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 Londinium after Midnight

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Bandur Khan
Felarya cartographer
Felarya cartographer

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PostSubject: Londinium after Midnight   Sun Jun 26, 2016 12:03 pm

(Let´s see, how this Project is gonna end up! Here we have an alternate World - the one Donna Diana, Ivy and Shelley are from. Imagine it like a Mixture of 80´s-Style and Cyberpunk, mixed with Tim Burton-like Gotham-City-Architecture and Lots of victorian and gothic Stuff. A World, where anyone knows Vampires, Werebeasts and Demons really are around. PSI-Powers are well known and mago-technically Devices are common by Law Enforcement Organisations to keep up with supernatural Crime. Here already some Felaryans are around - and a few more will arrive soon.


It´s a Style Experiment - let´s see, if a new Setting helps the obvious RPG-Tiredness going away. You have Access to Cars, Weapons, strange Allies, ancient and powerful Artifacts and other odd Devices - and even to transform Yourself in something different from what Your Character recently is.)


Carula still is amazed.

So this is the biggest City on this World - Londinium. Some thousand Years old, Capital of the Albion Empire and Home of over 68 Million Citizens. Purely amazing.
There are Blimps in the Night Sky - with colourful Advertisings on their Sides, broad Streets with Lots of Traffic, enormous Buildings... Shops of any Kind and countless People on the Move. Crowded like Heck and lively in an energetic yet sometimes hectic Way.
Compared to Felarya, where Carula comes from, this World is dark, but overwhelmingly busy, Day and Night. As the new ´Familiar´ to Sally, Donna Diana´s chosen Heir of her vast Residence, Ressources and Treasures here, she had to catch up - and because she was not the dumbest one, Carula did so very well. She even did make her Driving License pretty fast. Her only Thing, remembering her where she came from was this odd Shrinking Pistol, she was given by Calin, her joyful Twin Sister.
Helpful here.
You can live in various Ways in this Macroplex - and You also can die in the same manifold Ways. Being shot, stabbed, dismembered by raging Werebeasts, sucked dry by Vampires, Your Soul can be stolen by Demons - and now You even simply can vanish without any Trace. Convenient.
Now Carula waited in a glossy black `78 Aston Martin Lagonda - an extremely edgy, flat-nosed and sinister-looking Limousine to drive Sally home. Because Sally was this small, cute and frail-looking, no one would believe her to be old enough to drive a Car. But as Donna Diana´s hand-chosen (and pretty pimped) Lady Protector of homeless Nospherats in Londinium the former undead Bartender Girl was unbelievably powerful.
But Sally´s Court was tiny.
There were Carula, Cyrene, an always happy-go-lucky Succubus, Crye, a dark, slimbuilt and eerie-looking Girl, who too came from Felarya - and tomboyish and grumpy Marlo, former Partner of Ivy at the PPPP (Paranormal Phenomenon Police Platoon), or in short 4P. She was an Angel, too - but no one would believe her that. A small, kinky Family, defending Donna Diana´s vast Library and Artifact Collection against any other supernatural Being with bad Habits - and sinister Ambitions. And there were many of them around here.

And high above this all - just behind the Moon, to be precise - an odd Spacecraft appeared - looking a bit like a smooth Turtle Shell - or a flat, round-washed Riverstone.

The HYPERION has arrived.

