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 The Naga and The Human?

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PostSubject: The Naga and The Human?   Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:34 pm

The Naga and the…human?
Part 1:

People walked past each other on the sidewalks, humans and nagas. This was one of the hybrid cities, where humans, nekos, and nagas could all live in one place. The nagas and the humans made an agreement many years ago, because usually nagas would eat the humans but the humans would attack and kill of plenty of the nagas until they could agree on a compromise. The nagas protect the humans and in turn the humans help the nagas hunt for non-sentiments', plus allowing the nagas into the human school systems until they get too big, along with other gifts. Like crafting giant weapons and teaching the nagas how to use them, like bows and arrows, or spears. This has gone on for about one hundred years with no problems so far, even if the two races weren't very comfortable around each other. The nagas felt a primary instinct to eat the humans and the humans felt weird being so small. Most of the new generations had no clue about the old fights between the two races, or the humans knowing of nagas wanting to eat humans. In fact humans and nagas were friends like normal kids, until around high school. That's when the nagas start to get too big for the schools and just leave to live until they're old enough for a job, and when the humans start feeling uncomfortable around the giants and just tend to stop talking with them. And the nagas are okay with that because that's when they start wanting to eat them, but keep that a secret. In fact almost everyone does that, almost.

Lucas was finishing a science paper when he heard the bell ring, so he packed up his books and left Neva High School. He started off on his walk to get back home, he wasn't in a rush do to the fact his parents don't get back for another hour and if he's later than that they'd understand.
"High Schoolers" they both said constantly. It was a bit annoying but it at least let him hang out around town. He walked past the last building in the human block and reached the naga block, which was full of giant trees, just like the jungle but still had the road and sidewalk. It creeped him out a little but he kept walking, no use just standing around if he was creeped out. Another few steps and he heard a low growl; he instantly turned around to see nothing there. Another growl came from behind him, and again there was nothing when he turned. He took a few steps back before he started to walk faster forward to get the heck out of that block. But he didn't get far before he was snatched off his feet and forced into darkness. He struggled in his new prison, but it only took a second to recognize the soft, warm surface around him.
"Ha, Ha Julie, real funny" he said matter of factly. Then light was shown in for him to see a familiar pair of green eyes and light brown hair as Julie un-cupped her hands.
"Aw, how did you know it was me?" she said innocently
"No one else has the nerve to snatch the mayor's son off the sidewalk except for you, plus you're the only one I'll let do that" he said proudly. She just messed up his black hair and held her hand to her shoulder. Lucas sat down on her shoulder covered in an orange t-shirt (the humans insisted that they make the nagas clothes). Julie slithered out of her hiding spot in the trees and moved towards Lucas' house,
"You should have seen your face Lucas, you were so scared I thought you would pee yourself"
"Yah, yah Jules real funny. Comedy gold, just don't do that so often so I don't have to keep looking over my shoulder everyday when I come to your neighborhood." She did something like that anytime she can. Those two have been friends since they were in kindergarten, and even when Julie got too big for school he still hung out with her, mostly because he never saw her as a threat so he remained comfortable around her. Julie had the instinct that she should eat him ignored it, he was her best friend after all. They were both 17 and were always together after Lucas finished school, and in each other's lives. If one got sick one would always visit the sick one, even if that got the other sick too.
"So how was school?"
"Oh you know, the usual boring classes and teachers, how was your day?"
"Oh pretty good; I learned how to shoot a bow by my dad"
"Cool, my parents won't let me near the weapons, not after I 'lost' the revolver." A few years ago Lucas took his father's favorite revolver and had Julie hide it. After he stopped looking for it he began to carry it around strapped to his leg. Anything to defy his parents right?
"Yeah, can you still manage to sneak it into school?"
"Yeah, after that operation last year I got that metal thing in my leg so all I got to do is say that it's my medical problem and the scanner doesn't go over my leg"
"yeah sorry about that, but at least I know not to swing on a tree with you on my shoulder anymore"
"don't sweat it, it lets me take this to school without getting caught." He said before pulling up his right pant leg to show the gun. Then they continued to talk and go to Lucas' house.
A highlight of being the mayor's son is that Lucas' yard is big enough stand in. they were rich before his dad was the mayor so that was never a problem. Lucas lived on the fifth floor so Julie crouched down and took him off her shoulder and held her hand open to let him into his room through the window.
"Thanks for the lift"
"Your welcome"
"Well, I guess I'll see ya tomorrow Jules"
"Alright, bye little guy"
"I'M NOT LITTLE YOUR JUST HUGE!" he yelled at her but she was already gone. She always enjoyed picking at the touchy subjects.
Alright, for all of those who know me by DA I'm posting my stories to the forum. I actually just found this and I have to say I'm suprised I haven't seen this before.
All named characters belong to me.
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PostSubject: Part 2   Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:49 pm

The Naga and the…Human?
Part 2:

Lucas had locked himself in his room, just like he did every Friday night. He was looking up cars on his laptop when he heard a tap on the window, and there was only one person who either would or could do that from his high up room. He closed the computer and opened his window to the face that took up his whole view, Julie.
"Hey Lucas, wanna hang out?" she asked. He checked out his watch for the time, 5:45, and his curfew was 11:00.
"Sure thing" he replied. Julie smiled and lifted her hand to the windowsill; he climbed out and sat down on her palm. She went out towards the gate.

