I was convinced to use the Direwind Hills

-Lesky had several designs in my sketchbook before I decided on the one you all see.

-Lesky was originally going to be a humansized ice naga, but that was scrapped.

-Lesky is named after the US state of Alaska, which is quite cold.

-I honestly tried to think of a clothing accessory for Lesky, but nothing seemed to work, so for the time being, she is completely nude.

-She was originally an unnamed mermaid I drew for the sake of drawing one.

-Lazuli came to mind thanks to macdaddy repeating "lapis lazuli" on the Ventrilo server several times after I mentioned it while playing Minecraft. Of course, the name is pronounced "Lah-ZOO-Lee" as opposed to "LAH-zoo-lie"

All I can think of right now Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:40 pm

Ah well...it's not related to felarya really but since it's me and I am linked to felarya heres one of the fun fact I have:

Flavia: Named after Flavien, a guy in a tv show called Dans une galaxie près de chez vous which was very popular here in Québec. Also, her physical traits are those of one of my best friend called Christine Razz

Boucar: In my Felarya Novellas, Boucar's name is inspired from an actual afro-québécois humoriste called Boucar Diouf.

Journey of life: Once again in my felarya novellas, the short story Journey of life is actually a little spermatozoid that travels from the male form of a dryad which I heard has a different name and isnt the same thing...anyways Razz

Kate: Again, in my felarya novella. Kate, from the story trap, is named after Katy Perry, which I find is a bitch Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Tue Jul 26, 2011 8:05 pm


- Was originally conceived as being a member of a half-wolf race called the Ookami, but because I couldn't make them different enough from Inus and because there were so few Inus already around, I just made her an Inu.

- Her "thick Zhrodashain drawl" is actually pretty much a Scottish accent with some British slang.

- Going back to her originally being part wolf, she was originally going to be the protagonist in an original action/adventure serial I was going to write for dA called "Gunwolf". She might still be, once her adventures in Felarya are over (if I'm allowed to do that, I dunno, am I?). Or maybe that'll be the GRITTY REBOOT where fairy archnemesis Anastasia is a drug lord selling a hallucenagenic that makes users think they're being shrunken and eaten by cute girls and the Squaroo are a gang terrorizing the projects where Nalea, now a brooding and streetsmart badass, grew up, and Anastasia is their leader and Nalea has returned to clean up the streets. terminator

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Marauder of the deep jungle

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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Tue Jul 26, 2011 8:47 pm

hehehe...these are all interesting fun facts
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Tue Jul 26, 2011 8:55 pm


Originally just supposed to be a supporting side character for an older and very gary stu self insert creation I had and since abandoned...after making her bio and personality I grew attached to her instead and she's since been the focus of my Felaryan works heh.

She was made a warrior dridder because I wanted to acknowledge her roots and some of dridders in general then, and while showing these traits could be for something more than the stereotype at the time (which is thankfully much smaller now heh).

She originally had some brown hair as well, but after commissions were being done it was tossed out the window as it seemed to take away more than add to her.

The gold/yellow eyes standing out against the rest of her colors were my take on all those cartoons with someone in the woods and there were eyes staring at them in shadows Razz.


I saw no other mantoids besides Hitomi and I loved their concept...so I had to make one. I also wanted to try to handle the whole pred/prey thing but between a dridder and mantoid with her and Ciel, but I've somewhat skipped over that in the current work.

In retrospec, she should have a LOT more scars or bruises considering how she acts...as of now I chalk it up to Goro treating her when she is hurt along with Felarya's healing properties.


Quite possibly one of the largest beings in Felarya to my knowledge- comes with being bonded to one of those giant trees all over the place.

He could technically choose to have a younger face if he felt it, but he is very proud of the beard. Also besides seeing very few male characters, there were even less with beards. So he got the beard. Damn you Stark for challenging him and his beard!
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Tue Jul 26, 2011 9:08 pm

ZionAtriedes wrote:
Angus and Malkus
-They are named after two members of AC/DC. I first conceived them when listening to "Dirty Deeds".

Errr... that's really all I have.

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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:28 am


As Sean was the result of an anime phase gone wrong and because of interest in a flash game tributing Devil May Cry, he would have had both a demon form and an angel form, the latter being just a mythical suit of armor. That was obviously scrapped.

Sean used to have feelings for Subeta, because she was my favorite fairy. That was scrapped when I would have badly characterized her.

There is a history for his scarf and headband that I have yet to reveal.

