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 Relative height of predators

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PostSubject: Relative height of predators   Mon Jan 12, 2015 1:03 pm

RV and I were looking at predators, and realized a lot of them had heights within narrow ranges. Thinking about an idea I could make out of that, I decided to check it a little more thoroughly. So we found a few interesting things.

I tried to adjust Crisis's height to be only a function of her torso, ignoring her tail: I scaled her theoretical "legs" to Mennysan's scale (RV noticed it wasn't a 1:1 ratio for Mennysan between torso and legs. Nor between Crisis' top of the head and crotch, and crotch and ground). Mennysan's legs are 0,8125 times the length of her torso, measuring straight from the base of the crotch. Measuring the height of Crisis' crotch off the ground in her stance where her height was measured according to the size chart, I substracted that value from her height, and multiplied it by 1.8125, to get her height based only on the length of her torso. It read out that Crisis would be 117 feet tall if she had legs, judging from her torso (and Karbo's art). I'd like to repeat this exercise with all the other taurs, but I can't see Anna or Anko's crotch, only guesstimate them, and Vivian does not hold a stance that allows me to read off the level of her crotch.

The next step would be to scale them down to see what do they look relative to each other. The results were... odd. I tried to bring Human Crisis down to 5'7", a relatively appropriate height, and that meant dividing by 21. The results, as I said, were really odd.

Turns out a few characters are really, really short. Tarynn and Iridan, for instance, if we assume Crisis to be scaled to 5'7", are 4'6", though Crisis' stance as a naga makes her more like 4' 10", like Aya. And Frenchsnack's Milly is like 4'11". All of this assumes, of course, that Crisis is of average height, and maybe a little tall. Alice is amongst the tallest, with a relative height of 5'11". And Malika, depending on where you place her crotch, played basketball in high school. Aurora and Nikita are outliers.

I made a spreadsheet. Free to edit, just try not to break it. I fancy my spreadsheets. Try to edit only the squares marked in green, bolded, and with a black outline, alright? They include crotch height, leg-to-torso ratio, and divider (meant to make it easier to visualize what do predators look like next to each other). The divider and leg-to-torso-ratio should only be edited on the first square: all subsequent squares are functions of the first square in the column, and immediately copy its value every time it is updated.


Here's a read-only copy in case you're a real klutz. Please do not hack google.


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PostSubject: Re: Relative height of predators   Mon Jan 12, 2015 7:19 pm

Pretty amusing, I must say xD
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PostSubject: Re: Relative height of predators   Sat Jan 17, 2015 6:46 am

That's an interesting exercise Smile
And it comes when I was planning for fun to go and try to have some Felaryan hybrids represented as humans in our world. A sort of what if scenario XD

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PostSubject: Re: Relative height of predators   

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Relative height of predators
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