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 Zycra - Fire Succubus

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PostSubject: Zycra - Fire Succubus   Tue Jul 12, 2011 6:58 pm

Well well, I feel weird being the one posting here this time ^^'

I've been working with some characters for quite a while, but I never actually posted any bio here. (Well actually yes, but that was 3 years ago)
So here I go; this is the new bio I've being working for my succubus for the last few weeks

http://vaderaz.deviantart.com/art/Zycra-210721606 (Full picture an be found here)


Zycra’s Bio

Full Name: Zycra Zordford

Species: Fire Succubus

Age: 141

Sex: Female

Height: 113 feet/34m when Giant - 5’8 feet/1m70 when human sized.

Skin colour: Slightly tanned

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Amber

Wing colour: Black and red

Other characteristics: Tattoo on her left arm


Detailed description:
As a succubus, she has the appearance of a young beautiful woman in her twenties. She has long black hair, most of the time tied in a long beautiful pony tail, with a long fringe moved to the right, the whole crowned by two pairs of small horns. She has captivating golden eyes, with rounded slit pupils, and a pair of long pointy ears. She has a dragon shaped tattoo on her left arm, which is the main symbol of her family, at the shoulder level, and a pair of black and red bat-like wings.



Likes: To be the centre of attention, to play tricks, exploring, hot temperatures.

Dislikes: Being enclosed, solitude, to be ignored, cold, angels.

Zycra can be described as an outgoing, straight-shooting, enthusiastic and fun-loving succubus. She lives in the "here-and-now", and gives little importance on introspection or theory. She is the kind of person who looks at the facts of a situation, quickly decide or improvise what should be done, execute the action, and move on to the next thing.

Despite her menacing looks and negative ideas people tend to have at first , she revels to be quite social and positive toward others;
In fact, one of her greatest gifts is her general acceptance of everyone (with the only exception of angels). She is upbeat and enthusiastic, and genuinely like almost everybody. She is unfailingly warm and generous with their friends, and generally treat everyone as a friend. However, she can be quite stubborn, and hates to be told what to do, thing that will likely make her do very aggressive and stubborn judgment against the person who crossed her.
Fast-moving, fast-talking, she is usually very good at story telling and improvising. She typically makes things up as they go along, rather than following a plan, and that for almost everything.

One thing that characterizes a lot is her uncanny ability to perceive people's attitudes and motivations. She picks up on little cues which go completely unnoticed by most other people, such as facial expressions and stance, and is typically a couple of steps ahead of the person she is interacting with. Somewhat manipulative by nature, it’s not unusual for her to use this ability to twist words and confuse others through different tricks and paranoias when she wants something in particular out of a situation, even resorting to blackmail or other nasty methods if necessary. Definitely, she’s not someone you want to confess a secret to or to show a particular weakness of any sort, even thought is already hard to hide it to begin with.

This said, she can sometimes be hurtful to others without being aware of it, as she generally do not know about the effect her words have on others. It's not that she don't care about people, but her way of thinking sometimes does not involve taking people's feelings into account afterwards.

Quite a nomadic person, her natural abundance of energy and enthusiasm gives her the need to keep moving, and rarely stays in the same area for extended periods of time. However, she tends to stay in the areas between the Groove of carnivorous plants, the Ur-Sagol ruins, and the borders of the fairy kingdom in particular, where she tends to catch most of her preys. She will eventually travel to the pyrale mountains in order to relax.



-As a fire succubus, Zycra posses the physical features and adaptations of her race; powerful wings to allow the fligh, inmunity to heat, an extremely long tongue, as an innate domination of fire magic, including a powerful blue fire able to consume magic from the environment, and even other living beings. She can change her size at will from human to giant size, and as many demons, can momentary hypnotize another living being in a close range, or even posses them in favorable conditions.
-One of her deadliest abilities is known as the draining kiss ; as the name indicates, Zycra can absorb some of the magical abilities of the person she kisses. The victim loses his abilities for exactly the amount of time that Zycra possesses them, and leaves the victim weakened, or sometimes unconscious. Depending of the duration of the kiss, the victim’s power can even be sealed, and this one won’t be able to use magic until he manages to break the seal.
This makes her a redoubtable natural predator for fairies and pure magic being in general, as they are her favourite prey.
She doesn’t really stands out in physical strength though, and is pretty much an avarage fighter, but prefers to fight keeping her distance rather than being close to her enemies.


Hunting Habits:

Zycra is basically quite open when it refers to food, conforming practically with everything available; from fruits, to small animals, to humanoid beings, with a particular interest in fairies.

Her techniques vary a lot from one situation to another, using her different abilities to trick her preys and to play with them, sometimes including the use of humans as host or baits;

However, not everyone human-sized is directly considered in he menu. In fact, if she isn’t too hungry, or is simply bored, she will most likely try to have a good time with her prey, rather than eat him at the first occasion. A positive encounter may not be enough to be considered a friend to her yet, but may make her consider letting him go, or eventually helping him if she was to meet him again, while a negative one, will probably end up in her stomach.

In other cases she rarely gives the opportunity to fight back, and it is pretty hard for any person involved to make it out, unless somehow catching her interest in the little amount of time given.
One of those ways is giving her a good fight; if a group of adventurers is able to prove their value and somewhat resist against her, she might reconsider, and even praise them for their strength.

Bringing her at her limits or even near is really hard to do thought for a group of humans, and this scenario is rarely likely to happen.
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Zycra - Fire Succubus
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