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 Temple Raiders

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Seasoned adventurer

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PostSubject: Temple Raiders   Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:43 am

Ok so, this is my second attempt at making an rp, basicly, a group of people, pred and prey may join, but do not kill without others permission, th temple is a hidden one buried under the forest floor, with rumours of a great treasure buried within, the doorway only opens during a full moon, so bring torches. ^^ The temple is very large, built to accomadate beings who were very large, such as Felarya's various predator species,but it has been abandoned for centuries, so who knows what lurks down their.

Here's my char, though she's further down the page, her name is Jane smith, though I will also be usong Delta.

My Char

Be warned, I shall make certain events appear, dangers under my control, it will not be an easy journey.

Base camp,that was the human term, built at the edge of the clearing a singly, well it was a sort of cover to shelter her from the rain, but she still slept under it. It was made from twigs and leaves and whatever she could find, nighttime was just a couple of hours away. Jane sighed, legs folded hands togethor, hood currently laid flat against her back, like she was preying, in reality she was meditating , getting ready for what challenges may lie ahead while waiting, secretly hoping others would turn up.

In the bushes nearby a woman hid, well a teenager realy a three inch tall teenager, Delta munched slowly on one of the bushes berries, while she watched the elf girl meditate.
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Temple Raiders
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