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 2016 Memories

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PostSubject: 2016 Memories   Mon Dec 12, 2016 2:31 pm

With the year wrapping up, I was wondering if anyone had any good or bad memories of this year as a reflection?

As for me, this year was decent overall, not great but not awful. I took a train and cruise to Alaska this past summer, it was nice and really beautiful, and not very cold, just about 50F and you could be comfortable in a hoodie. Some of the land even reminded me of Felarya or Middle Earth in a few ways. The food was delicious! Also this fall, I went to Cedar Point (an amusement park) with my friend Hanna, it was pretty cool! I've also still really into Pokemon Go and play it daily, since it is the only game I have time to play and it works so well with going on the bus to and from college. I'm thankful nothing really bad happened this year, besides the normal college stress, although I am sorta nervous for my last semester of Senior year next Spring. I also want to try to help my grandma, who fell this summer and broke some bones. Shes healing, but after taking a Lifespan development course, it makes me want to cheer her up.
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2016 Memories
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