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 Ventura's Horizon

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PostSubject: Ventura's Horizon   Tue May 12, 2015 12:36 am

Hello people!

If you are looking at this thread it means you're signing up for a very different kind of roleplay then you are used to. Ventura's Horizon. If you can guess the "V" word then kudos. But as said before, this is a different kind of Roleplay.

Instead of the Usual Take turns and pray something interesting happens, you will take turns but you will become more interactive with your surroundings through me. Each person that agrees to play will get their own individual pad and group pad so that the can be aware of how the atmosphere and environment interacts with them individually or as a group. Usually this comes in the form of either finding something special in a drawer and that I tell you what it is that might help you later for your adventure or that might make interesting...well things happen.

Meanwhile it's another way for indication or warning. This could from getting a dirty looks from someone or if a predator might be watching you. As ex:

"As you peek above the corner of the bush, eyes have caught attention to you, from where, unknown, but a presence is lingering their attention on you, how will you react?

Then depending on how you respond on the actual thread is the suspense put to action by me after your post. Course this mean that while one player might see something, they can choose to figuratively raise their hands to other players and tell about it or keep it to themselves for later use under paranoia, suspicion, or personal interest from the other roleplayers. Don't fret though, If you don't understand something you can always ask me on the pad whether you are curious or don't quite get anything. (I will frequently be checking everyone's pads). I might even give you a few tidbits to either gain more resources or keep you out of danger, and If your imagination is crafty and intuitive enough your character should live for awhile. Keep in mind though, with every post I am keeping track of, what you have on you, what stuff inflicts harm or benefits to you, and how your character has been acting so far to better flavor up the roleplay.

Harder things like directions, knowing about Npc's, and how to pass certain obstacles is what the group pad is for. Weather discussing strategy or learning about lore of the land. You can come talk to me there and i'll my best to fill you in with an answer for your concerns or questions. As far as activity goes, I'm not lenient much on patience. So if you remain inactive for Three days I will kill off your character in a absent on leave, gruesome or, "Felaryan matter" Razz How ever if you have a good reason such as vacation or wanting time off, i'll give you a week for the latter so you can read and catch up. If you want the roleplay to continue with your characters absence, Just find a resting point like a Tavern or inn keep and they'll be safe and kept out of action should you be on mutual relations with everyone inside The town or villages you might encounter.

As far as setting go, the intention is survival. The players will go through numerous and difficult task to ensure their personal longevity to stay alive, but to also figure out a Nefarious plot in the town of Dülken. A mostly bastioned town in between the great rocky fields and the Mist Ocean. It's Origin starts as it being a simple mining town for the Euril mines. But recently it's foundation found liking to the Vishmitals strategic purposes and was upgraded with a large perimeter of steel walls and microwave towers to ward off the biggest of predators or threats. However with the recent loss of the Vishmital outpost, The Vishmitals that were garrisoned there were replaced by a large paramilitary Unit of battalion size To watch and garrison Dülken until their contracts are fulfilled. (Which who knows when that is). Despite the town being full of technology influence from it's move ins. It's still mostly fitted with magical ways of living life by it's denizens that are just recently embracing technology such as modern rifles to motorized farming equipment. Though the archaic ways of "medieval or fantasy" ways of living are still mostly present. The Citizens themselves are Mostly human, Elves are a large minority and everything else a third. Town center is next to a large building that's the size of a private estate and a fortress that contains the military and the Vishmital low-viceroy representing the people. It has some notable religious cults and a large agricultural and mining industry but that's about it. It's been recently accredited for have a good solid location of and Adventurers guild Hall, It also has a reputation of having a large assortment of Riding animals to motorized vehicles such as jet bikes, Jeeps, and if your lucky an advanced technical or a wheeled armored personnel carrier. Most of the residents use these means to traverse the large rugged and flat areas of the Great rocky fields and mist Ocean. But through this, it has attracted a large attention of bandits, fauna, and predators that like to attack vehicles and have the unprepared looted from for the price of opportunity, tread carefully. Any more questions regarding the town can be answered in the group pad should you Join.

Well that's about it, if your interested Just reply to the character sign-ins thread and i'll be happy to give you your necessities. If you payed attention till now, I hope this interest you and that you will have fun as much as I will being your Mistress GM~

[P.S. Game won't start unless i feel there's quite a comfortable number of people in and i'll be the first to post]

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Ventura's Horizon
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