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 Ixiod Species Bio

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PostSubject: Ixiod Species Bio   Ixiod Species Bio Icon_minitimeThu May 12, 2016 11:05 pm

Ixiods a tiny Dridder Sub Species:

Ixiods are in a word vampries plus dridders. Now while thought may fill your mind with many terrifying and fantastical images, you should know they generally towering at a hole whopping two to three inches tall and about half that in length.

-Physical Traits-

An Ixiod tends to be smaller than most dridders and shaped a bit different too. Their chief most unique feature is their abdomens which are flatter but more expandable than a normal dirdder's body. Their skin also tends to be in in shades of brown, copper and red and is quite hard making crushing them a more insurmountable task than one might think. It should be noted they resemble a creature known throughout the multiverse as a Tick in most manners but one: their heads are adorned with a small number of hooks that resemble a set of horns leading some to think they must be demonic in ancestry. This rumor is fueled by most species possessing an odd number of pointy teeth and usually yellow or orange eyes along with their often crimson skin though a link has yet to be established and proven as fact.

One of the few known naturally occurring tiny dridder species they are small but non-the-less dangerous for a variety of reasons the main one being their venom is not poisonous but instant acts as an anti coagulant that also numbs the wound meaning if bitten? You'd likely never notice if didn't spot the critter with your own eyes. Most of the time this is not terribly hard to do but extracting a feeding Ixiod can prove quite a bit more troublesome. Their legs are all equipped with hooked feet that dig into the skin and trying to remove these forcibly will result in a loss of one's skin. Precious, precious skin. One sure fire way to get rid of an Ixiod however is to to find something above human skin temperature and press it to their abdomen, even something as simple as PFG's Gloutex Wing would cause the creature to suddenly let go and leap away with incredible speed shrieking 'Hawwwt!' into the distance. Something very cold like ice would produce a similar reaction and is likely the reason that if a Ixiod were to bite a Snow Leopard Neko or Ice Naga it would let go immediately with 'khooold'! This may be one of the reasons Ixiods are mostly found in temperate and warm zones.

[b[-Feeding Habbits-[/b]

While it is true Ixiods mostly sustain themselves through vampirism they can put their stretchable abdomen to good use. With a bit of effort their mouth and esophagus can be made more rubber-like and their hook-like claws surprisingly good for holding onto their prey and stuffing it down their mouths. It should be noted however their digestive tract takes longer to break down solid food than it does liquid and as a result they must rest longer periods of time. Plus they aren't totally inedible themselves.
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Ixiod Species Bio
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