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 Crash landing on Ixtapal marshes (sign up)

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Helpless prey

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PostSubject: Crash landing on Ixtapal marshes (sign up)   Sat May 16, 2015 2:55 pm

you were on a plane set course for a large scale city only to realize that while in flight, a harpy attacked. forcing the driver to do battle in the skies with this one harpy, though while doing so, half of the plane was broken off! and sent it down into the marshy landscape below that is the Ixtapal marshes, true as they say, it is one of the many dangerous places to crash land. but how far would you and the survivors go before everyone falls?
((anyone from preds to prey can sign up here with a character description and what side of the plain they were on before the crash. though there will be a posting order starting with the first character, to last who joins. and the rp will start when enough players are in, the rp ends when all the prey are finished off.))

Name: Finnick Redcross (or Harpy Bait)
Height: 6ft 5
weight: 150 lb
skin tone: medium tan
hair color: brown, messy styled
eye color: light green
fighting: has one pistol with three magazines, two combat knives

back round: was born in an industrial city high grading in tech. while his mother died from his birth, his father was a general, and looked at Finnick as not the cause of death, but as a future son he could promote to fulfill his father's duty and father before. though while growing up, young Finnick always loved the sky. seeing giant harpies fly past, and even the plains and helicopters that only flew from one section to another in the city he grew up in, it didn't take long for him to go from being a soldier trainee... to becoming a full fledged helicopter driver. though while others sort of thought him crazy for the idea. Finnick always wanted to not just fly the regular safe bubble within the city... but from major city to the next over in the skies of Felarya. and one day, he was given that dream and by age 18, he was given advanced training on how to avoid and maneuver the strongest of flyers in the wild parts of Felarya. despite the training however... he wasn't trained on being a passenger co Pilate of an airship going from one city back to his hometown, and found himself in a situation that could be bigger then he realized when crashing down into the swamp they flew over. though now he is stuck with other survivors on this dangerous and hazardous part of the world he had grown up in. this will surly test how long a Harpy bait can survive.
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Crash landing on Ixtapal marshes (sign up)
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