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 The Contract:The Baroness, Dala

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Seasoned adventurer
Seasoned adventurer

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PostSubject: The Contract:The Baroness, Dala   Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:05 pm

Name: Dala
Species: Dridder
Height: Seven Foot
Reason for Hit: Cruelty/taunting nature towards those she considers food.
Last Known Location: The Ruined City of Ur-Sagol

This is the first of a series of rps around mercenaries after the same contract, will they work togethor, or will they fight for their prize.

I will play Dala unless anyone wishes to play Her

But the 'others' are not the only ones who have hired Mercenies Dala herself has her own mercenary body guards.

This will need to go with the character bio, you will either be alighned to Dala or Aligned to 'The Others'

Improved Chars, Rhea is here
Affiliation: Dala
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PostSubject: Re: The Contract:The Baroness, Dala   Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:11 pm

affiliation: "The Others"
The Mad Jester
Name: Richard
Race: Neko
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6”2
fur color: green tips with dark brown underlay.
Eye color: Hazel
History: Not much is known about Richard, he doesn’t like talking about the “sad, pathetic” neko that he was before. A group of bandits found him in a destroyed cabin, near the giant tree. He proceeded to travel with them for 2 years (as a “guest”). One day he was sold off to a traveling caravan. The caravan turned out to be a traveling circus, and Richard became a good jester, the kids loved him and he was agile. One day he happened upon a ancient dagger from another world. The dagger was curved in the middle, to form a scythe –like blade, and had a prayer to the God of travelers on it, and uttering it would cause the dagger to leak with poison. The poison was from a chi-chi berry, which would cause extreme bloating of the eyes, throat, and nose. The victim will also go into a rambling, and if he/she were to survive the fight, would become hermits traveling the world. One night Richard happened upon his master passed out with a whiskey bottle nearby. A quick prick ended his master’s life. Richard then took over the circus, and travels the world to settlement to settlement. His years of being a jester earned him a silver-tongue, and he can convince people to do many things. Fairies are generally friendly towards him and his caravan, as the circus is fun to them. Thus, the caravan almost always has a fairy or two playing around it, and many bandits found themselves swallowed.
Description: wears a green and red jester’s uniform, with a small black cap on top. Has a belt that has his dagger and many potions, compounds, and poisons to choose from. He knows how to make some poisons, but relies on his companions to make any other types of potions.
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The Contract:The Baroness, Dala
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