The city may have the protection of the nagas, but there are still too many dangerous animals in the forest to count, so even at the back of the naga blocks there's a high fence made of thick wooden stakes, and for a bit of overkill barbed wire. But for obvious reasons they have one and only one exit, a giant city gate, it stands at 600 feet tall so not even a naga can destroy it without a lot of effort. Most people keep away from it because the check out crew scare them, they wore army uniforms and carry heavy artillery. You have to check out through the station to get them to open the gate, there are two on both sides of the gate. One is on the ground and human sized, another is about 100 feet high so the nagas can check out without pinning themselves to the ground. Julie moved up to the naga checkout and bent down a little so her face was even with it.
"License, ID, Passport and reason for leaving the city please ma'am" the man said robotically. It takes a lot to leave the city…unless you're the mayor's kid. Julie brought up Lucas who showed him his passport with a big stamp on the front of it, the stamp of city hall. The man nodded,
"have a good time outside of the city…again sir" then handed back his passport. He smiled before taking it back,
"and a good day to you sir." Julie stood up straight and placed Lucas on her shoulder before the giant gate began to open. Powerful engines roared as automated hinges opened up the huge gate like a double door until it was big enough to let Julie through. So she continued on past the doors as they shut behind her, and except for a dirt road they were surrounded by trees.

There was a good reason they frequently left the city, there isn't much to do for fun when you're a naga. And Lucas didn't want to have fun without his friend. So the two left the city as much as possible, just watching birds fly, or just hang around. Julie slithered over about half a mile away before she found their usual spot, a big tree. Most trees are big but this one stood at about 400 feet and was around twice as big as the other trees, which meant more space for the naga and her friend. Julie easily began to coil her way up the tree a few hundred feet before settling on a sturdy branch, she set Lucas on her head and coiled her amber tail around the branch. They both leaned against the trunk and looked up to see if there was any interesting birds, but hopefully not one of the too interesting birds that were a threat. There were a few eagles, and falcons around, but all of them fled when a baby banshee flew past. As an adult banshees were cold blooded killers but as babies they were nearly harmless, but with a 30 foot wing span they still looked threatening. Julie closed her eyes with a smile; she enjoyed spending time with her friend outside of the city, even if it made her feel small pings of instinct more often without distractions. But it was ignorable, hopefully he wouldn't notice it if she drifted off for a while.

