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 the Dreamscape

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PostSubject: the Dreamscape   Thu Oct 03, 2013 8:26 am

So Nyaha introduced me to my newest favorite place in Felarya, the Dreamscape, with his one thread. So I figured we could talk about it a bit more, because now that I know about it I have a few thoughts and questions on it. For example, would psions have an easier time controlling events in any dream, provided they're lucid dreamers of course, simply because they are Psions? Would it be possible to convince other dreamer's they're dreaming, and what would be the consequences? =D Plus that synchronized dreaming thing that is possible to do. would a Lucid Dreamer still have control over the dream or no? Like say, taking from the example in the wiki, Crisis is chasing a Neko that's a Lucid Dreamer. Would that Neko be able to turn the situation around, shrink Crisis, and chase her down? Considering it's a dream, anything and everything is possible, so I could easily see it happening in one.

Of course that then opens up more possibilities. Like how might one do battle in a dream when you're Lucid Dreamers? I figure it would be a lot like how the dream battles in A Nightmare on Elm Street goes. with the person who has more experience Lucid Dreaming ending up as the winner. I.E. a 100 year old Fairy would beat a 40 year old person, yet would be easily beaten by, say, a 200 year old elf/Human/whatever. Psionic and magical powers would still come into play of course, with a distinct advantage to all Psionics since the Dreamscape is a place in one's mind, but an old and experienced Lucid Dreamer could possibly negate such abilities.

Which brings up another thought. Just how much power is a Lucid Dreamer able to obtain in a dream? I'll be honest, I am a Lucid Dreamer...and I pretty much give myself the power of god in my dreams. I have 100% total control over everything, be it the environments or characters in my dreams. So would a Lucid Dreamer be able to have just as much power in their own dreams?
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PostSubject: Re: the Dreamscape   Mon Dec 02, 2013 4:42 pm

Well think of it as dreamcrafting, if someone has more skill at dream crafting then you, they can take over your dream and make effects real to your body or teleportation via dreamscape and so one :3
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the Dreamscape
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