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 Precisions about Felarya

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PostSubject: Precisions about Felarya   Thu Nov 03, 2011 4:21 am

I have been asked to clarify my position about Felarya and the community so here I am putting what I think it is and what it is not. Most of the content of this post comes from the conflict resolution thread where it wasn't very visible.  Hopefully it will remove some misunderstandings and make things clearer for the future.


-Felarya is a fantasy universe built on the giantess and vore fetish. It's a place open for everyone to have fun with. If you want to draw or write a story, you are very welcome to do so and, as long as you don't overstep your welcome by inappropriate behavior, you are really free to do what you want with Felarya, provided you don't totally trash the setting with no regard for it whatsoever of course. Think of it as a sandbox type of universe.

-Felarya is not meant as a serious universe.
Folks, we are talking about an universe with giant naked man-eating ladies, bizarre fauna and physics that make no sense in the real world whatsoever.
It's truly amazing Felarya became what it is now but it's still essentially a little, strange, erotic rich world that was built onto a fetish. It's almost certain Felarya will never be a realistic and coherent universe destined to be the setting for a movie, an anime or anything mainstream. And rightly so because it would then have to change completely.
Some people are taking it too seriously sometimes and many problems in the past steemed from that. Enjoy it as a recreation, a place to have fun, not something your life depend on. Concentrate on what you like, not on what you dislike. Not everything has to make perfect sense.

-Constructive critique is welcome but there is a difference with tearing one's work apart.  If you want to offer critique on an idea, a story or a drawing, you should do it in a respectful and civil tone and not attempt to force it upon the author. If the author ignore your wise advices, well that's their business. They probably aren't very interested in improving and will stagnate. It's a pity but there is nothing you can do about it. Better leave them alone and move on more interesting things.
On the other hand, if you are submitting ideas for others to reviews, you should expect them to be critical and blunt, not only showering your work in praise. There would be absolutely no points in that…

-There are some guidelines to observe when using the wiki for a story or a drawing :
You *must* ask permission before using characters that has been created by other people and you must make reasonable efforts to depict them accordingly to their bio. Don't hesitate to contact their authors for further informations. In the case of a character present on the wiki, the link to contact the author is displayed next to the credits in the end.

You are encouraged to give credit when you use an idea. This is not an obligatory thing, especially in the case of a long story using a lot of elements, but it's mere politeness. I don't take too long and it will ensure a better relationship with the author of the idea if you acknowledge their work. Wouldn't you expect the same ?
If you are the author of a character and someone is using them without your permission, let them know. But if that person is ignoring you, instead of escalating the matter into something nasty,  please inform me and I'll make sure to do my best to deal with it. In case of a person who, no matter what, won't abide by the character creator's wishes or permission, that person is exposing themselves to being blacklisted.

-Felarya is NOT a community project but it is a project that is open to the community.
This point is very important and the source for potential conflicts and it's an issue I won't do any compromise on. Let's look at what it means.

in a community project, members have their say on which direction the general project is going and decisions are taken by majority vote. You have a hierarchy that establish itself with posts given to some contributors who will handle different aspects of the project and, ultimately, this is a collective, structured effort where every participant own the whole project.
However, Felarya is *different*.  Felarya is something personal that was then opened to the community with the creation of those forums, so everyone could propose their ideas and participate in the elaboration of the universe.  However, its general direction has always remained entirely mine to decide and I'am not answerable to anybody, no matter what they contribute, regarding what end up being used or not, what I create for Felarya and where I take it. In a sense, I'm on the driver seat and members don't decide on the route ahead. That's the big difference. I drive slowly and safely though, I hear the advices of my passengers,  and, so far, the car never felt into a pit ^^
I'm well aware this can be frustrating for some, as they essentially have to play by another's rules, but to me it's a line drawn in the sand since the very start.  Keeping 100% free creative rein and being answerable to nobody is the sine qua non condition for me to continue to work on this world. It's the term of the deal so to speak. A deal you have to *fully accept* if you want to contribute.. If you disagree and are going to fight and challenge that notion.. well I'm sorry to say but, frankly, it's probably better if you look elsewhere for another universe to contribute to and forget about Felarya ...

-Also according to what is said in the disclaimer, contributing a non-character idea to Felarya means giving up artistic control *as well* as legal ownership on it. This means the idea will, indeed, no longer be yours. A person relinquishing ownership of an idea, has no longer have any control on it and I can do what I see fit with it in total freedom. Having said that, this is not how I do things and I'm never going to make any important modifications on an idea without consulting the author first. this happened several times in the past and it always went smoothly, the author being happy to see their contribution updated in order to better fit the rest of the world. I rarely change a lot anything anyway, except for some occasional rephrasing here and there.
Any contribution will be fully credited to their author of course and, if the occasion comes, I'll be very glad to draw it in a picture ^^

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Precisions about Felarya
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