Julie woke about an hour later; she smiled to feel the sunshine still beaming down on his skin. She felt along her head for Lucas, but he wasn't there. She shot up and looked around for him, but she couldn't see him.
"Lucas?" she called out. It was silent at first, but she heard something above her, she looked up to see something hurdling towards her while screaming. It latched down on her nose, the shock made her stumble over. She fell off the branch but her tail expertly grabbed onto the branch letting her hang upside down. It still was latched to her nose but she couldn't quite make out what it was, but it still made her heart race from a moment ago. She sat upright on the branch and pried it off her face, but saw it was just Lucas.
"Damnit Lucas you scared the pants off me! Why'd you do that?"
"Payback for scaring me the other day! Maybe next time you'll think twice before messing with me" he said. Julie smiled and messed up his hair with her thumb.
"Maybe but you shouldn't scare me like that, I thought some monster got you while I was asleep. I almost had a heart attack"
"yeah, well I guess I won't do that anymore. It took me forty minutes to get to that branch, scaring you is way too much work. It just ain't worth it" Julie smiled at that and moved him towards her shoulder. She had a small twinge of instinct to just pop him in her mouth, but gave herself a hard mental slap. These dang instincts are starting to get more common, so to avoid anything she just put Lucas on her shoulder.
"Okay, what's on your mind Jules?"
"You put me on your right shoulder instead of your left; you only do that when something's on your mind. So what is it?" he asked, and she noticed he was right. She put him on her right shoulder, and he noticed it, and he wanted to know why. She felt horrible fear, and slight guilt. What was on her mind was the thoughts of eating him, and he was just looking up at her with a smile and expecting eyes. If she was going to tell him anything she had to make sure he could take it.
"Hey Lucas, we're best friends. Right?"
"Well that's a little unexpected but of course"
"And nothing's going to change that, right?"
"Nothing short of an army"
"Well…I guess I owe it to you to tell you then. I…um…well…I…god this is hard" she said putting her hand to her face.
"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to"
"No, I got to tell someone other than my parents" she already had the talk with mom "and you're the only one I can trust to tell. Lately I've been having some…uh urges"
"what kind of urges?"
"Well…not so much urges, more like cravings"
"oh, cravings for what? I know you used to like those uji berries as a kid, maybe if we pick enough you can have enough to help that"
"It's not for uji berries"
"Well then what?"
"I guess…if I have to put it in a way…it's for…*cough*…well, you"
"w…what?" was all he could say. Julie lowered her head while Lucas looked panicked on his friend's shoulder. Waves of fear passed over him so fast and violently they were more like tsunamis. He looked up at his best friend, and finally had a realization that every other human felt years ago, how big the naga really are. He looked down and saw that he was over a hundred feet high; he could die from that height, also the person he was sitting was strong. She could pick him up and kill him in a small flick of the wrist, and now he learned that she wanted to eat him. She was big enough to do that too, he was smaller than her mouth and she could swallow him whole.
"Y-you want t-to e-eat me?"
"Well not you specifically, any human really. All nagas feel it too, but we like you humans so we just ignore the impulse to, I really don't want to eat you. I like you too much, let alone how wrong it is, that's why I didn't want to tell you. I'm supposed to ignore it but I just get that feeling more often out here, that's a big secret." She said Lucas felt a little calmer after the explanation. She didn't want to eat him, not directly at least, after she was still the same Julie. He was about to slip back into his old ignorance before Julie spoke again.
"But…if I were to…try…it…once I might not get the urges as often" and she looked at him. Her eyes shown a light green and they were moist like she might cry at any moment. Plus she had a look of deep rooted concern and insecurity, if he said no she might be crushed. But the alternative was…not an option.
"I won't swallow or anything…just…a quick taste" she said fast, and worried. He wouldn't die but he would still have to go through that kind of awkward experience, and the fear that had once again pulled him in was telling him not to. But Lucas didn't want to hurt her feelings.
"I…I guess…for just this once" he began before Julie plucked him off her shoulder and lay down on the tree branch. She held him in front of her face with an awkward smile and her eyes wide open, they were filled with glimpses of happiness and relief. She closed them and moved forward slowly, her tongue slid out past her lips towards him, so he closed his eyes. He didn't want to see this, but he felt it too well. The first touch sent shivers down his spine as he felt something warm and wet touch his stomach, he didn't have to look to know it was Julie's tongue, and the feeling went upward. It went all the way up to his chin slowly before he felt it retract; Lucas opened his eyes to see Julie with her eyes still closed and a giant grin on her face. He down at himself and saw a line of saliva up his shirt leaving a dark trail on his white shirt, and he felt it stick on his neck making his skin start to feel cold. Julie opened her eyes and looked at her friend,
"Thank you" she said politely. He looked a little shocked but it wasn't noticeable, he mumbled something that was probably just a "you're welcome" or something. She decided that they went through enough out here and made her way down the tree. Then headed to the gate.

The entire trip was kept in an awkward silence; they went past the gate without saying a word. Julie was too deep in thought and Lucas was too deep of shock to talk. Julie couldn't get Lucas' taste out of her head, it just kept lingering, tempting her. Her mouth was watering every second and she could still have a lingering taste on her tongue. It was very sweet, but also had a tad bit of salty, like sea-salt caramel but better. While she was thinking the trip back to Lucas' house seemed to pass by in a moment's notice, before she knew it they were back. She lifted him back into his and he climbed back in through the window.
"See you around Lucas"
"See ya Julie" he replied. Ouch, he was thinking seriously about her. That's the only time he ever called her by her real name. She decided to leave him be and just go home, so she slithered away trying to get the thought of her friend's taste out of her mind. Lucas waited until Julie was out of sight before he ran into his bathroom. He turned on his shower on its hottest temperature and tried to wash away the saliva, and his thoughts. That was the scariest experience he has ever gone through…but it was also the most thrilling. Had he…enjoyed it somewhat? He tried to wash away that thought under the scolding water, and to push it out of his mind. One thing was for certain though, he is never going to see the naga the same way ever again.

Part 2, warning has a few vore related themes.
All named characters belong to me.
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PostSubject: The Naga and the Human? Part 3   Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:52 pm

Fear is one word that described the entire week. Lucas panicked each time he saw a naga, making his eyes widen and his body to sweat. He showed no other sign that could have not been shown, because he had an image to maintain and being a racist wasn't part of it. He didn't flail or scream but he wanted to when the giants passed by him and he now knew of their desire to consume humans. He went by his usually week like nothing happened except he hadn't seen Julie and he spent all of his spare time at home. It caused some suspicion but it didn't matter to him, he got a sense of security from his room and solitude. He lay down on his bed at 11:00 pm on Friday with the door locked and tried to clear his mind of all thoughts of nagas. Hopefully he could escape his fears in his dreams. But his dreams had other ideas.

