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 Best Felarya Community Moment

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PostSubject: Best Felarya Community Moment   Best Felarya Community Moment Icon_minitimeThu Oct 20, 2016 8:21 pm

Since the last thread "the forum looks dead" was out, I've been thinking. We really need to do more content here, even if its something simple, since that can create a big discussion and change things around here in a positive way. So, I decided to come up with this question to all the forum members "What is your best Felarya Forum moment?"

I'm pretty curious how others here are involved and what they would consider their best moment so far to be. As for me, although it's not exactly one definite moment, I have to say how I feel that Felarya and the community support me. I'll admit sometimes I do go off the deep end sometimes, but I just love and appreciate the support the community has given me after the loss of my girlfriend. Honestly, every little thing from art, to stories to Roleplays on and off here bring a smile to my face, something that is pretty rare to do. And in a weird sorta way, the Felaryan predators and you guys have become like a family to me. I'm glad to also have developed my writing, and begun my art journey by experiencing this group. I know I'm not the best and probably never will be in most areas, but i'm fine with that since I really don't consider myself an artist. I think of Felarya often and use it as a way to make myself happy and think of different scenarios and questions. While not all of this has been in the community specifically, it has led to me meeting and making friends with people I never thought would take the time to talk to a small person like me, and that has been really magical.

I can't wait to hear what others consider their best moment!
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PostSubject: Re: Best Felarya Community Moment   Best Felarya Community Moment Icon_minitimeFri Oct 21, 2016 2:42 am

Well might as well, there's a few things that have been the best part for me but probably my best moment was joining this forum in the first place. My life would have been quite different without it, and joining when I was about 15 years of age I can say being in the chatbox all the time when it used to be super active improved my writing ability and made me get more mature. And from there started to meet all these people that don't come on here anymore but I made good friends with them all.

My second best thing was when an RP I had five years ago gave birth to the main OC I have now who is Light. It's a bit too cheesy to say what's made her so special to me but XD http://xxtheultimate39.deviantart.com/art/Poem-of-Light-631718900 this free form poem I made for her fifth birthday sums that up. Her character age is different of course, but that's her age since actual creation.

My third favourite thing... I guess just all of the RP's I've ever got to do in general, I've been RPing for a decade and this place made RPing an even bigger part of my interests. Got to say the RP's I had a few years ago are the best RP's that I've ever had, hard to explain why but you just had to have been there at the time to understand.

I guess that's it, but if I had to pick a favourite Thread moment it has to have been this one: http://felarya.forumotion.com/t2859-bison-army-sign-up-thread-this-is-delicious (warning lower volume 'cause sound plays once you're on the page) it was just so random and hilarious XD shame it didn't go that far. Or maybe it was just funny 'cause I was young, but then I still find it funny so maybe I didn't exactly mature after all.
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Best Felarya Community Moment
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