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 Felarya Fan fiction

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PostSubject: Felarya Fan fiction   Thu Apr 25, 2013 11:56 pm

So, this is going to sound random but, I have a thing for fanfiction. I always enjoyed the lovable loser with a bunch of hot babes. Sekirei, Naruto, etc. Some stories are just plain amazing.

So felarya fanfiction is interesting. There is no rating or organization of it at all. I love to read it but to sort through all the junk is so tedious.

Could we develop a system such a FF.net base it on reviews, something?!?!

Thoughts, rambling, sorry.

What I really wanted to ask, does anyone know of romance stories between a giant predator and a human, neko etc. Like Crisis and lea, but a guy and more....yeaaaaa.....

Or even a place to find it?

Not sure if these have been talked, covered at all, bu yea.

Thanks for the moment!

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PostSubject: Re: Felarya Fan fiction   Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:38 am

You had already made a thread about romance, Tfahey2, "Looking for..." earlier, in which I gave you a long list. Already gotten through them all? http://felarya.forumotion.com/t3193-looking-for

I'm catching up with what I've missed the last two years, sorry, so I can't really help you anymore than that.
As for no organization... that's true. I've wondered a wee bit about how we could do with more organization, but so far your best bet is to check out some bub's faves. Most people fave only one kind of thing, be it vore, military fics, vindictiveness directed at preds, or w'ever.
Methinks the easiest classification would be, for starters...

-Hunts. Stories where someone goes hunting and then has lunch. Emphasis on the tension.
-Vore. As above, but hold the hunting and emphasize the dinner, or breakfast or brunch.
-Odisseys. Stories where someone ends up at Felarya's mercy. Emphasis on the wonder. Often crosses over with vore.
-Runs. As above, but with guns. Emphasis on the badass. Also often crosses over with vore.
-Ranting. Stories someone tells someone else how wrong they are. Emphasis on the talking. Often crosses over with vore.
-Swordpoint Ranting. As above, but someone is punched for being wrong. Emphasis on the hypocrisy (of the person who's wrong). Often crosses over with vore, but then ends badly for the pred (because they're wrong).
-Slices. Stories where you get to see what life's like for one inhabitant. Emphasis on the detail. Often crosses over with vore.

This is neither intended to be a complete nor comprehensive list- it's supposed to merely be able to lump together the simplest amongst the thematically similar stories. C'mon, we all have read at least one of each. Also, long stories might accomodate more than one kind of thing.

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Felarya Fan fiction
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