Lucas looked around to see he was back outside the city, and it was sunset. He looked around and saw Julie climbing down a tree, he tried to call to her but couldn't. He could only stand completely immobilized as he saw her approach with an evil grin on her face. She towered over him before her hand descended on him, and it was one of those times where he could feel actual terror in his dreams. He took off running from her for some reason he couldn't think of, and he knew she was behind him, chasing after him. It didn't take long before she caught up and grabbed him off the ground; his body struggled even though his mind told him to stop. She lifted him to her face which showed a look of genuine concern, the look he was used to from his friend, before her face turned more impish and wicked. He watched as she raised him above her head and looked up at him while opening her mouth below him. He watched in horror as she moved him as high as she could before dropping him. He let out a shrill scream as he plummeted to-

Lucas woke with a cold sweat, taking in his breaths fast. After a minute his heart stopped trying to run out of his chest and he looked around, seeing only his usual room. He checked his clock, 9:42 am, and he opened his dresser drawer which contained a journal and a pen. He took the objects and opened to his bookmark; on that page it read Julie eats me. He marked off a new tally mark next to it making seven in total before putting his dream journal away.


Julie snapped up on the branch she was sleeping on in a cold sweat, breathing shallow. She slapped herself for even dreaming about that kind of thing, and reached up to the branch above her. She left a new scratch on the branch below, ate Lucas like a monster, totaling in three marks. She wondered if Lucas was being forced to go through the same kinds of dreams where she did things she didn't want to. Her head was having too much closure on that experience in the woods, she needed to see him again and solve this thing. She got up and changed out of her pajamas, replaced with a casual top and skirt, and made her way to the human block.

Lucas sat down on his bed, typing out a report on the city fire that damages the city many years ago caused by a naga learning magic, and how that resulted in the magic ban. Then he heard a familiar tap on the window sending a chill down his spine, he turned to see Julie looking at him through the window. He slowly moved the laptop off his lap, shut it, and continued to open the window.
"Um…hey Lucas…do ya wanna go hang out or…something?" she asked nervously. Lucas thought it over for a moment, he was deathly afraid of being around any naga lately let alone being with one. But his other option was hurting or even losing his best friend; he looked at her familiar green eyes and saw a hint of worry. He didn't want to lose her by fear.
"Sure" he complied, and she smiled at him before putting her hand in front of the window. Lucas hesitantly moved out of his room and onto Julie's hand, and then she moved to one of the naga districts.
"Where are we going?"
"Somewhere isolated" she replied. 'Oh God' he thought, 'not again.'

Julie moved slowly towards the back of the naga district, holding Lucas gently in her palm. Her plan was to simply take him to the empty area of the district, just so that they could talk. She wanted it to be like nothing had happened, like she hadn't told him her biggest secret and tasted him. She didn't get as much predator impulses inside the city, that's why she wasn't taking them outside the city walls. She continued along the path until she came upon a giant wooden wall, the edge of the city. She leaned her back against the wall and looked down at the human in her hands,
"So…how have things been with you?"
"Oh, good…a lot of homework this week though. How about you?"
"Alright" she replied. Then there was a moment of awkward silence, she sighed and got down to the topic they both had to face.
"Look…about what happened in the woods…I'm sorry. I shouldn't have told you that big of a secret out of nowhere"
"It's alright Julie…I was the one who asked"
"Yeah, and I'm also sorry about…well…tasting you. It's just that…I…I couldn't help myself, every naga has that feeling but no one has a friend as good as you. Someone so trusting, and trustworthy" she said. Lucas took in that sentence and everything it held, she was actually sorry. And she was still the friend he loved like a sister, not an impish man-eater; she was the one that would never hurt him intentionally. He smiled back up at her; his fear had eased up a lot. Not all of it but most of it.
"Hey don't go all sappy on me like that, you're my friend and no dark secret will ever change that. No matter how gross"
"Are you calling me gross?" she teased
"No, I'm calling your spit gross"
"Are you sure? Maybe you just need to try it a little more" she said lifting him towards her slightly parted lips.
"Don't even think about it Julie, I'm warning you"
"Oh yeah? What will you do about it?" she giggled. She might have enjoyed that comment but it reminded him that he had no control of what happened to him when Julie was around.
"I'll…I'll tell my dad" he threatened. She gasped at that with real fear in her eyes before she noticed he was kidding.
"Ha ha very funny Lucas, get your only friend locked up for cannibalism" she teased.
"Hey, I have other friends. They're just not as…interesting as you"
"Glad to see you think so" she beamed. The crack in their bond freshly renewed and they were acting like it had never happened. One bad memory was blocked, and bright new ones are yet to be made…or dark ones.

