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 Wiki entries that need to be rewritten

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PostSubject: Re: Wiki entries that need to be rewritten   Wed Aug 14, 2013 3:38 pm

Due to me new arc for Mara's Adventures I've been looking up and thinking about the Battal Oak. A giant oak tree in Felarya who's core - supposedly - is super dense to the point of near legendary status, and is easily enchanted by mages.

Anyway, the problem here lies in the usage of the word "Core" as if to say that the tree has a pit, or a seed like that in a fruit that you bite into. Trees do not work in this way. The "core" to a tree doesn't exist beyond the rings that you see which indicate each year's growth. The very center, another word for core, is the first year's growth, but the first year's growth is still just a ring like all the others.

I was talking with Shady Knight about this, and he suggested that its because its a tree built in the realm of fantasy. Basically. Of course if I know him any, he wasn't totally serious when he said that. We all know not to use that as an excuse whenever we please, despite the fact that when we argue, we sometimes get down to a ridiculously small detail that sometimes proves that what happens at the large scale can't possibly exist.

Basically, the "core" of the Battal Oak needs to be replaced with something else, because cores in trees don't really exist. It's a process, not an object.

I suggest that the legendary wood of the tree depends on how old the tree is, because basically once the one-year-growth ring is developed then it takes a certain number of years for it to harden to the point where it's super-dense.
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Marauder of the deep jungle

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PostSubject: Re: Wiki entries that need to be rewritten   Wed Aug 14, 2013 6:42 pm

Just a thought, but perhaps as the tree grows the added rings swell, compacting the inner ones. Perhaps with time it could reach a very high density that way.
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Wiki entries that need to be rewritten
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