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 Re: Regarding the communication

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Felarya cartographer
Felarya cartographer

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PostSubject: Re: Regarding the communication   Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:21 am

Since the last thread was locked before I got the fair chance to reply:

Quote :
The thread just had reopen and you are at it again .....

Well that deleted post was way out of the line, threatening and scornful. Post like that or the one you left to Mr nobody are *not* acceptable. You should really calm down and take a break. You are like on train wreck right now and you only keep making things worse and worse...

The only people making this worse are you and your mod-team. My issue was the deletion of my ORIGINAL post, in which I said "The communication currently sucks, and so do about half the people I know within the community."

Timing and Frenchsnack's heavy-handed over-the-top responses to that one line are the only reason anything escalated at all. I don't mind them deleting the posts where I argued with them (as those are unrelated to the topic of the thread) but I DO take offense to having my original post edited multiple times and then finally deleted. It is not flaming, it is an opinion, and opinions do not violate forum rules. It isn't like I'm going "HerpaderpDA19" sucks, I am making a general statement regarding MY view of the community.

Nothing in there violates the rules, and locking a perfectly good thread because of that is completely insane. I demand this be fixed at once in a manner that is fair.

Like I said, I am no longer mad, but I DO care about principle.

I expect a reply in this thread too. No reply will force me to assume that this was never read and I WILL re-create it until I get a satisfactory reply.
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Evil admin
Evil admin

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PostSubject: Re: Re: Regarding the communication   Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:59 am

No, the whole of your post was threatening and scornful. this wasn't just giving "your opinion"..
Ok enough with this. If you have a problem with the moderation, please send a private message. Don't recreate a new thread *again*

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Re: Regarding the communication
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