The two talked for hours about all the things they missed in each other's lives down to the smallest detail (except for the mutual bad dreams) and laughed at anything amusing to the other. It was a mutual good time. Until they saw the smoke.
"What's that?" Julie asked, the first to notice
"I don't know, but it looks like smoke. Maybe it's a fire, wanna go check it out?"
"Sure" she agreed and moved towards the smoke. They moved at a steady pace until they reached a human block, Lucas' block. Then Julie picked up her pace out of paranoia, before going faster as they got closer to Lucas' house and the smoke getting larger. She was in a full on sprint until they came upon the scene which caused the companions to gasp. Three houses were in flames, one of which belonged to Lucas, and what seemed like every fireman the city had using hoses to put out the fire and the naga police officers (much more effective than humans) was wrestling another naga with green hair, many piercing and who kept laughing. Julie let Lucas down and immediately ran towards the blaze of his house, only to have a fireman stop him.
"Get out of here kid, this is a big case of vandalism and the mayor's house is burning with him and his family inside"
"Not all of it! I'm his son!" he yelled as he tried to make his way to the inferno.
"I'm sorry kid but you'll have to wait until we put it out before you can go"
"But!" he began but felt something warm against his back. He turned to see Julie looking at him sternly and gave him a nod. He took the sign and stopped his struggle as he watched his only home burn.

After an hour that felt like an eternity the house crumbled and the fireman put out the lingering flames and other houses. They searched through it and a large Caucasian man came up to Lucas who sat on the curb with tears rolling down his eyes. The man sat down next to him before addressing him,
"I'm sorry about what happened to your parents boy. Here, it's the only thing we could find that survived in there." He said handing him a crisp journal, before moving back to the fire fighters. Lucas opened it carefully to see the words where a singed bookmark was left. Julie ate me. The only thing that had survived was his dream journal, a reminder of how things were just that morning. He thought back at the layout of the day, he woke up from a nightmare, did homework, patched up the problems with Julie, and now he was an orphan. He stared at the journal for several long minutes before setting it down and cried. He closed his eyes to try and stop the tears, but the flood of grief poured out as he choked back whimpers. He felt Julie pick him up from the curb and he opened his to see her looking at him with sorrow filled eyes. She hugged him and after a moment Lucas returned the gesture, letting himself release all of his emotion. Through his sobs he managed to speak,
"what am I going to do Julie? What do I do after this?"
"I don't know Lucas, I'm sorry but I don't know…"

The tragic twist of events. A few vore related themes, if that offends you do not read.
All named characters belong to me.
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PostSubject: Part 4   Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:55 am

Two weeks later…
Lucas sat on the curb with his eyes closed and a deep rooted look of depression. He had been sitting there for over an hour, doing nothing but keep to his thoughts. After another hour of self-loathing he felt himself being lifted off the ground. He opened his blood shot eyes to see a pair of sympathetic green ones.
"Hi Jules" he said softly
"How long have you been out here?"
"Not sure, a couple hours I guess. Better then heading back to the foster house" he said flatly. After the death of his parents he was put in a decent foster home until permanent arrangements were made.
"So how did the meeting go?"
"It was alright I suppose; my dad's old lawyer read me my part of both their wills. I get my family's money after I'm twenty, and I have to go live with my uncle"
"That's good, so where in the city does he live?"
"He doesn't"
"Doesn't what" she asked
"Live in the city, his family lives in Cunaba"
"Wait…Cunaba? That backwards country that still has Kings and Queens and Knights and no technology?"
"That's the one"
"But…if you move there then I'll never get to see you again…how long until you have to lea-leave?" she asked with a strained voice. Her voice cracked with sorrow, she was holding back a cry.
"I leave tomorrow" Lucas said bitterly. Julie gasped and Lucas closed his eyes and looked down, holding back another rush tears.
"But…but…you can't leave! You've lived here your whole life; you can't just leave that soon! And what am I supposed to do with you gone?"
"I don't know, I don't know what I'll do either without you around in a place where there's nothing modern and I'll have to work on a farm."
"A farm? You were the mayor's son! You can't just switch to a farm! I…I won't stand for it! You are your own person, can't you just tell them you don't want to go?"
"No, I'm not old enough to live on my own and I don't have any family in the city, besides that my parents already signed me into my uncle's custody in their will. Unless he lets me stay I have to leave until I'm old enough to come back…if I'm not drafted."
"Drafted?! Why would they do that?! You're not exactly a soldier, and nagas can fight way better than humans as long as they don't have heavy artillery."
"Naga are not allowed in most of the country, they're all still in the Middle Ages so they call nagas demons and kill them."
"How? With swords and spears? Those aren't exactly effective" she pointed out
"I know that but they actually have strong people that can kill naga, and that's why drafting is so high over there. Because all the able bodied men are supposed to get strong and add to those numbers, they really think that if they get a big army then they're way of life is better."
"That's stupid, people should help each other not try to be better than everyone else."
"Well they think differently, which is why they always go to war."
"Then you can't move!"
"Sorry but it's out of my control"
"Well what if you stay with me? My parents would understand and then you could stay!"
"Like I said before, people in his village think nagas are demons and I don't think he want me to stay with one." Julie's eyes were moist and she looked like she would cry at any moment, and Lucas went from sad to scared. He had only seen Julie cry twice in the years that they've been friends and when she does she always hugs the nearest person. The last time he saw her cry was when someone stole her locket about a year ago. As soon as Lucas approached her he was greeted with a bone shattering hug and Julie crying, and the hug fractured his arm.
"No, no. Don't cry Julie, this could be our last day together so let's make it count, and have some fun. We can't waste it being sad and gloomy right?" he tried. Julie smiled at him and wiped her eyes.
"Right, so let's go out for a little bit" she announced before carrying Lucas to the gate. 'That was too close' he thought.

