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 Pinta of the Lake of Illusion

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PostSubject: Pinta of the Lake of Illusion   Sat Apr 22, 2017 7:16 am

Name:  Pinta
Species:  Giantess
Age:  90
Sex:  Female
Height:  107
Skin colour:  Golden Brown
Hair colour:  Peach
Eye colour:  Hazel
Other characteristics: 
Garments: Top and skirt made from Red Tents. Wears a pouch around her neck.
Predation:  Highly Specialized
Food Category: Human Sized Prey to Aboreal Frogs.
Scars or Tattoos: A large imprint of the Thanithan's teeth rests on her left butt cheek as well as a heart shaped birth mark.

Pinta is a giantess who patrols around the Lake of Illusion but has been known to wonder a great distance from it in any random direction if the mood takes her. It is unknown if she was born in the region or was left behind by a migrating tribe but whatever the case she has claimed a nice stake of territory around the northern region of the lake  that she regularly hunts  and so far remains unchallenged for it.  This may have something to do with her laid back and non-confrontational attitude with other predators.

Pinta is one hundred and seven feet tall, very healthy and alluring in appearence.  Her skin is a rich Tan while her hair is a bright peach colour and usually left to cascade down to her bubble of a butt, which bears a scar in the form of a pair of sharp tooth marks in a ring on the left cheek. Her chest is very bouncy and has a birthmark in the shape of a heart just above her cleavage. Her eyes are a dazzling shade of Hazel and almost glow when she smiles. She Often wears a red tube and skirt made of many Red Tents.

Freindly enough to both predator and prey, though she usually consumes the latter souring the relationship slightly.  She enjoys talking to her prey but strongly dislikes being lectured or tricked by them. That is not to say she could not be lured into keeping one or two alive for a while but a freindship would take something remarkable to earn in her eyes, particularly since she has grown up hunting them and sees them as a viable and tasty food source.

With other predators she actually becomes shy and closed off preventing allot of interaction other than basic pleasentry and the exchange of hunting tips, especially with other females that she believes  are interested in her sexually. Now if the speaker were a male giant she would flip her lid and chat him up and down till his ears fell off and likely would try to literally charm the pants off him.

She has a healthy curiosity about various species but enough sense to know that if something can hurt her she need not know more about it. This means something that scares her or causes her pain is automatically labeled as unworthy of further consideration. This includes hot sauce that burns her tongue, sharp things that cut her flesh and especially those annoying flash bangs that not only hurt her ears but temporarily cause her to bump into things humiliating Pinta in front of her peers. If you were foolish enough to do this and laugh she. Will. Hunt. You. Down. Not just as prey but as a personal enemy and instantly becomes a thousand times scarier and more focused putting away her gentle demeanor and engaging an animalistic hunting mode few survive.

Pinta likes hunting and observing humans, collecting herbs and procuring rocks (boulders to you and me) as well as other pretty stones and shiny things procured  from different places she has visited. She is not fond of lectures about the 'evils' of predation, briars, or having to fight or be confrontational. This excludes break ups as long as they end witout too much shouting.

She feels uncomfortable when members of the same sex express interest in her physically but adores being admired by the oposite sex though she doesn't have any interest in settling down. She doesn't  mind a little fling now and again, but mostly with her own species because Nagas could eat her whole, egh, and dridders could turn her into mush! Yuck.

■Powers and Abilities■
She possesses no magic spells or extraordinary powers of any kind. She would like to learn it but really does not know where to begin.

She does however have several skills one would expect for a giantess living on her own. She can sew, weave and dye her own clothes. Cook conventional meals when human sized snacks are scarce such as 'Fried Felaryan Frog Legs', 'Duiker Venision Steaks' and 'Rainbow Manta Fritters'. She uses a spear to fish out of the Lake being careful not to jab the Thanithan again. The last time she got a bite to the tush that made a noticeable scar and that left her paralyzed from the waist down and having to crawl back to shelter.

She also has made a crude spear/staff/walking stick for deffending herself which she uses to hunt frogs or fish in a pinch since she has learned bow and arrow can hurt her worse than her game. The spear also has a removable false top for placing herbs, bits of rope and sometimes prey. She primarily stores prey in a draw string bag around her neck along with a few servings of Salvophytia leaves to help make snack time more pleasent....for herself anyway! ^^;

■Hunting Habits■
When hunting human sized sentient  Pinta takes her time observing them. 'People Watching' some would call this and it is partially for fun but also because taking measure of one's prey is necessary.  She prefers to stake out Red Tents because campers are easy targets. In addition the tents make useful, pretty natural colored materials. She also hunts Aboreal Frogs and fish from the lake with her spear when humans scarce.
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Pinta of the Lake of Illusion
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