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 House Malachos and the Insolon Eye Theory

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PostSubject: House Malachos and the Insolon Eye Theory   Fri Nov 20, 2015 7:32 pm

Ok, theory time! I know Karbo isn't one for putting in hidden things in his art, but I think I might have something here.

If you look at Lady Meralimexia (Chayls's mom) in Karbo's latest pic (Source pic 1), you can see a quite prominent Eye decoration on her left arm facing us. You can also see that there are 3 arrows pointing away from it. This seemed familiar to me, so I looked over some other Felarya stuff. I found that The Insulon Eye (And some Parts of Negav) also have a very similar mark. Especially in the Tomes.

Thinking about this a little further, you start to see something develop. The Insulon Eye is more or less the only thing keeping Negav safe from another Day of Disaster from preds. However, it is not clearly shown or described exactly how it was made, except with a powerful spell. There are also rumors in Negav that have people thinking that the Insulon Eye is used for spying on them. (Which, knowing the level of corruption of Negav's government, is likely true).

What does this mean for House Melachos in Hell? Well, dishonest and evil people can make deals with demons in Hell and do nefarious buisness with them. For example, Chayls's family might want some yummy-full bodied humans to snack on, and there might be a corrupt politician in Negav who wants more power physically/magically and politically. So, they might approach each other and strike a deal. Perhaps something like "I will give you a few 'criminals' in return for the demon giving me power". And perhaps such a contract would be a reason that Lady Meralimexia has the eye symbol on her clothes.

But Hey, that's just a theory. A Felarya Theory! Thanks for reading! Very Happy

So, what do you think? Is there possibly something here? Is Karbo becoming the new Scott Cawthon? (maybe) Or am I just spending way too much time on FNAF theories? Let me know in the comments!

Pic Sources:

Source Pic 1: http://karbo.deviantart.com/art/Lady-Meralimexia-572475493

Source Pic 2: (Note I was unable to locate the tome page, but you can kinda see it here a little. I'll update if I find a better version) http://karbo.deviantart.com/art/Old-waterfalls-temple-562466298

(Also some other things like Gunbor in the jar at the bottom, which means that this picture happened either before or after the Events of "A Princesses duty". And you could argue either way, as Gunbor said that he had already survived a game with Chaysalis's mom before he played with Chaysalis (And won). But might have gotten caught again in his escape.

And also the fact of the 3 Unshown faces in the Vore day Picture. (http://karbo.deviantart.com/art/A-mouthful-of-choices-552325134) (Although one was confirmed to be Messyan) I don't know the others or whos mouth we are in.)
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PostSubject: Re: House Malachos and the Insolon Eye Theory   Sun Nov 22, 2015 7:30 pm

Firstly it's Isolon Eye. ^^; Secondly never think an artist is not hidding things int he background just in front of ya just cause you haven't seen it. The things that makes most advanced ciphers so good is that it can be assembled in a way that looks right and totally misses it, same with hidden meanings and ideas within art especially. Thirdly....It's a interesting fan theory! o.O Instead of 'a wizard did it' we have 'a demon family did it'. Though I am curious if they did would it just be for a secret suppy of humans? Hmm maybe but I'd more theorize that in cities generate more sinners than small villages and in fact Negav may in fact be a giant dark soul farm. Think about it! It's like Ank Morpork with it's politics and murder isn't uncommon as well as other lustful activities...And that's just the top teirs! Skyless City and the Pit? Whooo! I'd bet 90% of hells inhabitants are from there originally.
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House Malachos and the Insolon Eye Theory
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