After they reached the city gate Lucas showed them his papers and identification to leave the city, without his dad he had no city passes, and they set out. The trip to their usual spot was full of silence, and Lucas had to try to keep the bad memories out of his head of the last time they went outside the city. Julie stopped at the base of the large tree and set Lucas on the ground, and stared down at him with hopeful eyes.
"So what should we do?" he asked
"Well, since we need to make this day fun I say we play a game"
"A game? Sounds a bit kiddish but why not. So what game do you have in mind?"
"Well…I've always liked hide and seek"
"Oh yeah, I remember that you had us play that game all the time when we were kids. You always seemed to find me no matter where I hid, but you were a little weird back then."
"Weird? How so?"
"Well for starters you would always braid your hair with like a million beads and you always used to talk about random stuff. I remember when we were talking about our families you started talking about clocks"
"I wasn't random, you just couldn't keep up with my thoughts"
"Whatever you say Jules, but there were other things. The way you talked, how you dressed, how you played games, a lot of things. Like how you used to bite my head every time you found me" he said, slowing down at the end. He had been trying to push the memories of the last time Julie had come out to the city outskirts, but that old memory brought forth the bad ones. Lucas looked up at Julie, feeling slightly awkward, and asked
"Julie…you're not going to do something like that now right? You can't exactly do something like that now." After he said that Julie changed her expression from happy to one of hurt. She reached down and picked Lucas up, and held him to her face.
"Don't worry Lucas; I'm all over that kind of stuff. I promise I'll keep my mouth out of our game" she said. Lucas let out a small sigh before Julie set him back on the ground, then smiled down at him.
"You should get going now, I'm going count to a hundred before I find you"
"You don't know you'll find me yet"
"I know, but I probably will. One, two three…" she started and Lucas took off.
Lucas ran through the underbrush of the forest before he got far enough. He looked around and found a small hole in the base of a tree, and on instinct he looked inside while having a hand on his right leg. He put his head in the hole and saw nothing but darkness, so he gave a small yell in the dark. He heard nothing but a small echo, which meant that the cave was only a small hole, and since nothing was in it Lucas slipped in. it opened up slightly to the point where he could stretch out slightly, but he still had to crouch to stand. He took a seat on the other side and began to wait the game out. There was a sliver of light passing through the top of the hole which allowed to always see the exit so his only worry was how long he would have to wait.