I regret making him Japanese, because again, I was in a bad anime phase.

His ocarina used to have significance, but that was scrapped because of the obvious Zelda reference.

The only reason he has a gun alongside a sword was to establish that he was smart enough to realize the limitation of the latter.

He used to shout his attacks. Malahite advised against this for the sake of realism and because that would be a chore to bring a name to all attacks.

I named him that way because I thought "Sean" was a cool name.

In his very early concept, his elemental power was to morph into an elemental, akin to the Human Torch.

He also had only eight elements, with Nature added as the ninth.

There was a fourth discipline called Barrier Discipline that was scrapped. It was to boost his physical aptitude based on the element currently bonded. It was inspired by the shields in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Sean used to have titles courtesy of Quantum-Mechanics. I scrapped them because it was too complicated.

His elements all had different, if arbitrary applications, such as light being responsible for "status effects". This was scrapped I believe because it was too restrictive.

His Fighter Discipline used to be able to morph his weapon into any weapon, and even manipulate them to extend the blade of a sword, a la God of War.

His current Fighter Discipline stems from D&D 3.5, how they have different type of damage such as slashing, piercing, bludgeoning.

He used to be immune to digestion from anything that was neither a Succubus, nor an Angel. This was purely for the sake of vore.


Lester would have been introduced as Sean's long lost brother that somehow got into Felarya before he did. I can't remember how that happened, but chances are, it would have been bad.

Lester used to have a rivalry with Fiolla because she ate him as soon as he got in Felarya.

The only reason I brought Lester was to have a swordsman/shooter dynamic with Sean a la Mega Man X.

Lester used to have the power to imbue magic in machines, creating magitech. This was scrapped I think to have less magical characters.

Like Sean, Lester could have had a mythical suit of armor based on Mega Man X. Sean was based on Zero.

Lester used to be an Elemental Knight as they were called back then alongside Sean. This was scrapped.

Lester's lecherous tendencies come from Sean's old womanizing tendencies. I think it fits Lester more since he's supposed to be the comic relief.


Izzy was inspired by Karbo's drawing of a digital fairy.

Originally, Izzy was just a simple AI that somehow shifted into a Fairy because of a magical rock. This was scrapped in favor of brain uploading.

Originally, Izzy had the ability to manifest herself in the real world without the need of a core. She was powerless, unless she inhabited machines, but couldn't be permanently killed, as she would reform in Lester's PAD.

Izzy also came to be because of Navi (which I don't think is as bad as everyone claims. Ciela is far more talkative.)


Marina was inspired by Mayl from Mega Man Battle Network.

Originally, she only had psychic powers called PSI that could mimic magic spells. This was scrapped because of the blatant Mother reference and because it may have been too cheap, as they're unaffected by magical protection.

Alongside PSI, she used to have a special attack like PK Rockin and PK Love. Again, it was scrapped because of the obvious reference.

Marina could use more than just protective and healing magic. This was scrapped because she may have been too powerful that way.

Marina used to be physically strong, being good at sports and all classes in general. This was scrapped I think because it made her look too perfect.

The origin of her asthma comes from Mother 1 where Ninten is the only who can be afflicted with that status.

Marina wasn't originally going to be a Cleric, as I didn't really want to bring religion into the mix. I later added religion for the sake of complexity.

Originally, Temi was going to train her alongside a few other fairies. That was scrapped when I needed to use my characters' own merits more.


Caroline used to avoid predation by making predators laugh with jokes. That was scrapped because it was non-sensical.

Caroline's skill at the spear stems from needing a bit more variety in her weapons.

She used to be only a recurring character, but I promoted her to main character status when I decided to focus on a team rather than one guy.

Caroline was made a Tsundere type B for the sake of having a hotheaded character.

Caroline's wilder nature comes from The Hunter from the Left 4 Dead games.

I added lynx traits because I find lynxes cool.

Caroline used to know a little magic. This was removed at the eleventh hour because I wanted to have more characters who didn't practice magic whatsoever.

It took me a while to realize, but there is a pragmatic reason for her to put her hands on her hips instead of crossing her arms when annoyed.

The reason I changed Caroline's method of cooking was to have something a bit more realistic and because of a personal trainer who post videos on YouTube who mostly use organic ingredients.

I have more characters, but I think that's enough fun facts for now.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Wed Jul 27, 2011 9:56 am

Lots of ccrazy fun facts here XD

Sean...PSI is actually used in many games...its the use of Phichic powers to manipulate the energy around them...thus creating Spell like attacks...
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Wed Jul 27, 2011 10:52 am

Fun facts? OK...

