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PostSubject: Hellhounds   Sun Aug 07, 2016 7:50 pm

Rough draft of a bunch of ideas for them

Hellhounds have an appearance much like that of an Inu, having ears and tails from the Canid family of creatures, though hellhounds exclusively have wolf ears and tails. Other then the appearance of ears and tail, Hellhounds and Inus share no relation. The creatures are non native to Felarya, and are merely visitors to the realm.

Hellhounds generally stand between 7 feet and 12 feet tall, with bodies that are well toned, and often are without signs of battle. Most hellhounds grow some set of horns, the designs of which vary from hellhound to hellhound, some growing curled ram style horns, and others off the same family growing more pointed horns, and a few end up not growing horns at all. All hellhounds grow white fur on there ears and tails, pure as snow white, eventhough their hair colors can vary from mundane browns and blonds, to colors that shimmer in light, or glow softly like the flames of a fire.

Hellhounds in general have an aquired taste for all alcohols and tend to hold them very well. Hellhounds can drink any mortal under the table, and still have the cognitive skills to chase down the most nibble of neko thieves. Hellhounds have the ability to collect the alcohol from the drinks they consume and use it to exhale flames, in an manner unseen in other races.

Hellhounds body temperature runs at a higher then normal, always giving them a hot to the touch feeling, normally running around 40 degrees Celsius at there resting temperature, there temperature rises to 45 when giving it there all.

Hellhounds are resistance to both hot and cold environments. Light skinned hellhounds prefer colder areas with snow and ice, while the darkerskinned hell hounds prefer tropical and desert enviroments. The hellhounds are able to withstand open flames of that of an average campfire or bonfire, though it the situation is uncomfertable for them, and any thing hotter then such well cause them to be burned..

The hellhounds have an herbal drug that they can create though one of there traditional rituals, which allows them to enter into a 'berserk' power increase. The the drug sends the hellhound into a battle frenzy, making them not care about themselves or those around them. It overdrives there bodies to perform feats of strength and ferocity to be able to fight creatures ten times there own size and have a chance of winning. The drug also causes the hellhounds bodies temperature to raise to access of 700C. The use of the drug well leave the hellhound extremely fatigued after within 10 minutes and a sharp temperature dropoff to that of a normal person, and often needing several days off sleep, before there strength is restored. Hellhounds normally do not make more then one does of there hell drug, for two doses can cause unrepeatable damage and death to themselves, and each dose has to be attuned to its creator for it to have the desired effect. Hellhounds call the period between use of the drug, and the days it takes to preform the ritual to create another an "heavenly cleansing"

Hellhound culture is that of tribes of wandering warriors, each baring marks and symbols of there clan with pride, and despising other hellhounds with a different markings for the sole reason they are not of there tribe. There tribes are normally split into groups of 100, setting up small encampments. Rarely a camp of hellhounds well decide to leave there original clan and forge there own tribes. This tribes create there own name and symbol to represent themselves, and often and quickly exterminated by the original clan if within their borders.

The hellhound species has no name for itself, but have generally accepted the term of "Hellhound" to relate to them. They are open to the other races and do not mind there presences, and openly trade and adventure with them. Most hellhounds are not overly voracious, but the a hungry or drunken hellhound might become such out of hunger or drunken playfulness.

Hellhound giants are something that doesn't happen on the planet they are native too, but due to the uncommon circumstances of Felarya, the odd hellhound might find itself growing to giant sizes. Giant hellhounds are commonly despised by there own kind, being considered more of a monster then a fellow hellhound, and are treated more hostilely then rival clans
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