Two hours. That's how long Lucas had just sat in the hole, waiting for Julie to call out or anything at all, and it suddenly got hotter about an hour earlier. Bored of waiting he decided to just get up and leave his hiding hole. He had to crawl until he was underneath the exit and pulled his way out until he stood in thick underbrush.
"Alright Julie, you win!" he called out. He took a step forward when he was wrapped up by the waist and yanked. He recognized the shade of amber around him, but Julie was never this aggressive with him.
"A bit rough, don't you think?"
"No" said a calm, cool voice. And it wasn't Julie's. The new naga turned her tail so that he was looking directly into a pair of piercing purple eyes. She had matching purple hair and a tail with an amber and black patterned tail. Not amber and silver pattern like Julie.
"Oh…excuse me miss I thought you were someone else for a minute. Can you please put me down so that so that I can look for my friend?" he asked. She looked surprised at his question, like it was the most ridiculous thing she ever heard.
"Now why would I do that little guy?"
"Well…for starters it's the nice thing to do, and I should probably get back to the city soon."
"Really? There's a city around here?"
"Well of course there is, it's the biggest structure around here."
"I've never seen anything like that around here, and I've lived out here for years." Lucas didn't like the look she had in her eye, it was a look he recognized but couldn't remember what it was. It was at that time he heard something coming through the forest line. He turned to seem Julie racing forward towards them. He smiled and was about to call out to her before he saw the look in her eyes. Rage, nothing but blood boiled rage. She was already near by the time he processed this and without warning she tackled the woman holding him. She let him go and he fell through the air, making him let out a fear driven scream. Lucas expected that he would fall and break another bone before he felt his waist being wrapped again and a light pull, much gentler then before. He looked and saw that Julie had caught him and set him on her shoulder.
"Julie why did you tackle her?"
"Well for starters she was going to eat you"
"Hold that thought for a minute, I can explain a little later but right now I have to deal with her" she said as the woman rose up. And it was the first time he noticed she wasn't wearing any clothes,
"w-w-w-why isn't she…?"
"Later!" she yelled. The naga stared Julie down, and she looked both angry and hurt.
"Hey, I caught him first! I thought you said you didn't eat humans, so why did you take mine?"
"This is Lucas, the friend of mine I told you about. Sorry if you're hungry but no one is going to eat him Marana" Julie said sternly.
"Oh…well you never mentioned that he was a human. But I'm sorry that I'm going to have to take him from you, after all I just met you and you just took away my meal."
"Can I not always be referred to as food?"
"No" Marana replied calmly, "so now I think I should get mine." She moved towards Julie swiftly and threw a fist at her. Julie swerved to the side and grabbed her arm by the wrist and elbow before forcing her to ground. Marana squirmed under her grasp but seemed completely stuck.
"Okay, I guess you can fight but remember when I told you that I know a little magic?"
"Well its fire magic, and a lot of it." As she said that her body was engulfed in a large flame. Julie yelled out in pain before letting her go and recoiled. Lucas and Julie both looked down to see her hands severely burned.
"Don't freak out, okay?"
"Alright, but why?"
"Because I need you to get in my mouth"
"I don't want you to end up burned, so I need to cover you up. And my mouth is the only reasonable place"
"That's…okay, you don't have to worry about me."
"But I do and I felt those flames, if it touches you then you'll be fried"
"But there has to…" he started but was cut off when Julie had to move out of the way of a fireball larger than her head.
"Anymore questions?"
"Then climb in" she instructed as she turned to face him, mouth opened. Lucas stared into her open mouth and couldn't help but feel fear. It took up his whole field of vision from up close, nothing visible but glistening pink and the whites of her teeth, and in the back was the dark whole of her throat. He sucked in deep breath moved towards it,
"Julie if you swallow me I will never forgive you" he said. He put his hands on her lips and pushed himself up, but slipped and landed face first onto her tongue. The warmth of the pink muscle was the first thing he noticed, and then the wet saliva that stuck to his skin. He put his arms on the surface and tried to push himself up, with little success do to the give of her tongue, but he still managed to pull his legs in. As soon as he did Julie shut her mouth and he was enclosed in total darkness. He was laying down on his front with his head up in the pitch black mouth. He was having many mixed feelings about the experience, fear by the darkness and fact that he could die easily if Julie swallowed, comfortable from the soft, warm flesh around him, and he wasn't sure of the last one. It was like a tugging in his gut that he can't say he disliked. Then the entire area shook and he heard Marana yelling from the outside, they must be fighting again, but he couldn't make out what she was saying through the walls around him. As he was shaken around he was tossed and turned, continuously banging his head on teeth so he had to cover his head. It continued until he suddenly felt a loss of gravity, like when he drops through the air, which could only mean that Julie was falling. Then when the massive force of momentum hit him his prison tilted up forcing him back. Lucas felt his legs being pulled by Julie's throat and he struggled to keep from falling back, but the slick cavern left nothing to hold onto, and he was forced back into her throat.
"JULIE!" he yelled up as he felt her throat begin to press against him.