- The first thing I thought of her was to setting her apart from other fairies. Thus when I looked for usual fairy locations and found the Forest of Whispers and why it was called so, I decided Kyria would be mute.
- At first I thought the usual "her parents are missing/dead", but finally it's just that she left them to live her own independent life. Her parents' current location is somewhere in the Fairy Kingdom.
- She's the most popular character of my lot and I still don't know why... aside from being a cute man-eater. xD
- She seems to not belong to any subspecies, but I've been thinking of finally making her a canopy fairy.

- Although I didn't know the whole 'magic translation', I thought Seelvee needed some extra knowledge and that's why I made her a polyglot thanks to keeping some of her 'food' alive to teach her other languages through books. And it is never mentioned, but she asks Kyria to enlarge books so she can read. Razz
- Making Seelvee a bit less serious than the usual stereotypical dryad helped me to play a bit with her being a bit sarcastic and/or ironic.

Grigor Tarasov
- Due to his name, I was forced to make him Russian... I know, I know the whole "please don't use alternate Earths" things, but in this case I couldn't avoid it.
- This character's looks were based on a character of my own, Grigori Wisecloak, but Wisecloak is an android and Tarasov is 100% human.
- He was 'born' in my first story, "Kyria's breakfast", as the landlord of the inn near the Forest of Whispers who warned the expedition of the dangers they would meet. From that, 'Murmur' was created as well.

Mel Woodrow
- Since I was planning to write stories set in 'Murmur', I thought Grigor was not enough for them, thus I created Mel to be his second-in-command.
- I wanted Mel to not like tinies because otherwise Grigor would have kicked her out of the inn. xD Besides that, I'm planning on focusing more on that aspect of hers in the future.
- I wanted her to be a generic neko who could work as a secondary character, but looks like things are turning in other way, making her a bit more of a main protagonist.
- She's also a good way to use the home-cat vs wild-cat inner conflict some nekos might have.

- Some might remember Nanda wasn't this way in the beginning... At first she was going to be a cruel and midly-deformed outcast dridder called Malicia/Malice. She was remade in a lighter and more interesting character.
- Nanda comes from Fernanda, a Spanish name of German origin which means "brave, cunning". Good for a traveller and scout.
- The fact she isn't strong helps me in focusing more in exploration with her stories, as she is in no way a good fighter.

- She was going to be a one-shot character, but I thought it would be wasting my talent if I didn't give this outsider more screentime.
- She's my first character who doesn't seem that optimistic. In fact, she doesn't have high self-esteem at all. Why? Because I want to show in the future my view of a real outsider in Felarya.

Lorne Santiago
- His first name comes from Lorne, "the friend for life", a character from the Sam & Max cartoon.
- Family name is a bit of a tribute to me being Spanish.
- Despite what the end of his introductory tale might hint, he's a good guy...

Ruina Murnoe
- Her dream-haunting-and-eating ability comes from classic succubi lore, as they could haunt dreams to suck the life out of their victims. I was in no way influenced by nemesises in Felarya.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:11 pm

that's an interesting thread Razz

Mh let's see

-I gave Crisis her name just because it sounded good in french. This is only afterward that I realized the word had a certain meaning in english :p

-Vivian nearly was called Mythra... which sound a lot less good I think.

-Contrary to what many tend to think, Crisis isn't actually my first character ( well first draw in anime style anyway ). That was Menyssan in the vorehell picture ^^

-And, by the way, Felarya was close to not exist at all, and being replaced entirely by a Hell / Heaven setting !

-Subeta's glove comes from a bad sketch where I drawed one of her hand bigger than the other and somehow converted it into a glove XP

My main gallery
The Felarya wiki
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:42 pm

-Faoran comes from the Gaelic Irish Faolan which means faol = wolf "little wolf" and it's a male name. I name my character like that because I like how the name sounds good and original not really for its meaning.

-I thought Neti was an original coming from my mind until I notice it was the name of NPC in Lineage 2, a MMORPG I was playing when I created her.

-The idea of Purifier Angels came to me when I noticed Paladins were good against undead, demons, warlock, necromancers and any unholy creatures but completely useless against more common or mundane threat like an aggressive wild beast.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:51 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Wed Jul 27, 2011 3:05 pm

Oh, hey, I didn't know this was here. ^.^ I'll just post one I know off the top of my head.

