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 Looking for people to Rp with on or off site

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PostSubject: Looking for people to Rp with on or off site   Tue Dec 29, 2015 7:20 pm

Hey everyone! I am so bored right now and I am looking for new friends and vore Rp Partners.

Requirements: Good English, no one word replies (try to have a few lines or longer), decent reply time.

I really enjoy: Vore, shrinking, digestion (I would be willing to do implied digestion, but I enjoy digestion very much), size difference in pred/prey, burping, farting, scat/disposal, pre vore teasing, vore games. (Either willing or unwilling. I do most creatures.)

I dont do: Most Same size vore, unrealistic vore, safe vore (the one where it is like a hug)

Preferred methods of Rp: Notes, Email, Steam, Skype. (Ask me for contact info)

I love talking about anything and love to Rp, so please send me a note or contact me!
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Looking for people to Rp with on or off site
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