"Ninety-nine, one hundred!" Julie called out as finished her counting and could go search for Lucas. She looked out in the direction that she heard him go off to and followed at a slow and easy pace, humming to herself. She was happy about being able to play an old game before he had to leave. She already picked up on his trail, from the footprints, to the paths in the underbrush, and his scent that followed it all. Even as a child she could catch him by his smell, and she could always tell which one was his. That's how she always knew where to find him around the city, just so long as he wasn't on the other side or too far away. After a few minutes of following his trail there was nothing left, no scent, no trail, and no prints. It was like he just vanished. She decided that might be a good time to look around for him like a human might, blindly searching around the area until he was found. She began to look around everywhere, behind trees, in bushes, in trees, anywhere that he could fit. Before she knew it an entire hour went by. She was about to call out for him when something…strange happened. All the tall trees around her seemed to morph into taller, more jungle like trees. And everything got hotter, so before she knew it, everything was different. She looked around her new surroundings with frightful eyes.
"Oh this is bad, this is very bad. I have to find Lucas now" she said quietly. She put her hands up to her mouth and was about to scream out when she was stopped as someone covered her mouth.
"Please don't yell, I've worked very hard to be stealthy and frankly I don't want that to go to waste" a voice said behind her. The hand released and Julie spun to see another naga behind her with a small smile, she had deep purple eyes and hair.
"Sorry but I'm hungry and I've been hunting for a while now. So I would really appreciate it if you didn't yell out"
"But I have to find a friend of mine, his name is Lucas and we were playing a game but now I can't find him" she said, being quiet.
"Don't worry, I can help you find him. But first just be quiet, I'll be back in a minute" she said before slipping off into the wilderness. Julie was still a little surprised so she just waited at her spot, looking around her surroundings. She was definitely in some sort of jungle, and a weird one at that. She didn't want to be rude so she didn't point out that lady wasn't wearing any clothes, or why instead of hunting just go to the city for a meal. Her thoughts were broken when she heard someone screaming. She broke out in the direction of the noise and came out to a horrifying scene. The lady had a human in her hand and one above her mouth, a boy and a girl, before she dropped the woman in her mouth and began to taste her before swallowing. She did the same with the boy before she noticed that she was there.
"Oh it's you, well now that I'm all full I can look for your frie-"
"What is wrong with you! You just ate two people in cold blood!" she snapped
"Well hey; I don't know you're eating habits but I don't judge you. Like how your clothes, aren't those things uncomfortable?"
"Me!? Why don't you wear any?! And beside that there should be plenty of other things to eat besides people!"
"Well first off their food, they are meant to be eaten. There is a lot of stuff to eat, but they're harder to catch and less tasty. Surely you had a taste of human before, right?"
"Well…once. But he said it was okay and I didn't eat him!"
"You really are weird, every other naga would agree with me too"
"Would not! All my naga friends would think your weird!"
"Okay let's just calm down, you must not be around here so tell me where you're from"
"I come from Capora City, New Mareland"
"Okay…I've never heard of that. You must be from another world; stuff like that always happens here; right now you're in Felarya"
"Never heard of it…so you're telling me that I'm stuck on another world where naga eat humans, teleports people from other worlds, and has a big jungle?"
"That just about sums it up"
"I have to find Lucas!" she screamed and headed off the last direction she knew of and began to go off, before the naga stopped her.
"I said I would help and I will, my name is Marana by the way, so tell me about the guy"
"Forget it! You would just eat him"
"Why would I eat him? Is he small? Don't worry about that, I wouldn't dream of it"
"Okay I guess, we can talk while we look. I'm Julie, and Lucas is…"

An Hour Later…
Julie just managed to dodge the last fireball thrown at her. Lucas was safely in her mouth, and even though she was in the middle of a fight she couldn't help but enjoy the experience. She only tasted Lucas one time before this, but this was much nicer. He was bouncing around a little bit which tickled her mouth, and she got a good long taste instead of a quick lick.
"Let him out! He's mine!" Marana complained. She only shook her head as a response, she couldn't talk with Lucas in her mouth, and continued to dodge the fire. She ran past a swirling flame when she felt Marana tackle her down. The force of the impact made her swallow, and in that moment there was nothing she could hear except Lucas calling out to her. Marana looked triumphantly until she saw the squirming bulge going down Julie's throat.
"You ate him…I thought you said that you didn't eat humans but as soon as I want one you eat him. Forget this, I'm leaving" she said before getting up and storming off. Julie was still on the ground, looking down at her stomach at the brink of tears, ignoring Marana. She was like that for a few moments until she worked up her courage to speak.
"Lucas…are you okay?"

Lucas was sitting down on the fleshy floor of Julie's stomach, eyes closed.
"Oh, I'm just as good as anyone can be when they're best friend eats them" he said calmly. He really didn't know what he was feeling at that time, he was afraid from the fact that his best friend was about to digest him, but he also started to like that pulling in his gut that got a lot stronger. He stood up and walked over to the nearest wall of his prison and began to pound on it.
"Now let me out of here!" he demanded. Everything around him shook and he fell over,
"stop that. It tickles" her voice boomed from above him.
"Okay, now I'm going to get you out…but how do I do that?"
"What!? Just cough me up or something, aren't you part snake?"
"Of course, but regurgitation feels weird"
"Oh, okay then I'll just sit here and die"
"Don't say that! Alright I guess I can do it for you" she agreed. Lucas sat there for a moment before out the walls of his prison squeezed around him and pulled him upwards. After only a few seconds he could see sunlight and was forced out onto Julie's hands. He looked up to see her tearing up. 'Oh god' he thought, then Julie pulled him close in a hug. Not a bone-crushing one, but instead a gentle, but still firm, one.
"I'm so sorry about that Lucas, I thought I lost you. Please don't hate me" she pleaded. Lucas was surprised for a moment, before he smiled up at her.
"How could I hate you? I am a bit mad you swallowed me, but then again you did it to save me so I'll get over it." Julie smiled and wiped her eyes with her free hand and put Lucas on her shoulder.
"So, I believe you owe me an explanation Jules."

Well I think I got a bit carried away with this chapter, so it got a bit longer than expected.
Vore warning: If vore affends don't read.
Felarya belongs to Karbo, who is a huge role model for me.
All other named characters are mine.
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The Naga and The Human?
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