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PostSubject: FELARYAN WRITERS LOOK HERE   Thu May 24, 2012 4:59 pm

Alright, for all new or existing members of Felarya, I welcome you to this community and am looking forward to seeing you contribute quality work to the group. And as such, I'd like to offer something that's sure to help you aspire to being a great writer.

Now many of you who have already been part of this group for a while and feel that your work is good enough, you may need to reconsider these facts.

1. No work is perfect, there's always room for improvements. You shouldn't take too much pride in a piece of work that you know hasn't reached its full potential.

2. Anyone can be a writer, but it takes a lot of mental discipline and commitment to learn in order for that writer to become extraordinary. Now although this goal may seem far from you, as long as you keep an open and reasonable mind and just listen to others with experience and writing expertise, you too can be a respectable writer of Felarya.

3. Don't rock the boat. Seriously, no one likes a guy who wants to change the entire Felaryan world with a story that is centered around the godliness of your characters. It's alright to make your characters unique, but making Felaryan stories means taking into account of how Felayra works and appreciating its beauty and potential as a fantastic setting. Glorification of your own characters can be seen as selfish if done excessively.

Now keeping these three things in mind and after taking the time to read all this, you've already taken the first step to improvement. The next step is learning the science behind creative writing. I know it seems silly to think that writing requires rules, but it's what keeps your readers hooked and wanting to read more. So if you ever want to become a greater writer than you are now, then check out this link:


So once you take the first steps in learning these things, just practice them. And remember to keep it professional when dealing with critics, as a writer, you need to look for flaws and room for improvements. Critics are your friends who are willing to help you look for them if you would let them do so.

For more practice on writing, also try this link:


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