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 Felarya Bio Nymue

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Felarya Bio: Nymue

Art by Stringsartz on Deviantart.com
Felarya Bio Nymue Comish10

Name: Nymue
Species: Niseag
Gender: Female
Height: 130 feet
Length: 300 feet
Skin color: Fair
Top scale: Celtic Blue
Belly scale: Greyish white
Hair color: Copper
Eye color: Green
Other Characteristics: Beautiful Scottish voice. Her bra is made from fishing nets and loves playing with her Bagpipes. She has a shark bite on her right shoulder from a Selachi. She can use sonar to locate her prey and any predators nearby.
Voiced by: Karen Gillan.
Predation: Reluctant
Food Category: 3-10 feet, Favors fish, small mermaids, and elves.

Nymue is a female Niseag who lives in an underwater crystal cavern located in the Jewel River. Her mother Dana, gave birth to her in the Jewel river and was killed defending her newborn daughter from a Crystal Dragon. She wandered around the Jewel river when she was caught in some fishing nets. The fishermen helped cut her free from the net. The captain of the fishing boat was a Scotsman from Earth named Calum, who took pity on the young lass and took her in as his adopted daughter. Captain Calum taught Nymue everything he knew about the sea and how to survive in Felarya. He also taught how to play the bagpipes much to everyone's dismay. One day his boat was attacked by a giant Selachi named Rahab who swam into the Jewel river for an easy meal. Nymue tried to fight her off but Rahab managed to bite her right shoulder. To save his adopted daughter, Captain Calum threw a harpoon into Rahab's left eye causing her to thrash out in pain and smash the fishing boat, and swore revenge before she swam back out to sea. Nymue found Captain Calum's body on the shore and mourned his death. Enraged at the Selachi who killed the closest person she had to a father, Nymue swore to avenge his death. She heard of a giant River naga named Vivian who was a powerful sorceress at Chordoni Waterfalls. She knew to protect herself that she would need to learn magic. After she buried their bodies, she swam upstream to Chordoni Waterfalls to see if the naga sorceress could help her.

Description: Nymue is 130 feet tall and 300 feet long. She has long copper hair, fair skin, green eyes, a finned tail, and a Celtic blue top blubber with a greyish white belly that serves as camouflage. She wears a bra made from fishing nets. She has a shark bite mark on her right shoulder from a Selachi named Rahab. Beautiful Scottish accent and singing voice.

Nymue is a proud and adventurous Niseag. She loved Captain Calum like a father and his crew became like her family. After they were killed by the Selachi named Rahab, she swore to avenge their deaths. She cares deeply about those close to her and will defend them at all costs. She is a good singer and loves to play the bagpipes that Captain Calum and his crew made for her. She treasures her bagpipes dearly and will play them despite some people not wanting to hear them like Anna. She and Léa often sing and play her bagpipes. She is usually cheerful and happy to be around her friends but when she senses Rahab, the two will try to kill each other, Nymue to avenge Captain Calum's death while Rahab wants revenge for her blind left eye and damaged reputation as the Devil of the deep. She is very reluctant when it comes to eating humans and will go out of her way to protect children. She greatly admires Jade's determination and tries to follow her way of life.

Special abilities:
Nymue is a good singer and loves playing her bagpipes. When she and Léa are together, she'll play her bagpipes as Léa sings. She is currently learning water and healing magic from Vivian. Nymue has an organ inside of her body that allows her to use a bio-sonar with rapid clicks to locate her prey and any dangers nearby.

Hunting Habits:
Nymue is a reluctant but good hunter, she can use her sonar to locate her prey and dive deep for around five hours before coming up for air, swimming silently behind schools of fish and mermaids without them knowing and swims faster than 22 mph or 19 knots towards her prey and grabs it with her hands or in her mouth. She mostly eats fish instead of people, it is rare for her to swallow someone but when she is really hungry, it's over her lips, past the gums, and into her stomach. She is very picky about the people she eats and never would consider swallowing a child no matter how hungry she is unless it's to protect them. Of the humanoids that she eats, it's mostly small mermaids, pirates, bandits, and an occasional elf, she loves their taste and hates their superiority complex.

Family and friends:
Nymue never knew her biological father and her mother sacrificed herself to save Nymue after birth. After Captain Calum rescued her from the fishing nets. He took her in and raised her like a daughter. It broke her heart when he and his crew were killed by Rahab. She enjoys singing and playing her bagpipes with Léa. She is learning magic from Vivian who constantly flirts with her but Nymue isn't interested.

Nymue doesn't get along with elves, she hates their superiority complex and how they treat her like she is a monster. She had a few encounters with pirates when she was being raised by Captain Calum but Nymue's most dangerous and deadliest enemy is Rahab. Rahab believed that she was the apex predator until she met Nymue. Humiliated by her loss, Rahab swore revenge even though by Selachi law which states that a survivor of an attack by a Selachi, that can procure a tooth from the attacker, may not be a target of them so long as it is in their possession. Since Rahab is a rogue Selachi, she doesn't care about the law and continues to hunt Nymue for revenge for her blind left eye and her ruined reputation as the Devil of the deep.
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Felarya Bio Nymue
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