Nyaha was originally a neko-vampire character. :3
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Marauder of the deep jungle

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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:45 pm

I forgot to put this one on my list...

Seliky originally was so post to be killed off...but since everyone seemed to love the albino girl...I kept her alive...
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:30 pm


-named after Eris, the goddess of chaos, also kind of ironic of a name since she's usually a pretty level headed and controlled person, save when she goes on her melon rampages.

- from the start I wanted to give her some association with Vivian, and she was originally to be Vivian's biologcal sister, then I decided to refrain from that and instead make her a totally different species who only sees herself as Vivian's adopive sister (whether Vivian sees things the same way is up for debate)

- I originally was going to make Erisin a musical superstar, however due to the fact her giant status would scare fans away, nor is there a recording studio that would fit her, the idea was scrapped in favor of her once getting the idea to become a pop star and it only being a short phase.

- The only reason she became a banshee was because I was flipping through the wiki in search of a species that was rarely used ever, so I drew the name from the hat and worked with it.


- Named after that really big stinky flower the rafflesiten

- Despite being well educated she is very oblivious to a lot of things and often falls for simple lies.

- When it comes to eating humans, Raffle is fully aware she is killing those she eats, and will wish those who she eats good luck in the afterlife as a consolation for killing them.

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Marauder of the deep jungle

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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:06 am

what about Raffles other fun fact...
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:35 am

that's a secret I'm only letting the observant figure out
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Thu Jul 28, 2011 12:34 pm


Hilary used to be a Crisis fangirl. It was scrapped when I wanted to concentrate more on my own characters.

She also used to be super strong.

She also used to be quick to anger, and when cursed, could go berserk. Obviously, scrapped.

Hilary was named after a character in the French dubbing of Bey Blade.


Delilah used to be a bit flirtatious. This was removed because I thought it may be a bit too phoned in.

Her look was made to look as plain as possible rather than pretty or beautiful.

Her weak physique was also made to subvert the trend of predator characters who were strong and extraordinary.

She originally didn't have weak magic. This was added to explain how she could read books when fully matured.


Fiolla used to be a generic harpy with light feathers and incredible flying capabilities. She was made into an albino Lamina Harpy because they were already awesome fliers.

She used to have a scar on her forehead because she crashed once. This was removed when her backstory was changed completely.

Fiolla used to be a high-spirited gossiper. She was made into a highly sarcastic harpy because I think I wanted someone more deadpan.

She also used to be terrified of nagas. This was scrapped, obviously.


Originally, Betty was going to be friend with Anko. She isn't anymore and the two never actually met.

Betty is the only small predator that I have who can indulge in same-size vore even though I scrapped that concept everyone else.

She didn't use to wear a seashell bra.

She was given a family with two older sisters for the sake of fleshing out Merfolk cities.


I unintentionally made her very similar to Cypress before reading Jungle Bowl.

Echo used to eschew humans from her diet.

She used to be able to heal people by wrapping them in vines and channeling the power of the soil through them.

Echo was supposed to die, but the original storyline for that was removed.


Mirabelle was made for the sake of having a voracious Dryad.

She didn't use to be a motor mouth. She was made into one because I figured that she might use the spiritual network to gossip and chat.

She used to play with her food before eating it.

Mirabelle's dislike of mornings was added at the eleventh hour.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:41 pm

Could be fun, so sure :3


was originally just named Kai. Until I discovered Jirokatsu had a naga named Kai.

Kaiten was originally a dick instead of a shy gentle guy, guilt tripping people into spending time with him and threatening people to get what he wanted. Before I posted him on the internet that is.

My original idea for him storywise was to have him eventually die while bringing a human home. It was, of course, scrapped.

Kaiten is the only male naga in the wiki with an element.

He was originally supposed to be a human sized naga, but I thought that a giant with all of his traits would be even cuter.

In his very first incarnation before editing, Kaiten had a spear.


Was originally going to be smoking something instead of drinking. The effect was the same, and the homemade alcohol just seemed to make more sense.

She was originally going to have a crystal ball. But I thought "This is a stupid idea" so it was removed.

The first ideas for her didn't involve clothing at all.

Sheska and her brother were made dark skinned due to a lack of diversity among characters at the time.

If I can think of any more, I'll post them.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:10 am

Might as well try .O.


