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 Rant Loneliness

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PostSubject: Rant Loneliness   Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:49 pm

There was a certian online friend (No one on here) Who loved to talk to me and do really fun Rps which helped my mental well being. She started college this past semester and understandibly that slowed down very much. Now that she is done and at home, she hasn't even replied! Its been about 2, going on 3 weeks at this point and i'm getting angry! She is on her PC alot since I can see when shes on in Steam. I say "hey" every so often, but she never replies anymore, now often leaving when she sees im on. Does this mean she dosen't like me?

Its just...I honestly feel so lonely! These past few days have been spent by myself alone in my room, on my pc. Sure games and Internet are fun, but its just really...unfulfilling. I just wish I had someone, anyone to talk to! It seems that with all my friends, i'm the one who messages first, and rarely am I sent the first message. But when I do, i get excited, since that means someone wants to talk with me. Maybe thats what my friends think of me? Afterall, they never message me first and use me for stuff, my one friend owes me over $60!

You want to know what the worst part is? The fact that i'm 21 and a virgin! Like seriously? Its fucking pathetic! Theres even this one girl, who i'm nice to and is one of my only IRL friends, shes basically a slut, like not even using it badly, she has sex for money and has sex with boyfriends on a whim. Although she says shes only into asian guys, she had a 7 year thing with a white guy. And then you got me, the only person whos nice to her, and the most contact I've had is when I rubbed her belly on a school trip on a bed after a meal! (She dosent know about vore, well possibly a little) She really hasn't made any signs or anything at me, but honestly, with all of the BS i put up with from her, I deserve a little action!

So currently, I posted a RP request on this one site, Voreplay, its a M/M site for vore, I just hope that I could find someone there, since I'm running out of vore sites to try to get Friends and Rp partners on! If anyone knows some let me know! At least i'm getting some Pokemon Plushies for Christmas, at least I can talk to them, as sad as that is. I just have no one basically, despite how nice I am! Its like I'm there for others, but no one is there for me!
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PostSubject: Re: Rant Loneliness   Tue Dec 20, 2016 5:27 pm

There is nothing wrong with being a virgin at 21, I am in the same boat and proud to say I am. My standards are high and I refuse to compromise them. If they can't handle an emotional connection there is no way in hell I would want to have a physical one. As far as the internet friend goes, that is just how it works sometimes. What people enjoy changes, if they have decided that they no longer like RPing or that they need to focus on life that is their choice and may have nothing to do with you. I am always online on steam, that is only due to it launching on start-up in actuality I rarely ever actually use the interface. My advice to you would be stop messaging her, if she truly want to stay connected she'll message you once your's stop arriving.

As for your actual friend, there is no good meaning derived of the word slut. She may be a little bit nympho but it is her choice with who she opens herself up to sexually and no one else's. If you are actually a close friend of hers, you deserve nothing. A friendship doesn't mean you are getting any benefits out of it. If you want a relationship on the other hand stop being her friend. There comes a time that you need to put your foot down. The only way out of the friend zone is by leaving the friend part behind. Let her know your feelings, and that you are no longer comfortable staying as you are. Just remember an affair can be short-lived but a true friendship is forever.

Also I changed my skype since my brother is coming to town and rather not have him creeping on my account with RP on it. Feel free to add my new one: Vesi Frosty. I don't think we'll do any actual vore RP since my character is in no way a consumer. Period. But if you ever just need to vent or have someone lay things straight feel free to rant at me. You could try looking for RP on twitter, recently the Vore RP accounts have been showing up like a flood. @Giftofvore is a pretty fun write though they are currently busy with studies so their replies tend to vary in length between. I guess I'll wrap this up with this, finding a truly good friend and RP partner is not fast nor is it easy, you'll have your ups and downs but if they stick it out you know it was worth the wait.

~Vesi's Writer.
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PostSubject: Re: Rant Loneliness   Tue Dec 20, 2016 7:21 pm

I have 35 years old friend who lost his virginity this year, the girl was virgin too. She has no problem about the fact he is a brony. They start living together and everything is ok.

You should not focus on the fact you are virgin because it's a waste of time and energy, it makes you look desperate when you try to date a someone. It's not a curse and doesn't make you inferior to the other men. My friend didn't let his virginity bothered him and didn't search to have a girlfriend in particular, he met his girlfriend at work, he felt there was some alchemy between them. They dated and everything went smooth.

You should let your online friend alone a moment before to try to speak with her again.

Life has its up and down. Everything doesn't happen the way we want. You should have more trust in yourself it helps to meet new people. You have 21 years old you're still young.
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PostSubject: Re: Rant Loneliness   Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:23 pm

What gwada said. I almost don't want to reply to it so that people can just let it sit there as the last comment so more people will read it. It is very important and cannot be stated enough.

Importantly regarding the girl: give her some space. Very good advice. If you bombard her too much it may make you look clingy, possessive, or like a little duckling following her around.
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PostSubject: Re: Rant Loneliness   

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Rant Loneliness
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