Looking out of the massive Canopy´s Windshield, Desdemonah smiled: "Here we are. Well - this wasn´t so hard, don´t You think?"
But Desdemonah saw, her Friends were watching something else.
„Woow – did You see this?“
„Uhhm... I think, Eastwood has much to catch up on.“
So Desdemonah and Roth were curiously watching the Clone Soldier Girl and her Friend Kyle. Indeed, they were nice together. While traveling in this Shuttle they were very passionate to get to know each other. Well, Eastwood may be an `almost natural born Killer´ and Kyle was a Medic – but perhaps this was Part of the Affection. He easily got to work with the pretty advanced Sickbay of the Shuttle in Order to heal Darius, the tuvalesian Astronaut and Eastwood herself instinctively knew how to use any Weapon in Sight – even if it happened to be only a rolled Newspaper... But Eastwood can´t help it – she just loved to be touched by these gentle, sensitive Hands. And Kyle wouldn´t dare to do just the one Thing, which would be the most obvious Thing, any other Man would like to do – no... he just admired this tough Girl as she was just now – in her black Leather Jacket, which made her pretty broad Shoulders even more impressive. He loved her military green belly-free Tank Top, which made her firm Breasts so nicely taut – and he did so love her hard Abs... Being blessed with her Permission to be so close to her – her cute Face, these stinging green Eyes with their still suspicious Expression, which he could read pretty well by now – and her cute Pout, which she could open up so wide... Her strong Arms, which seem to never let him go again... and her powerful, but elegant Legs and her nicely rounded Bum in her new, extremely used looking light blue Stonewashed Jeans, which was this tight, it almost kicked him into collapsing on the Spot again...
Eastwood however loved Kyle´s slender, almost fragile and longlimbed Appearance and his Way to dress himself – so no Wonder, how she had chosen her own Outfit – and Desdemonah too, to prove her newly received Coolness, so to speak... Kyle´s nice, smooth beardless Face with these big clear greengrey Eyes, looking at Eastwood with this huge Amount of pure Admiration...
So Desdemonah and Roth were looking at the Flatscreen on the Bridge – nothing strange at all, here in Deep Space and still heading für Tierra Sancta – but when they turned around their Chairs, they had Front Row Seats to the greatest Show this Part of the Universe had seen so far... And in Colour and 3-D, too. As Kyle began to feed his amazing Girl Friend for Example... gently he pushed one of these large smoked Salmons Head first down into her greedily stretched Throat – which also swallowed his Hand, loving to experience these pulsing and working Muscles in her ravenous Esophagus – til he felt the wide Opening of her yearning Stomach. After that he slowly removed his Hand out of this voluptuously sucking, wet rosy Abyss. His Palm still gently covering Eastwood´s rough Tongue he watched, how her Stomach closed around the Tail Fin, which stood out of her Stomach pretty much – and how her Esophagus began to contract painfully slow, making her huge, glossy wet and rosy Pharynx with this playful moving laryngal Flap irresistibly soft looking and inviting. Then she closed her Mouth back to a cute pouting Smile, while Kyle whispered: „Man, this Salmon is truly a happy one, being in there...“
„Mooh, he´s so incredibly sweet to her... I´m jealous!“ Roth whispered towards Desdemonah, making the Garden Girl smile gently at her.
„Hehe, I can´t wait to get something living in there... like You for Example – and I would let You slip into my Stomach very... deep... down...“ Eastwood whispered back to Kyle with a gurgling Belly, blinking towards Desdemonah and the others. And when Kyle had the Opportunity to watch Eastwood´s Abs, as they began to knead her doomed Victim – he fainted again.

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Great warrior
Great warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Londinium after Midnight   Sun Jul 10, 2016 5:45 pm

(Placeholder. More to come soon.)
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Bandur Khan
Felarya cartographer
Felarya cartographer

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PostSubject: Re: Londinium after Midnight   Wed Jul 20, 2016 6:53 pm

(Well - I´m bored like Heck. Time to get something in Motion here...)

Since Ivy´s Disappearance Marlo has been grumpier than usual. Her new Partner at the PPPP was an unhealthy joyful and always happy Succubus called Cyrene.
Screw her.
You can´t trust someone, who is smiling and cheering all the Time. It´s... the Opposite of being normal. And by the Way - she´s a Succubus - wasn´t she supposed to be evil?
At the other Hand - wasn´t Marlo supposed to be... good? At least she is an Angel - well, Sort of.

(Time for some ultra-funky 70´s Euro-Style Captain-Future-Metal - so listen well and havsum Fun!

Then Marlo´s new Job now is to have an Eye on Sally - a pretty casual Name for a nospheratic Sorceress, who´s the Heir of Donna Diana´s Belongings. Sally happened to look pretty harmless. But to be chosen by someone like Donna Diana had to mean something. Most likely something dark. So Sally is someone suspicious - despite her frail Appearance with her big brown Eyes and her short black Hair.
But Carula seems to be a good, reliable Person. Serious looking, obviously well-trained and she at least behaves reasonable - and like someone You can count on - whatever she´s supposed to be. She only has one Flaw.
She cannot fly.

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Bandur Khan
Felarya cartographer
Felarya cartographer

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PostSubject: Re: Londinium after Midnight   Sat Oct 08, 2016 12:40 am

In a World, where the Paranormal is almost normal - the Villains sure are special sometimes.
This also goes for some Police Units.
Annnd... for some Bounty Hunters.

Like Gale.

Gale was a really unique Woman. She´s the one, who kicks the bad Guys around - literally. Well, now she had a Day off - or better: A Night off. So the Redhead was on her Way to a neat little Metal Concert - to relax and cool off, so to say. Not knowing this Night would change anything.