- Came really close of being a gila monster-taur until I remembered Cliff already made one

- Never meant to become what he is now at first. For a time he was simply envisioned as just some unlucky, unassuming chump

- Name meant to evoque both his monstrousness and his general lack of attractiveness, as well as the fact that, like the literary Grendel, has lots of issues

- The whole point of his creation was to create something that stood out and diferred from the tide of usual characters. While most characters in Felarya are pretty friendly girls, this one's a brutal antisocial lug

- For a time he was planned to be friends with Kai's gekkota Tesla. Eventually scrapped because it went against character
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:52 am

I know this thread's been dormant for a few weeks, but it's only stunned! No necromancy required! Anyway, it looked fun and factual, so I wanted to give it a go, being utterly unable to resist a excuse to blab about my characters as I am. Razz

Rachel Gyfford (the stranded pirate)
- Rachel was not intended to survive nearly as long as she did in the initial draft, let alone get whole stories focusing on her adventures. A classic case of a character taking on a life of its own in one's head, and forcing you to give them more screen time. Although this is writing, so maybe it should be 'page time'? lol!

- I now deeply regret giving her such a generic name, but at the time she wasn't going to live, so... -_-

- The style of her water magic was partly inspired by some of the visuals from the waterbenders in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Not the movie, the cartoon.

Chintipni (the chlaena)
- I find it extremely hard to remember that chlaena communicate using shifting color patterns on their bodies. The universal translation effect lets you get away with a lot, but I always forget that a chlaena cannon be spoken to unless one can see him/her. sweatdrop

- Of all my characters, I like her name the most. Names always give me issues.

- I did not intend to write her as a crazed sex-monster, I swear! I'm still not quite sure how it turned out that way! xD
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:31 am

Rachel Gyfford is a cool name, one of my best friends is named Rachel. hrmph Razz I guess I'll give this a shot now. I didn't really take too much inspiration from other sources to design my characters though, they were mostly original within my mind.


-She is supposed to look Asian, as opposed to just drawing a manga style Felaryan character that always looks Asian.

-She was in my first ever RP, which took place on the IRC when I decided to use a magical gateway that would normally issue a human forth, but a naga came through instead. This random Naga turned into Janev.

-She's never had the main focus of any story yet even though she's a main character because I'm so focused on Mara right now.

-I've been trying to draw her for the past year, but haven't gotten anywhere, because I cannot get her face down the way I want it. (I need help XD)

-Karbo's "A Desert Naga" picture gave me the idea to use a rocky design pattern for her tail just like the naga in that picture only green and black instead.

-The name Janev is actually the name of one of my star wars 1d20 characters, a Jedi Consular named Janev Katana, at the time I just didn't have a good name for a naga so voila.


-Her name was not inspired from Avatar: The Last Airbender despite the similarity between Princess Yue and Ue herself.

-I chose this name because upon looking at the wiki, there's like no characters with U-names.

-She doesn't have a story, yet.

-Also upon deciding to be different, and designing a river mermaid who's friendly to people, she was raised by meiramines after getting terribly lost.

-The first person to draw Ue is on eka's portal XD


-My succubus no one probably knows about.

-Her name was inspired from Tuc's character Myrah. (anyone remember him? XD)

-I want someone to draw her, because lord knows I can't draw my own characters properly worth a cent.

-She's polite to her house guests. The Etiquette Succubus Razz

When I think of more I'll post again.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:34 am

Okay, here are a few of my own:

Blackjack mercenaries: In the first series, they were lead by Westler, a scientist from a civilised world who was plunged into a dimension of aether during a mishap with experimental dimensional technology, and then eventually escaped by learning how to harness the raw power of magic. He and my posessed neko guy were eventually going to have an enormous throwdown, but I scrapped that idea along with the rest of the original series.

Kurt Taylor: Spawned from a one-shot short story, people seemed to like the unlucky everydude with issues who argued with an uptight talking sword. His character design is one of the few entirely unchanged from the original series.

Felicity Xarra: Felicity was orignially just a smexy neko I stuck in my stories for some extra fanservice, but she started to grow and take on a personality of her own. A hedonistic nymphomaniac to the point of it being disgusting, she has evolved several other character traits you'll see later in the series.

Raz'dul: Raz'dul was created to fill the void left by the four other Blackjacks when I scrapped them. A lot of these guys were ruthless assholes, so I created him to be a paragon of assholitude and ruthlessness. His primary purpose in the series is to be a foil for Kurt.
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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fun Facts   

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Felarya Fun Facts
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