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 Fallen Pine Naga Clan

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PostSubject: Fallen Pine Naga Clan   Fri Mar 09, 2012 9:00 am

The following is the basics for a Naga clan that lives along the Torpaline Coast in a secluded canyon filled with giant pine tree's. Feedback is appreciated as I am trying to flush them out more as an actual clan of Nagas and the help/ feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for stopping by please enjoy.

Clan Name: Falling Pine Naga Clan

Location: Somewhere along the Torpaline Coast

Clan Size: 20 est. Size varies on number of members that actually stay in the clan’s territory and are active members, as most of their members live outside its territory and are not actively apart of it.

Clan Consistency: Giant and normal sized Nagas as well as a few honorary non-Naga members. More normal sized Nagas than giant sized ones, at most there is about five giant Nagas. The clan consists mostly of Storm Nagas and a mix of Arboreal and Terrestrial Nagas and everything other kind in between being a minority.

Purpose: Safety in numbers & provide a safe haven to its members.

Leader(s): The current head of the clan is a Giant Male Naga. The method of choosing a leader for the clan is a guarded secret that the clan doesn’t disclose to any outsiders. But it is generally believed that the current head has to step down after a period of only 40 short years until another is chosen.

Disposition: When interacting with other people outside their clan and not with another of their number one can be sure they will be eaten to maintain the location of their territory a secret from those that would hunt them. However, should the person accompany one of their own they will generally be treated fairly, but will still be kept at arms distance from anything going on within their clan. That is not to say that they are safe from being eaten later by a member that has not seen them with one of their own yet as majority of their members do not actually reside inside the clans territory.

Name History: The story behind the Falling Pine Naga Clan name stems mainly from the fact that the main area of the clan’s territory is that of a large Pinewood Forest along the Torpaline Coast which a moderate amount of Nagas are located. But that is only where they chose the area but not the why. Why they chose it is due in part because on windy days the wind stirs up the fallen Pine needles and whips them into a frenzied dance in the air that some consider a rare sight. Though a few have suggested changing it not enough support has been garnered to change it from its present name.

Clan Traditions: The Falling Pine Naga Clan has certain traditions that it adheres to even to this date from its original founding. New members wishing to join the clan must first be Nagas and bring something to the clan that helps it out in some way whether that be their skill with magic or fighting or their strength or cunning. Though generally they will accept new Nagas that simply find them as traversing their canyon and find them is enough of a task in itself to accomplish. Be willing to provide aid/ help to the clan or any member should it be asked (i.e. shelter. Asking to eat or eating another’s friend is not considered asking for help). Eating of members is not permitted and those that are guilty of it are free game to other members and not welcome into the canyon ever again (only a few recorded instances of this has happened since the original casting of the “Forced Recognition” spell). Never surrender clan secrets to those outside the clan or wish it and its members harm. If a hunting party is sighted and is looking for the clan or its members a member must provide help if they can or warn the clan of the nearby threat.

Clan History: The Falling Pine Naga Clan was founded long after the Naga Dridder wars and none of its members have any idea to what that is or was and relegate such a tale to things of myth or legend. Founded by a general need for safety from those that would prey on them, the Falling Pine Naga Clan consists mainly of the more common human sized Nagas and a few of their giant counter parts that pass through their area and see the clan as something more of minor curiosity than anything else. The clan at first had an issue with telling the difference between members and nonmembers so the occasional eating of members between giant and smaller happened on occasion and more often than any of them liked. To eliminate the mix up’s and to keep from alienating to many of their giant counter parts they tried to give their members markings to tell between members and nonmembers. But that idea only worked slightly better, but still accidents did happen and members did end up eating a few of their own on accident (though so may have been on purpose) so it was agreed among them all to make it where they could all tell if a certain Naga was a part of their clan or not by using a powerful “Forced Recognition” spell that was first cast by the Arch-Mage Yulia. Who was the first human to be given the honor of being considered a Naga among their clan, the reasons behind why the Arch-Mage would help them are still secret to the clan itself. Since then only a few others have been considered honorary Nagas amongst the clan. But what the spell did was make it so that every Naga within the clan and was accepted into the clan after that day would be able to without even needing to ask or look for a mark to tell that “this Naga belongs to the same clan as I” and helped suppress the accidental eating’s by a great deal (though that doesn’t stop them from eating those not in their clan). The clan is a great source of mages that are prominent in wind magic and other types of magic, but primarily magic dealing with manipulating the wind and other useful things of that nature. The main reason for their specialty in wind magic is that the Pinewood forest they live in as extremely windy and sometimes the wind is strong enough to lift small trees out of the ground let alone travelers that aren’t properly anchored or proficient with wind magic. The main cause for the extreme winds is that the forest is located in a canyon between two cliffs that look as if it were gouged out of the earth by some gigantic weapon thus the name of the canyon is “Giants Cleft” not very original but it works for them. Their clan has a small village located somewhere inside the canyon that is located in the trees, but close enough to one of the canyon sides for the giant members. The village has a powerful magic “wind bubble” is the best word that covers the village in an almost eerily silent wind bubble where the wind that does blow through it is brought down to something far more bearable same with the tunnels that the giant members live in. The clan has so far had a total of five different leaders three females and two male’s and during each of the different rulings the clan has fared well enough. Although there have been instances where they had to defend themselves from larger hunting parties and other giant predators, their location and isolation keeps them out of the way from most of the more common dangers of Felarya. There have only ever been a few times that the clan has ever really been threatened as a whole and had to defend themselves one such occasion was when several Harpies that they share the canyon with decided to prey on the smaller members. As Harpies are natural born predators of the sky and some of them being natural born wind users it was a very troubling and dangerous time and the clan’s population of normal sized Nagas was almost completely eaten. However, with the aid of several mages outside their clan and their own numbers working together they managed to get the Harpies to leave their clan alone though they still prey on its members from time to time.
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Fallen Pine Naga Clan
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