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 Metto race idea

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Roaming thug

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PostSubject: Metto race idea   Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:08 am

So this was just an Idea I was tossing around in my head. So I know fairies are basically like butterflies i.e Wings. So I was thinking of making an opposite race of Moth "Fairies."

Essentially these Moth "fairies" Would not be fairies but creatures who over the years evolved their own wings and appearance to be one of Fairies. This for them was essential for survival. The moth people would be a near perfect mimicry of fairies. The only catch is that they don't have any magical talent. No shrinking, growing, or any other magic of a kind. All they would have to survive is their fairy like appearance and their wits. They also like fairies would come in either human size or tiny size. I'm not sure a the moment but I'm leaning towards tiny because there aren't that many small races.

That is really all I had in my mind. If anyone would like to collaborate with me to further develop this race that would be cool.
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Metto race idea
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