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 Wiki Contradictions

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Shady Knight
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PostSubject: Wiki Contradictions   Sun Feb 02, 2014 11:15 am

I've been looking up the entry for Deerataurs when I noticed something. The first part of their entry reads as follow and I will highlight the parts I want to bring attention to:

Da Wiki wrote:
Deerataurs are a rare species of centaurs found mostly in the misty glade and other magic rich zones. They are essentially centaurs with huge leafy antlers and greenish skin. They are very close to nature and plants although, unlike dryads, they don't have any sort of control over them. Deerataurs do possess, however, a strong weather-based magic that can be used to make rain fall, which makes them very appreciated by plants in general. They also possess the ability to draw the ambient magic radiating from the soil in order to accelerate by tenfolds the growth of plants there. A single Deerataur could plant a whole forest in a matter of weeks if the area is magic-rich enough. Deerataurs usually get along very well with dryads and are often linked to them.

The first thing I noticed is that, unlike dryads, they have no control over nature and plants. However, the entry for dryads never state that they have inherent powers or magic over plants and nature either. At best they can blend in very well among trees, but that's not exactly power over plants and such. Secondly, their ability to accelerate the growth of plants could count as some form of control over them, definitely more so than what the entry for dryads state.

I think other entries should be reviewed to see if there are other contradictions like that, and if some entries should be updated to keep things more consistent.
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PostSubject: Re: Wiki Contradictions   Sun Feb 02, 2014 11:28 am

In change suggestion section of the forum there is a topic name "Wiki entries that need to be rewritten" . The issue you are raising suits more to this thread.
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Wiki Contradictions
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