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PostSubject: Jincan   Jincan Icon_minitimeSat Nov 05, 2016 8:15 pm

Name: Jincan
Size: Varies
Threat: Critical

Jincan are small, but deadly predators sometimes referred to unofficially as "Poison Elementals" and or "Toxic Elementals". It is said a Jincan is made when venomous creature consumes another then another till the toxins congeal and gain sentience. It is said it is a practice dating back to Dark Magic's beginning. A sorcerer would try to make a Jincan in order to utilize them as the ultimate body guard and assassin. However what looks good in a grimoire does not necessary a good loyal servant make. Often creating a Jincan does indeed make a vicious and seemingly loyal creature but some demi-human Alchemists fail to realize that being made of Poisonous material means the creature will seek ever more toxic beings to consume over it's directed target often leading to the master becoming a part of the creature. Given that their body is poisonous one should not strike at a Jincan with their bare skin exposed as even a drop contains so much poison that the most powerful and skilled healer in Negav wouldn't be able to save you. Thankfully they are rarely occurring in nature and cannot easily repair their bodies as very few natural sources of toxic materials exist just laying around in Felarya. The shapes Jincan can take are usually more or less similar to humanoid forms or mixtures of various venomous species. Bellow is a list of a few:


While their name may be comical to say the threat they pose is rather terrifying. Gyu are liquid bodied creatures with the lower half of centipede and the head of a serpent, usually an Adder or Viper. They are incredibly scurrying along in sinuous patterns that evade arrows, bullets and even magical projectiles and can even return the favor in the form of spitting a small stream of poison which has a small chance of becoming another Gyu! If one doesn't neutralize this little terror quickly or escape they can quickly be over run and like all Jincan their bodies are toxic to the touch.


Another sweet sounding creature that is not so much. Pinyun tend to have eight foot wide bodies of scorpions with the stinger being replaced with flail of Jellyfish-like tendrils which they use to grab and drag their victims to their huge over sized mouth and swallow their prey into their noxious main body which can expand to a limited degree. The sheer concentrations of toxins almost instantly dissolve the body into little more than bones who themselves stay toxic for several weeks before crumpling into oblivion. Some retrieve these bones to aid them in dark rituals.


A Furio is the one type of Jincan who doesn't take any sort of solid form. A Furio often forms from Sulfur and other Noxious gases that receive a jolt of powerful magic. The resulting toxic gas becomes a transparent Sting Ray-like form who's 'wings' are lined with finger-like traces of vapor. This species is actually less aggressive species. It often prefers to just cruise along sucking the oxygen from it's surroundings and turn it into a horribly toxic carbon monoxide based mist that suffocates all left behind in it's wake. If attacked one will find solid weaponry of no avail. Wind magic seems like it would be useful eh? Well guess again! See mostly magic users manipulate their environment and not many take the extra training to learn how to manipulate air when it has changed form such as becoming smog.
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