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 Could Felarya be like DBZ?

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PostSubject: Could Felarya be like DBZ?   Mon Jul 04, 2016 9:17 pm

Today, while in a deep session of thought (AKA in the bathroom), a thought popped into my head. Would some of the magic and magic fighters (those being fighters who use enchanted weapons or magical modification) be similar to those shown on DBZ? I came to focus on Krillin, one of my favorite characters from the show. It's of special note that he is one of the few true humans in the series to see combat in almost every saga (even though he dies).

Case and point, would magic in Felarya work that way? Just focusing your energy into a beam of energy and light, or a rotating saw disk? I know it would obviously need some time to train. And, like in DBZ, would more powerful attacks need to be charged up? Obviously, mages living in Felarya a long time would be able to freely flow from spell to spell, like water in a river, creating an array of attacks in a short time period.


On a different note, I toyed with the idea in my head of how different DBZ characters would do in Felarya, should they be dropped in there via a portal. I imagine Goku (pretty much any saga up to Cell) doing the best, but honestly, he is quite overpowered. Vegeta i'd imagine would do similarly well, although his ego would likely get him into trouble, which would potentially mean his end if he met with a Balef!

Krillin I could see actually doing better than Vegeta overall, since he is not only brave and resourceful, but his friendly attitude would give him many allies, potentially giant ones!

As for Gohan, it depends what saga, but generally, I'd assume he would fare decently. Especially after the Sayan saga. Like Krillin, I could see him learning and making allies with some mages and fighters.

Now Trunks, well he would be hardest to place. He would likely place better than Vegeta, having a calm and calculating mind. Although he can use his sword as a weapon, he almost never uses it. (If i remember correctly, he only used it in combat in that one fight against revived Freiza and Frieza's dad.)

As for the DBZ girls, except for Android 18, I think they would almost definitely be food! Especially Bulma, although that would be amusing to watch! Laughing

NOTE: I have only seen from the beginning of DBZ to the end of the Cell saga, apparently what is considered "Canon" DBZ. I appoligize if i missed anything!

TL;DR Let me know what you think below! Does magic work that way as described above? And if not, how would it? And of course, how do you think DBZ (or other anime) characters would survive in a harsh would like Felarya?

Thanks for reading!
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PostSubject: Re: Could Felarya be like DBZ?   Tue Jul 05, 2016 8:14 am

Hehe~ Nice intro!

Well, I always thought that Felaryan magic worked like it does in Fairy Tale, in which Magic is a common practice (and the art style kinda matches that of Felarya's). I don't think you could be able to fire off magic spells quite as quickly as you described, perhaps something to a few second delay to focus? Beacuse using unfocused magic can make it wild and dangerous. Although, as you said, perhaps the experienced mages could use magic in a rapid fashion, as shown in DBZ.

The concept of magic fighters intrigues me. They may be able to charge up their attacks and deal more damage that way, perhaps using fire spells could ignite the target, and ice could freeze them? Or maybe they could harge up their fists for a One Punch Man like effect?

Additionally, in your second part, did you forget that Goku and Vegeta could quite easily blow up worlds if they wanted to? Meaning that they could destroy Felarya should they feel like it and no one could stop them!
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PostSubject: Re: Could Felarya be like DBZ?   Tue Jul 05, 2016 10:46 am

DBZ powerlevels are quite beyond what Felarya can handle. Pretty obvious, if you ask me. As for magic, you can pretty much use any kind of magic in Felarya, be it a Mikuru Beam! type all the way to a reality-altering shockwave type.

TOA Heavy Industries, that's the name.
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PostSubject: Re: Could Felarya be like DBZ?   Tue Jul 05, 2016 4:36 pm

Well, there's a nice handy-dandy article about magic on the wiki. Short answer: no. Long answer: No. Felarya has a rather soft, rather detail-scarce mixed magic system encompassing multiple semi-distinct to very distinct subsystems that all mostly follow standard high fantasy magic tropes.
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PostSubject: Re: Could Felarya be like DBZ?   Tue Jul 05, 2016 5:49 pm

I believe actually magic is too varied to simplify. Felarya is exposed to counterless realms and thus has the most variety of magic you'll find outside of the Lydus itself.

That being said an anime that sums it up, pre-Shippuden, is Naruto. Energy is what you make of it, however there's also Kekei Genkai and other types that are specific to the individual. Using Felarya as an example with my own fanon theories:

Elemental Magic is simply the ability to channel magic energy/mana into a specefic element. The higher skill and training/talent you have the more you can do with it. But in this example you draw your power from Felarya's atmosphere. Now before you go "Whahahahaha! Unlimited! Powah all Darth Sidius style? Overheating must be addressed. It works like this. You draw in power and store then shape it to your will but while you do this you build up some 'heat'. Not literal heat mind you, but a sort of magical radiation that in small doses just tires you out and hurts your body like stretching your muscles too much. There's also Mana Limit. IE: you can't take in all of Felarya's magic at once even if you are a giant. Trying to will 'burn' you up or cause you ti blow up. o.o; Literally. Another problem is this type of magic usually has to be studied and perfected over and over again.

Now Innate magic means your body stores a certain amount but sometimes it only releases it as one 'color' or 'type'. Now this has some advantages that may not immediately apparent is this: magic that is part of you can be summoned quite easily and doesn't take any studious training and studying like the earlier mentioned type. However shaping and developing it can be limited sometimes. Kate Lowe I state can conjure red lightning from her hands that isn't actually electrical but more a form of raging bolt. XD Literally her aggression becomes magical lightning. However it can't really do much more than be painful stining energy. She can't learn to heal because any magic she channels becomes this.

Artifact Magic, one of the most common used in actuality but not mentioned much is a practical style of magic that basically goes like so: instead of using a human to contain the magic you use a Mazhir Stone or some other "energy sink" to draw your mana from. Basically it works like thus: you have magical sword that has a single Mazhir Stone that stores some mana. Runes on the blade focus this into blast of kinetic energy. Now while limited it has a massive advantage in the fact anyone can wield it. Healing staves, glow lanterns and even huge Mega Artifacts like Eidolon Barges or other transports. All can be used by people with and without magic.

Now I'm not saying these are cannon, just what I use in my RPing and writing.
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PostSubject: Re: Could Felarya be like DBZ?   

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Could Felarya be like DBZ?
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