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 The darker side of Dryads.

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PostSubject: The darker side of Dryads.   Sat May 21, 2016 10:03 pm

So, I'm making this topic because this thread brought up an interesting fact. A fact which made me overthink things, as I usually do. The Dryads do have a neural network, but do they use it in a similar fashion as other plants do? Are they able to share nutrients with the plants around them through this network? Are they plugged into Felarya's main plant network, or is that plant network just the Dryad network? Are Dryads able to suppress unwanted or invading plants through this network.

But most importantly, do Dryads use this connection to kill off younger Dryads that take root too close to themselves? After all, we've never really seen natural occurrences of Dryads living in close quarters together. Generally there's at least some amount of space between each Dryad, probably just enough to prevent whatever hunting grounds they have from overlapping too much.

And it would make sense for this to happen. After all, most Dryads have a difficult time uprooting themselves, and they already have to compete with predators that can move around easily. I could see a Dryad not wanting to give up their hunting grounds to a younger Dryad just because that Dryad happened to sprout nearby. I also doubt they'd be willing to share the actual resources with another Dryad due to the difficulty of competing with other predators that they already have.
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The darker side of Dryads.
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