He was the Bassman of this Band. And he was a pretty good Bassman, by the Way. The sleek, small Guy with the curly `80´s Mane indeed looked like a Girl - so he was nicknamed Suzie. In Fact - his Name was... Gale. LIke the Rest of the Members of his Band he had chosen his Attire conform to the Style: T-Shirt, Jeans and Sneakers. Like the others Gale loved the crystal clear Metal-Sound of the 80s. Like them he loves to party all Night long and having Fun with some Booze.
But he - unlike the Others - was inexperienced, regarding Women.
Well, the Guy at the Bass often is... a different one.
Oh, Stevie the Guitarrero and the others were entangled with their Girlfriends - that´s okay. But Gale was sure, in his Case this would be too... flat. He was a good Observer. Gale saw Females as more than Fun in the Bed. The nearest Experience with them til now was perhaps... 70 cm? He always had the Feeling to... disturb something. Until now - because this Night was... weird.
Like this... redmaned Bombshell right there in Front of him, sitting on one of the Subwoofers. It was surprising - there were none of the usual Muscle Bozos near her - perhaps because she had a... pretty intimidating Aura. Gale couldn´t help himself - while playing his Bass Line like on Auto Pilot, he was almost hypnotized by this awesome Jeans´n-Leather-Woman.
There she was - and he realized something even more strange: She stared directly at him.
The whole Time. And she remembered him at something...
He had some of these CONAN-Comic-Books at Home. There also were other Stories in them - like Red Sonya. That´s right - this Woman almost looked like a Version of Red Sonya, how Frank Thorne would have drawn her. Unbelievably voluptuous - and intimidating at the same Time, due to her dark Expression. This Woman surely was... tall. Strong built, looking like someone with whom You should never mess around, wearing a black Biker Jacket, Biker Boots, a T-Shirt, Lotsa Silver Jewelry - and a tight Pair of Jeans - a Posterchild Metal Bride, so to say. Still staring at Gale this Woman started to smile a dark, small Smile with her remarkably broad Pout, leaned back a bit and even spreaded her powerful Thighs a Bit.
So playing the Bass really was hard tonight. Should he be excited - or better be scared by the Fact, that she looked at him this sinister Way? This is the real World - so she also could be Sort of a friggin´ Monster, right?

Gale was in a cozy Mood. Hearing good Sound, being in a Crowd of People, which seemed to have a similar Taste and feeling these intense Bass Vibes at her Bum. And the one causing these Vibes almost looked like a sleek Metal Angel without Wings. She instantly loved this Guy.
And she got... hungry.
Since Gale got these new Tricks from Sally, the Heiress of Donna Diana, she had a new Method of carrying her Bounty along - in a secure Way no other Bounty Hunter could snatch her Victims away. Unfortunately Gale needed some Time to practice - the first ones were... `acid-entally´ digested in very short Time.
So she got no Cash the first Time - but was pretty full anyway. But Gale had to admit...
She just loved doing this.
Like this sweet little one right there on Stage. He looked nothing like all the other usual Klutzes around. But there was a Problem - she mostly did beat other Guys up pretty bad - she had no Experience in being nice. But this one... was worth a Try. So Gale tried to pose around on this Subwoofer, showing off a bit - just for him.
The last one still struggled a bit, deep within her. Better digesting him fast. Gale did not want to scare this Cutie away...

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Bandur Khan
Felarya cartographer
Felarya cartographer

Posts : 1686
Join date : 2014-11-10

PostSubject: Re: Londinium after Midnight   Sun Oct 09, 2016 1:44 pm


...Sally has found a Way of piling up Experience in being bad and dark a bit. For Example - Hit´n-Run-Techniques on Guys who are in Human Trade. Why didn´t she think earlier about it? No one will miss those Guys - except for their Customers - who too will not be missed.
So she got a bit darker - and a bit more dangerous - she had a good Teacher for hunting down Prey - like Crye. The slim, dark and floating Gorl, who looked like a black Ghost most of the Time had a bad Habit - devouring anything that fits into her Mouth - which could be pretty big, if needed. And Sally... liked that.
So she trained this, too - and changed her Style a bit - now she had a new Haircut and a glossy-black, longsleeved bellyfree Top - and a dark grey Jeans - full with Pockets, Rivets and Belts, which held some Knifes and Guns. Hey, if her Prey is bleeding a bit - who cares? Thanks to Donna Diana Sally is a full fledged, PSI-loaded Vampiress by now. One without a big Entourage of Course - but this... can be changed.

Good for them - Crye had a Driving License by now - and she even had a `Bad Mobile´, a `68 Oldsmobile Toronado in flat Black, tuned over the Edge. Oh, You can be a bad Guy - but You have to be honest and a good Citizen sometimes. So the big dark Car drove back the Highway, while the two dark Girls inside it laughed all the Time - and were poking each other´s round and still struggling Bellies.

"Did You see his Face?"
"It´s gone now."
"Yeah - but did You see his Face? This is hilarious - we should do this more often!"
Sally leaned back and smiled: "Good, Marlo has this big Data File with all the Baddies, on which the Police had no Evidence."
"And a good Thing You can read Minds." Crye nodded, while driving the big Car.

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PostSubject: Re: Londinium after Midnight   

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Londinium after Midnight
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