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 Looking for a Small Rp

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PostSubject: Looking for a Small Rp   Thu Oct 20, 2016 8:55 pm

((Hey, I was kinda wondering if there would be anyone out there that would be willing to do a short, focused Rp based around vore? I have some plans, but I was wondering who's all interested. The reason I call it a Small RP is beacuse I want this to be relaxed and focused. I expect effort put in, but not long, story-length replies. I simply dont often get the time to do something like that anymore! Thats why for this Rp, unlike others, I would like to keep it to 1 character per person to minimize my own confusion and ease of reply (Unless you can make a good case for more characters). I want this story to have a Skeleton story, that being a general overall story about vore that all understand, and Roleplaying it out, adding in our own details. For example, my character will be prey for a pred. Of course he dosent know it, but it will happen. I hope there are others who like this stuff. Its been quiet here.))


Possible story:

NOTE: Me and I can be substuted for any other preys and preds can be whoever.
1. I play as a tiny guy who got tricked into shrinking and have been captured by nekos and going to be sold off to someone who might buy me for food or slavery.

2. I eventually get caught by a group of cultists who want to sacrifice me to a pred.
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Looking for a Small Rp
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