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 Felaryan Deep Sea Vents

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PostSubject: Felaryan Deep Sea Vents   Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:20 pm

Felaryan Deep Sea Vents.

Inhabitants: Glass Caelias, Vetaelas, Kraken Caelias, Deep Sea Mermaids, Mostly unknown.
Danger level: High to Very High.

A very rarely seen and very unusual area found at the very bottom of the Felaryan seas, the Felaryan Deep Sea Vents are regions of areas found in all of the known seas in Felarya, mostly located in the Topazial Sea Depths, these vents are very interesting with very little word on them. From what little is known (mostly with the help of cooperative mermaids and chlaenas) the sea vents are basically gigantic versions of sea vents found on most other worlds, however in Felarya they are known to reach heights that surpass the size of even the great kraken caelias.

Like most sea vents, what causes the vents in Felarya what at first looks like smoke is molten magma located in the volcanic layer of Felaryas underground, when the sea waters around the magma are released it creates what looks like smoke but is in fact boiling water that can easily cook just about anything, that gets too close to the vents water. However there are some creatures that have learned to make this hostile area home, these creatures are very unusual and their exact behavior is unknown, but from what has been seen on them, it appears there are very unique mermaids who live around the vents and have small villages around some of them.

These vents seem to attract the attention of krakens quite easily, itís still fully unclear what the krakens are interested in from these vents, but they seem to be found around them from time to time more commonly then in most other areas of the seas. Some of the unique creatures living here appear of live mostly off of bacteria from the vents themselves as well as food that falls to the sea depths and hunting anything that is considered food that gets too close to the general area around the vents.

It is interesting to note that very giant tube worms are a common site around these vents, itís also known that there exists a very rare species of sea dragons that mimic the appearance of the sea vents in order to draw in prey, and given the size of the vents the very thought of encountering a creature of such size is mind blowing. Though the dragons are said to usually pose as smaller vents, but even still their size makes them a danger to just about anything, if anyone were to travel to these vents caution is advised.

There are many sunken ships, along with other precious and rare minerals, as well as very prophet able rarely grown plants and small animals which is an endeavor worth taking, granted if you can survive the journey down to the vents. As well as the journey back, this in some cases can be more dangerous than when making the journey to the vents in the first place.
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PostSubject: Re: Felaryan Deep Sea Vents   Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:46 pm

I support this idea.
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Felaryan Deep Sea Vents
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