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Marauder of the deep jungle
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PostSubject: Otamaningyo   Sun Nov 09, 2008 11:05 am

Name: Otamaningyo
Size: 4-10'
Habitat: Streams and Lakes
Threat: Low-Medium

Otamaningyo are a species of Tadpole-like mermaids who make their nests in slow moving streams and lakes. While they are often mistaken as the offpspring of a frog they do not in any way mature into such a creature. An Otamaningyo's body is alot more plump and stubby compared to that of normal Mermaids (most of whom boast a slender figure), otherwise they share the same fish-like appearance only their tails are that of tadpoles, and their arms also look like that of a tadpoles tail. These 'arms' are in fact fins which are used to propel the creature about whilst the tails is used as a steering mechnism. They have 'antennea' as well which look to be smaller versions of their fins, . Otamaningyos feast on smaller fish, and sea vegatation (something other Otamaningyos), and are prone to being gluttonous creatures. However their small sizes and lack of offensive strength makes them easy prey for other creatures of their habitat.

Otamaningyos are rather easy to find and it doesn't take much effort to attract them to one's self, one of the more common ways to attract a group of them to your location, is to simply stick your foot into the water, after a while if some Otamaningyo's are in the area a group of them will begin to congregate around it and nibble on your foot, to see if it's food or not, this action is due to them having little to no knowledge of humans and other bipedal beings. That being said, Otamaningyo's have a very simple mindset and aren't as intelligent as most mermaids. Anything deviating from their routine instincts, such as an education, confuses them, however this isn't saying they can not be taught new things. A few scientists have caught several Otamaningyo to try and see if they can teach them all about human society and it's ideals. So far, the specimens have shown a gradual increase in mental capacity and are able to think about more than just their routine impulses.

Otamaningyo can be kept as pets as well, and are said to be one of the better mermaid to keep as such. This is due to them being easy to tame and easy to catch. a domesticated Otamaningyo prefers a wide open pond to call home, about the size of a small pool is enough to keep them happy. Larger species obviously require a larger amount of space so besure to measure up sizes accordingly before you decide to catch one. Their diet is an omnivourous one, so giving them fruits and vegetables along with fish is sufficient. However, one must make sure the food given to them is fresh and not expired or moldy in anyway. Case in point it is not recommended to feed an Otamaningyo table scraps either.

If one wishes to raise them via that of a Breeder then the standard nessecities apply as mentioned above, however the only aspect that changes is caring for the eggs produced which can be fairly tedious at best. The eggs themselves are very sensitive to the tempreture of the water surrounding them, said tempreture must be monitored often so is to catch any increase or decrease. If the water is too hot then the eggs will hatch prematurely resulting in weak and sickly offspring bit if it is too cold they will freeze over and the embryos will die. The mother usually is the one to keep them at a leveled tempreture but she herself is usually away to feed. So it is advised that once the eggs have been laid by the mother, that you are to place them in a seperate tank with a built in thermostat, this will make things easier in monitoring the current tempreture of the eggs temporary home. The eggs will hatch in 6-9 weeks depending on the size of the offspring. The infants themselves are about the size of a human hand (larger one's being the size of a cat).

Once the infant Otamaningyo's are born leave them in the tank in which they hatched for several more months so is to give them time to grow, if you so desire you may teach them certain things such as simple math, how to read ect. However if they do infact learn how to do these things, then those who have an understanding of those subjects should not be re-introduced to their kind, this will result in confusion among the group. So instead leave intelligent Otamaningyo in a sepreate tank whilst the normal set go back to their mother.
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PostSubject: Re: Otamaningyo   Sun Nov 09, 2008 12:07 pm

I really like the design here- they seem like a very cute mermaid sub-species. Very Happy
It's just that I imagine these as truly tadpole-sized, as you say they can be kept as pets. If they were measured in inches instead of feet, I could see these also being kept by nekos as an easy-to-catch food supply, you see. Razz
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